WWE SmackDown 07 02 2010

WWE SmackDown

July 2, 2010 – Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

Jack Swagger + The Big Show + “Dashing” Cody Rhodes + World Heavyweight champion Rey Mysterio: Jack said he told them last week he would make people suffer and he wanted to take all the agony and suffering inside of him and make others suffer. Jack said he decided it was time for other people to feel the pain he felt after he was cheated out of the title. Jack said if he can do that to the world’s largest athlete, he can do that to anyone. Jack showed the clip of him attacking Show’s ankle. Jack asked if they could see what he was capable of. Jack said everyone is talking about the Money in the Bank PPV, which is where his journey started. Jack said he remembered winning the last Money in the Bank and becoming the biggest star at WrestleMania 26. Jack said 5 days after WrestleMania he cashed in that contract and became everyone’s World Heavyweight champion. Jack said two weeks ago it all came crashing down when he was cheated out of his World title (holding back the tears). Jack said there was nothing to protect him. Jack said his daddy was devastated to the point where he wouldn’t talk or eat. Jack said nobody cares. The Big Show limped out to the stage and pretended to cry like a baby. Show asked if he should call Jack a wahmbulance or buy him some French Fries. Show said nobody cared because there are more things to be upset about, like being stuck in an elevator with him while he has gas. Show said Jack started something he should have finished; hurting him. Show said Jack surprised him and hurt him, but he didn’t finish the job. Show said he’s still standing and he’s still breathing. Show said as long as he can stand and breathe he won’t stop. Show begged Jack to come and try to put the ankle lock on him one more time. Jack said he has nothing to prove. Jack said what Show felt last week was his ligament tearing and it’s the same thing Rey is going to feel at Money in the Bank. Show said Jack was delusional and can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality because he thinks the WWE Universe wanted to see him as champion. Show said Jack probably thinks that he can break Show’s ankle. Show said in his reality he knows he can break Jack’s jaw. Show said he’s going to break it now. Show had a limp in his walk. Suddenly Cody Rhodes ran up behind Big Show and took him down. Cody and Jack ganged up on Big Show. They focused most of the attention on Show’s ankle. Rey Mysterio came out to save Big Show and cleared the ring.

Vickie Guerrero & Dolph Ziggler + Rosa Mendes: Vickie told Dolph that if he won he would get an Intercontinental title match. Vickie caught Dolph checking out Rosa Mendes, who was skipping rope backstage. Vickie was pissed.

WWE Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston defeated Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero: Dolph took down Kofi fast but Kofi fought back and got up. Kofi reversed a hip toss into a monkey flip. Kofi went for Trouble in Paradise but Dolph got out of the ring. Back from commercial Dolph had Kofi in a crossface arm bar. Dolph remained in control for several minutes until he ran into a pendulum kick from Kofi. Kofi took down Dolph with a big cross body for 2. Kofi hit the boom drop but missed Trouble in Paradise. Dolph hit a famouser immediately after for 2. Dolph got distracted yelling something at Vickie and walked into the Trouble in Paradise for 3. After the match, Vickie left Dolph sitting in the middle of the ring.

Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows & Serena): Punk had his arm in a sling. Punk told Serena to let him handle things. Serena said Kane wouldn’t stop and that all they have to do is admit it. Punk said the last thing they’ll do is admit it and that he has the situation under control. Serena said Punk was in surgery for 10 hours and they don’t have control – in fact, they lost control a long time ago. Luke told Serena to calm down but Serena said NO! Serena told Punk it hurt her to see his face when he went into the operating room and that it broke her heart. Punk asked her if she trusted him and said they would take care of things. Serena said if they don’t then she will. Punk said this was all going to end tonight and the SES depended on it.

Christian & Matt Hardy: There were a bunch of ladders in the ring. Christian welcomed everyone to the Peep Show and said the theme was Money in the Bank. Christian said in less than three weeks time one of the most dangerous rewarding matches in WWE history would become its own PPV concept. Christian introduced the guest, a man who has fallen off of just as many ladders as he has, Matt Hardy. Christian said it’s been a crazy few months for Matt Hardy, but last week he finally got reinstated on SmackDown! and he beat Drew McIntyre. Christian said Drew’s work visa expired and he was deported. Matt said the visa issue couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Christian said it was nice seeing Matt be in the ring with Drew and not get dropped on his head. Matt got a little annoyed but said during his entire run in the WWE he’s had to fight an uphill battle. Matt said he’s been suspended, fired, backstabbed, and dropped on his head but through all of that he kept coming back because Matt Hardy will not die. Christian stood up and said Matt Hardy will not win the MIIB ladder match. Christian said they both know the risks involved in a match like that. Matt xsaid it’s the match they made famous. Christian said despite the risks they’ve never reaped the benefits. Christian said the entire WWE Universe agrees that no one else deserves to win it more than one of them. Christian said even though they both deserve it, he will win the match. Matt said he’s glad Christian is confident. Matt said their careers have paralleled each other’s in a number of ways. Matt said they’ve been tag team champions, IC champions, US champions, and they’ve both been ECW champions. Matt said there’s one thing they’ve persevered to obtain, and that’s the World title. Matt said if Christian wanted to talk about real you should look at the briefcase. They both climbed the ladder to get a closer look. Matt said whoever takes down that briefcase will have their career changed. Christian said it looks like they’re both confident, but neither of them are Drew McIntyre, the chosen one. Christian said they’ve never been liked and have had to fight for everything in the WWE. Christian said he’s sick of seeing guys like Drew get opportunity after opportunity without earning it. Christian said this was his opportunity and he’s going to win. Matt said he’s spent his entire career trying to become World champion and it bothers him too. Matt said he hoped the two guys battling for the briefcase in the end are the two guys who deserve it most. They both said they would be the ones with the briefcase at the exact same time. Matt said he’ll tell you who will win MITB, and both of them shouted “It’s gonna be me!” Matt then Christian with a cheap shot and threw him hard into one of the ladders.

