WWE SmackDown 05 28 2010

WWE SmackDown

May 28, 2010 – Cleveland, OH
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

DARK MATCH: Chris Masters defeated Dos Caras..

SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long + Drew McIntyre + Matt Hardy: Teddy said in 4 weeks the WWE would unveil a brand new PPV called Fatal 4 Way. Teddy said Jack would defend his title in a Fatal 4 Way match, and by virtue of his DQ victory over Jack Swagger at Over the Limit, The Big Show automatically qualifies. Teddy said C.M. Punk would compete against Kane, and in case you haven’t heard Punk is just like him (bald). Teddy said the man who shaved Punk’s head, Rey Mysterio, would attempt to qualify when he faces The Undertaker! Teddy said this PPV was going to be momentous. Drew McIntyre came out. Drew said he should still be the IC champion. Drew said Teddy knows as well as he does that his match with Kofi Kingston on Sunday should have been stopped. Drew said his arm was lacerated and he was in extreme pain but Teddy allowed the match to continue. Drew said if Teddy can’t do his job right, Drew will have to do it for him. Teddy said he knew Drew was upset, but that didn’t give him the right to trash his office on Sunday and to interrupt him tonight. Drew said he was the chosen one. Teddy said he understood. Teddy said when Matt Hardy gets his hands on Drew, Drew pulled out a piece of paper. Drew said Vince has demanded that Teddy reads that letter out loud. The letter said that as a result of Matt Hardy’s actions after the match at Over the Limit, he is hereby suspended without pay until further notice. Drew said to consider that as a warning, if he turns a blind eye to his misfortunes one more time, the next letter he receives will be informing him of his termination as GM. Matt Hardy came out. Teddy and security stopped Matt on the ramp. Drew said he’s the reason Matt Hardy is suspended.

The Big Show & WWE Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston defeated World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger & Drew McIntyre: Jack said he was still their World Heavyweight champion, several times. Jack and Kofi started off. Jack got Kofi in a front chancery and took him down to the matt. Kofi landed on his feet from a belly to back attempt but was kicked in the midsection. Jack tagged in Drew, who took down Kofi and stomped on his head. Kofi hit a big monkey flip for 1. Jack was getting annoyed with Drew. Kofi tagged in Big Show who slammed into Drew at the turnbuckle. Jack came into the ring and attacked Show, so Show turned him around and punched him in the back while Kofi knocked Drew out of the ring. Back from commercial Show was chopping Drew. Show choked Drew on the middle rope with all his weight and tagged in Kofi. Kofi put in a modified key lock on Drew. Drew pushed Kofi into the turnbuckle to get out of it but would up getting arm dragged moments later. Kofi hit his corner punches and then kicked Jack off the apron. Kofi went for a springboard move but Jack pulled Kofi down. Drew tagged in Jack who put in a headlock. Jack took down Kofi with a big spinebuster like takedown. Drew tagged in and stomped on Kofi’s hand. Drew continued to keep Kofi away from Show. Drew tagged in Jack who put the boots to Kofi. Jack locked in a bear hug, but Kofi elbowed his way out of it. Kofi finally hit a springboard cross body block and got the hot tag to Show. Show exploded on Drew and threw Jack over the top rope with one hand. Drew tried to hit the Futureshock but Show easily lifted Drew and punched him in the face. Jack didn’t bother to break the pin.

Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows & Serena): Luke and Serena said Punk looked really good but he had a towel on his head so we couldn’t see. Serena said everything would be okay and he still looked beautiful and perfect. Punk said he’s not worried what they think; he’s worried about the fans mocking him. Luke said he would never mock Punk. Punk said he was better than them and didn’t care if the fans mock him. Punk said he’s going to go out there and rip that towel off his head in front of the world.

Vickie Guerrero & Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer + Dolph Ziggler: Vickie said they only have 15 days left. Curt said 15 days was plenty of time, and the fans would pay attention. They left and Dolph came in. Dolph asked Vickie is she was okay. Vickie said everything was fine and thanked Dolph for sticking up for him at the peep show last week. Dolph said it was nothing. Vickie said it meant everything and she was the official consultant of SmackDown! Vickie started getting really close to Dolph. Vickie said considering her position and the fact that she owes Dolph a favor, he is in a very enviable situation. Dolph said he couldn’t stand to see those 2 clowns making a mockery of her and couldn’t stand for it. Vickie said as a token of her gratitude she’s arranged a match. Dolph would team up with Chavo and face Christian and Hornswoggle. Vickie said there is more where that came from and the fans all threw up.

