WWE SmackDown 06 11 2010

WWE SmackDown

June 11, 2010 – Tampa, Florida
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

Rey Mysterio + World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger + Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows & Serena) + The Big Show + Kane: Rey said he was given a second chance last week when he did what he does best, the impossible. Rey said he won the SmackDown! battle royal and earned himself a vacant spot for the Fatal 4 Way. Rey said when he wins the world heavyweight championship, it’s not going to be his world title; it’s going to be their world title. Jack Swagger came out. Jack said Rey didn’t earn anything and he never has. Jack said Rey capitalizes on the misfortune of others, more specifically The Undertaker. Jack said while Rey was in Taiwan he was back in Oklahoma winning and perfecting the art of wrestling. Jack said he’s studied for thousands of hours and run countless drills because he knew one day he was going to be destined for the heavyweight championship. Rey said he thinks that all of Jack’s higher education went to waste because everything that Jack just said was stupid. Rey said he thought Jack was going to talk about seeing a pussy cat (Sylvester reference). Rey said he’s proud of his heritage and proud to represent the 619. Rey said it’s not going to take a miracle for him to take away the championship, it’s going to take only one 619. Straight Edge Society came out. Punk said they got Malcom X and JFK, so it was only a matter of time before it happened to him. Punk said last Monday he was the victim of an assassination attempt. Punk said the SES were targets for unknown reasons and they were savagely beaten by 36 armed assailants. Punk said anyone else subjected to that beating would not be there today, but he is not a normal man. Punk said he’s extraordinary. Punk said he’s the only straight edge 3 time world heavyweight champion and the only thing better than that is being 4 time straight edge world champion. Punk said at Fatal 4 Way he becomes 4 time straight edge world champion. Punk said the entire universe full of normal people will finally have a champion that they can look up to and a champion they can believe in and a champion in C.M. Punk. Rey said Punk’s ears must want to crawl out of his head because the entire WWE Universe is very tired of Punk running his mouth. Rey said he already beat and shaved Punk’s head, Punk should show some dignity and pull off his silly little mask. Rey told Punk to show the entire WWE Universe what he looks like bald. Punk said that’s the pot calling the kettle black. Punk said he’s not bald, but Rey and The Big Show are. The Big Show came out. Show told everyone to relax. Show said they all know that he’s probably going to beat the 3 of them up at Fatal 4 Way and leave as the champion. Show said Rey does achieve the impossible and does represent 619, but he (Show) has a huge but and needs 2 area codes to represent. Show said Swagger has issues. Show said he pulls off bald pretty good and so does Rey; he should pull off Punk’s mask later tonight. Punk said Show isn’t pulling off anything, but he’s going to pull off Show’s face. Kane came on the Tron. Kane said as he stares as the 4 souls in the ring he can’t help but wonder who’s responsible for the demise of Taker. Kane said if they think they can get away without reprisal they are reprisal. Kane said when he finds out who’s responsible the guilty party will wind up in a casket. Kane said it might not just be one person, it might be two bound together in a diabolical plot, or maybe it was all four of them. Kane said whatever the case; he assures them that there will be vengeance!

Rey Mysterio defeated World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger: Jack took down Rey in a front chancery but Rey got to the ropes. Jack took down Rey in a powerslam and began rolling him around. Rey managed to hit Jack with a wheelbarrow arm drag and wound up sending Jack out of the ring moments later using his momentum. Jack kicked Rey in the midsection and slammed him into the turnbuckle. Rey managed to hit the wheelbarrow bulldog moments later for 2. Rey went for a springboard hurricarana and sent Jack into the ropes. Rey hit the 619 and a springboard splash but only got 2 when Jack got his foot on the ropes. Back from commercial Jack slid Rey out of the ring stomach first onto the mats. Jack threw Rey around on the outside before bringing him back in and locking in a headlock. Jack turned it into a body scissors and pushed Rey’s face into the mat. Rey ducked under Jack but walked into a clothesline right after. Jack went for a superplex and Rey fought out of it but Jack jumped onto the top rope and hit a belly to belly. Back from commercial again and Jack was wrenching Rey’s back on the steel ring post. Jack locked in another body scissors. Rey fought out of it and managed to kick Jack in the face several times before trying for a move off the top turnbuckle but Jack hung up Rey in the tree of woe. Rey was able to sit up sending a charging Jack right into the steel ring post before hitting a west coast pop. Rey charged at Jack but ran right into a big boot. Jack tried for a dead lift gut wrench but Rey got out of it and hit a hurricarana. Rey hit Jack in the midsection with a 619 and followed up with a springboard drop kick to the back before another 619 and a springboard leg drop for 3. After the match Jack attacked Rey. Kane came out and hit Jack with a chokeslam. Kane then turned and hit Rey with a chokeslam too.