VIGNETTE: Alberto Del Rio (aka Dos Caras Jr.) talking about HONESTY.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes: Cody was grooming himself in front of a mirror. Cody began interviewing himself. Cody thanked himself for being with him tonight and said he looked great. Cody said he actually looked dashing, not great. Cody said he noticed Cody single handedly make a fool out of the Big Show, and asked his motivation. Cody said he took the biggest threat in the MITB match and turned him into a blob of mediocrity. Cody asked how Big Show could climb the ladder if he can’t walk. Cody said they were all very good points. Cody said tonight when he’s beating up Rey the fans will see just how easy it will be for him to become the world’s first “Dashing” heavyweight champion. Cody started saying dashing over and over. Apparently Cody Rhodes is a Diva now.

Kane defeated Luke Gallows w/C.M. Punk by DQ: Luke charged Kane but was quickly thrown into the turnbuckle and taken down. Kane strangled Luke on the middle rope and clotheslined him into the turnbuckle. Kane hip tossed Luke across the ring but ran into an elbow. Luke took down Kane with a clothesline and began kicking him in the ribs. Luke charged Kane but was grabbed by the throat. The masked member attacked Kane and got chokeslammed, followed by Luke. Punk got into the ring when Serena came running down the ramp saying she could prove Punk is innocent. Serena said Punk couldn’t have hurt Taker because on the day that everything happened Punk wasn’t anywhere near Taker. Serena said Punk was with her. Serena said Punk was saving her. Punk demanded that Serena shut up! Serena apologized to Punk and played a video of her at a bar drinking with some random guy on May 31st. Suddenly Punk showed up in the video with Luke and the masked member and flipped out on her. Kane let go of Punk and left the ring. Serena yelled “Punk, I’m sorry! I had to do it!” Punk yelled “do you have any idea what you just did?” and left her in the ring.

Montel Vontavious Porter defeated Chavo Guerrero: Chavo said Vickie should be watching. Chavo said Dolph couldn’t get the job done but her nephew can. Chavo said after he beats MVP, he deserves an IC title shot. Chavo took down MVP with a spinning heel kick and the three amigos. Chavo went for the frog splash but missed. MVP took down Chavo and hit ballin’, followed by the play of the day for 3.

July 4th, 1993: When Lex Luger clammed Yokozuna on the deck of the U.S.S. Intreped on Independence Day!

Kelly Kelly w/Tiffany defeated WWE Women’s champion Michelle McCool w/Layla El: Layla attacked Tiffany on the outside before the match started and threw her into the dasher boards. Michelle stayed on the outside for a while but when she finally slid in Kelly began stomping on her. Michelle took control with some kicks of her own and a European uppercut. Michelle distracted the ref while Layla sprayed air freshener in Kelly’s eyes. Tiffany attacked Layla and Michelle was distracted long enough for Kelly to roll her up.

VIGNETTE: Alberto Del Rio (aka Dos Caras Jr.) talking about INSPIRATION.

Rey Mysterio & The Big Show defeated Jack Swagger & “Dashing” Cody Rhodes by DQ: Rey said it felt great being World Heavyweight champion. Rey said something in Spanish. Rey said it felt great to be reliving his dream; it feels great to once again be World champion. Rey said being champion brings new obstacles but he’s ready for them. Rey said it’s taken him his entire career to get to the top and he’s not going to let any superstar take that away. Rey said tonight he’s going to show Jack and Cody that while he’s champion, you’re not just competing against Rey, you’re competing against the entire 619. Cody and Rey started off. Cody wrenched Rey’s arm but Rey flipped out of it and took over. Rey kicked Cody and tagged in Show. Big Show smacked Cody in the chest several times and Irish whipped him into Jack before press slamming him over the top rope onto Jack. Back from commercial Rey was kicking Cody in the face. Rey went for a springboard move but Cody tripped him. Rey landed on Cody with a west coast pop for 2. Jack blind tagged himself in and big booted Rey in the head. Jack threw Rey across the ring and tagged Cody back in. Cody took down Rey with a Gord buster and put his knee to Rey’s back. Cody spring board kicked Rey in the face for 2. Jack landed on Rey with the running Swagger bomb and began taunting him. Jack locked in the body scissors. Rey went for a springboard moonsault but Jack caught him so Rey hit him with a big DDT. Rey hot tagged Show and Show went to town on Jack. Show went for the chokeslam and Jack tried to reverse it into a victory roll but Show slammed him down and tagged in Rey. Rey hit a springboard leg drop for 2. Cody attacked Big Show on the outside. Rey went for 619 but Jack caught him in an ankle lock. Rey held onto the ropes, so Jack was supposed to break the hold. Jack wouldn’t let go and got disqualified.