C.M. Punk w/Luke Gallows & Serena defeated Kane: Punk took off the towel, revealing a ridiculous looking gimp like mask. Punk cornered Kane but ended up getting hit with an uppercut. Kane threw Punk left arm first into the turnbuckle and followed up with a shoulder block to the arm. Punk dodged a corner splash and hit Kane with his corner knee. Kane got out of the bulldog and tried to pull off Punk’s mask. Back from commercial Punk was in control, kicking the crap out of Kane. Kane took over and hit a body slam. Kane went up top but Punk kicked Kane in the leg several times and knocked him off the turnbuckle and onto the floor. Punk continued to attack Kane’s leg. Kane limped back into the ring and Punk slammed Kane’s leg into the steel ring post. Punk continued to attack Kane’s left leg. Kane pushed Punk away and began punching him. Punk went back to Kane’s leg and started wrenching it. Kane elbowed his way out of it and kicked Punk in the midsection, followed by a vertical suplex. Punk hit Kane in the leg with a drop kick for 2. Punk locked in a modified Indian death lock. Kane fought out of it and managed to slam Punk down hard for 2. Punk jumped off the middle rope right into an uppercut from Kane. Kane hit a sidewalk slam for another 2. Kane went up top and hit his signature lariat, but hurt his leg in the process. Kane got ready for the chokeslam but Punk fought out of it and was thrown from the ring. Kane hit a cross body block but Kane rolled through for 3. Kane went for the chokeslam again but Punk landed on his feet and tried to hit the G2S. Kane attacked Punk’s mask again so Luke punched Kane in the face while Serena distracted the ref. Punk kicked Kane in the face and hit the G2S awkwardly. Punk pinned Kane for 3.

Christian & Hornswoggle defeated Dolph Ziggler & Chavo Guerrero w/Vickie Guerrero: Christian and Chavo started off. Chavo took down Christian with an arm lock but Christian fought out of it and hit a drop kick. Chavo hit 2 amigos but Christian fought out of the third and hit his inverted DDT. Christian tagged in Hornswoggle, who began kicking Chavo. Chavo leveled Hornswoggle with a kick, and began stepping on Hornswoggle’s face. Chavo hit a body slam and tagged in Dolph. Dolph hung Hornswoggle by his arms and charged him, but Hornswoggle moved out of the way and tagged in Christian. Christian exploded on Chavo and tried to hit the killswitch but Chavo fought out of it and started punching Christian in the corner. Chavo charged the corner but Christian hit the pendulum kick, followed by the missile drop kick. Dolph broke the pin and Hornswoggle attacked Dolph. Dolph threw Hornswoggle out of the ring by his beard and was clotheslined out by Christian. Chavo took down Christian and tried to hit the frog splash but Christian moved and hit the killswitch for 3. After the match Dolph locked in the devastating sleeper hold from hell on Christian.

Josh Mathews & WWE Women’s champions Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla): Lay-Cool told Josh to go away. Michelle said it was time for a history lesson. Michelle said the Women’s championship is the oldest title in WWE history. Layla said the championship was flawless because the titles finally read Lay-Cool. Michelle said it was thanks to the cougar Vickie. Michelle said it was handicap match, which is why the title is split into two. Michelle said Beth was at home crying about her knee. They started dancing and singing like morons. Michelle said jealously was an ugly disease and they told Beth to get well soon.

Luke Gallows w/Serena defeated Montel Vontavious Porter: C.M. Punk wasn’t with Luke and Serena. Luke and MVP started boxing almost before MVP hit a belly to belly takedown on Luke. They continued to punch each other before MVP hit a running cross body block. Luke started complaining about his eye but MVP kicked him in the face and was back dropped over the top rope. Luke ran MVP into the apron twice. Luke hit a vertical suplex for 2. MVP hit a second rope shoulder block and got ready for ballin’ but Luke rolled out of the ring and walked into a clothesline off the apron from MVP. Serena distracted the ref and the hooded stranger gave MVP a DDT on the apron. Luke hit the 12 step for 3.

The Undertaker defeated Rey Mysterio: Taker threw Rey into the corner and Irish whipped him into the other corner, running into a kick from Rey. Rey brought Taker down to one knee but Taker hit a huge clothesline. Taker dropped Rey onto the rope stomach first and tried to boot Rey, Rey ducked causing Taker to get hung up on the ropes. Rey dropkicked Taker out of the ring and hit a springboard moonsault on him. Back from commercial Taker was trying to hit a powerslam but Rey fought out of it and kicked Taker. Taker grabbed Rey by the throat but Rey got out of it and tried to slide under Taker. Taker caught Rey by the leg and tried to hit the last ride but Rey reversed it, sending Taker into the ropes. Rey got ready for the 619 but ran right into a big boot. Taker slid Rey out of the ring and went after him. Taker ran Rey into the steel ring post before breaking the count. Taker threw Rey shoulder first into it before throwing him into the dasher boards. Taker broke the count again and put Rey back in the ring after slamming his arm into the apron. Taker continued to work on Rey’s left arm/shoulder. Rey managed to get onto Taker’s shoulders and hurricarana him into the turnbuckle. Rey hit a west coast pop and drop kicked Taker in the back of the head. Rey hit another west coast pop for 2 right after Taker sat up. Rey hit the 619 but when he went for the splash Taker caught him by the throat. Taker hit Rey with a snake eyes, Rey went for the springboard moonsault but Taker reversed it into the tombstone piledriver for 3.