WWE Women’s champion Layla El (w/Michelle McCool & Kaval) defeated Tiffany w/Kelly Kelly: Lay-Cool made Kaval carry their things and hold the ropes for them. Layla and Michelle started talking about having to throw up because of the audience. Michelle said the people except for her parents needed help. Kaval stood there shaking his head. Lay-Cool said they wanted to give them a famous flawless makeover. Layla smacked Tiffany in the face and kicked her in the head. Layla dragged Tiffany into the middle of the ring for 2. Layla locked in a head scissors and held onto the ropes for leverage. The referee broke the hold and Tiffany smacked Layla in the face. Tiffany hit a reverse atomic drop followed by a clothesline. Tiffany Irish whipped Layla into the turnbuckle and hit some punches before Layla pushed her away. Tiffany rolled up Layla in a cradle for 2. Michelle distracted Tiffany and Layla hit a neckbreaker for 3.

Christian defeated Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero : Vickie Guerrero came out and said it was her pleasure to introduce the future of the WWE, a man who is so mesmerizing in many ways, Dolph Ziggler. Dolph ran outside as soon as the match started and then attacked Christian on the inside. Christian smacked Dolph in the face and catapulted him over the top rope. Christian springboard cross body blocked Dolph on the outside and threw him back in the ring. Christian got onto the top rope but Dolph pushed him off sending him to the floor. Back from commercial Dolph was in control hanging choking Christian with the top rope. Dolph jumped off the middle rope but got kicked in the face. Christian smacked Dolph several times and hit a running forearm followed by a missile drop kick. Dolph threw Christian onto the apron and took another smack in the face followed by a cross body block. Dolph rolled through for 2. Dolph hit a famouser for 2. Christian smacked Dolph once again and hit the pendulum kick followed by a flying European uppercut. Christian went for the killswitch but Dolph reversed it into the sleeper from hell. Christian got out of it and hit a springboard sunset flip pin for 3. After the match Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins attacked Christian. Dolph Ziggler locked in his stupid sleeper hold from hell and knocked out Christian. Vickie got in the ring and hugged Dolph.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Kane dropped some rotted flowers onto a coffin and said he will never allow the fire to extinguish. Kane said he’s always felt Undertaker in his soul guiding him on the stairway to success, and now he’s gone and Kane’s soul is empty. Kane said his soul is hollow and tortured and so will be the culprits. Kane said those men are damned by every fiber of his monstrous being. Kane said they’re damned to vengeance and to hell.

Drew McIntyre + SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long WWE Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston: Drew told Teddy Long to get out there now. Teddy Long came out. Drew told Teddy he would speak when he tells him he can speak but right now Drew’s just going to watch the Tron. They showed the video from last Friday of Matt Hardy sitting at ringside. Drew said Matt Hardy cost him the IC championship. Drew showed him the video from Monday of Matt Hardy beating him. Drew said when it comes to viewer’s choice; he is the only choice because he is the chosen one. Drew said Teddy can’t get it through his head so once again he’ll have to do Teddy’s job for him. Drew said as of right now not only is Matt Hardy suspended from SmackDown! but he’s suspended from Monday night RAW and all WWE programming too. Drew threw Teddy’s microphone out of the ring. Drew said he warned Teddy about turning a blind eye to his misfortunes. Drew told Teddy to get a good look at his face so he can see his expression when he breaks some news to him. Kofi Kingston came out. Kofi said he was sick and tired of listening to Drew complaining and whining and crying and throwing tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. Kofi said everyone is sick of it. Drew told Kofi to stop pandering to the fans. Kofi said on behalf of the entire WWE Universe; he’s telling him to shut up. Kofi said him and Drew are exact opposites, when he falls down he picks himself back up and when he wants something he earns it, like a man. Kofi said when he doesn’t like somebody he does something about it. Kofi hit Drew in the face with the microphone and they began brawling. Kofi threw Drew out of the ring and hit trouble in paradise on the apron.

SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long + Drew McIntyre : Teddy was trying to get a hold of Vince on the phone when Drew came barging in. Drew said he has a match next week with him! Drew said if Teddy doesn’t show up he gets fired.

The Big Show defeated C.M. Punk w/Luke Gallows & Serena by DQ: Punk punched Show a few times before being shoved away. Punk tried kicking Show a few times but that didn’t work either. Punk kicked Show a bunch of times again and nearly knocked him over. Punk got onto the top rope and Show started yelling “Come on” to intimidate Punk so Punk left the ring. Back from commercial Show was smacking Punk in the chest. Show got ready for the chokeslam after some chops but instead tried to take off Punk’s mask. The SES attacked Show including the masked stranger to cause a DQ. Punk kicked Show in the side of the head and they began beating him down. Kane came out and chokeslammed the masked stranger, followed by Luke Gallows. Punk escaped with Serena. Kane finished things by chokeslamming The Big Show.