WWE SmackDown 07 09 2010

WWE SmackDown

July 9, 2010 – Atlanta, Georgia
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

Alberto Del Rio defeated Tyler Reks:

Drew McIntyre + SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long: Drew didn’t have a chance to say anything before Teddy Long came down to the ring. Teddy asked Drew what he was doing here. Drew said 2 weeks ago his visa expired but he’s here now and all his citizenship issues have been resolved. Drew said what hasn’t been resolved is the relationship between them. Teddy thought it was weird how Drew referred to him as Mr. Long. Drew said on his flight home he realized that he has wronged Teddy in so many ways recently. Drew said it’s never too late to say I’m sorry. Teddy said it’s never too early to say Drew is a liar! Teddy said it’s obvious that Drew used to have Vince in his back pocket but since Vince was gone he’ll have no more special privileges. Teddy said Drew was on the same playing field as everyone else on the roster. Drew said he couldn’t agree with Teddy more. Drew said he’s also out there to nominate Teddy as a candidate for the 2011 Hall of Fame class. Drew said WrestleMania XXVII was going to be a huge week for Atlanta, and receiving a Hall of Fame ring in your hometown while Drew McIntyre main events as the World Heavyweight champion. Teddy said WM 27 will be a big week, and he would love nothing more than to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. Teddy said Drew could be World champion, but he would have to win the SmackDown! Money in the Bank Ladder match. Teddy said if Drew was in it, he could win. Drew thanked Teddy. Teddy said there’s only one thing he needs to do first; get down on his knees and beg for it! Drew asked Teddy if he was serious. Teddy showed Drew exactly how it was done by playing the video from 3 weeks ago of Drew forcing Teddy to go down on his knees. Teddy said if Drew wants to be the chosen one he better get down on his knees. Drew went down on his knees. Teddy made Drew say that Teddy was the most handsome, debonair, high class, sharp dressed, intelligent, and high classed (mentioned twice). Teddy made Drew say that it was an honor and privilege to have Teddy Long as the boss. Teddy let Drew get up and Drew asked Teddy if he was in the MITB match now. Teddy said not by a long shot playah, and Drew started freaking out. Teddy told Drew to calm down and said he would have to beat Kofi Kingston tonight to get in.

Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero defeated Chavo Guerrero and Montel Vontavious Porter to qualify: Vickie Guerrero went on commentary. Dolph and Chavo double teamed MVP early on. MVP kicked them both away and fought back. Unfortunately the heels took control quickly. MVP managed to throw both of them out of the ring. Back from commercial, MVP was pinning Dolph for 2. MVP almost hit a kick but Chavo tripped him up. Dolph went up top and MVP knocked Chavo into him. MVP hit a superplex on Dolph and they were both down for the count. Chavo got up and thought about pinning MVP a long time before actually doing it and getting a 2. Vickie got mad at him and started screaming at Chavo. Dolph attacked Chavo and they began fighting. Chavo hit the three amigos and was back dropped by MVP. MVP exploded on both of them and hit ballin’ on Chavo. MVP hit the play of the day but Vickie pulled the referee out of the ring. Dolph locked in the sleeper hold from hell and MVP passed out.

VIGNETTE: Alberto Del Rios (aka Dos Caras Jr. unmasked)..

Josh Mathews & World Heavyweight champion Rey Mysterio + Jack Swagger + The Big Show: Rey was sitting on a doctors table getting his leg attended to. Josh said Rey suffered a serious ankle injury from last week and asked the doctor what he thought. The doctor said he had a lot of swelling from the tear and they needed to do stuff to fix it. Josh asked Rey if this injury would hinder his chances from defending the championship. Jack Swagger stormed in and locked in the ankle lock again. Jack dragged Rey down the hall by his ankle and at one point you could see a woman in the background trying to hide from the camera. Jack picked Rey back up by his leg and slammed him into the wall. Jack dragged Rey further down the hall and locked in the Anklelock again. Jack dragged Rey through the curtain into the arena until finally Big Show came running down. Jack let go and ran away.

The Gatecrashers (“American Psycho” Vance Archer & Curt Hawkins) defeated Christian & Matt Hardy: Curt and Matt started off. Matt put in a side headlock but Curt fought out of it. Matt wrenched Curt’s arm several times but took a forearm to the face. Vance tagged in and Irish whipped Curt into Matt. Vance took down Matt with a belly to belly for 2. Matt kicked Vance and hit a tornado DDT. Matt went to tag Christian but Christian pulled him out of the ring by his arm and walked away. Vance hit the inverted DDT on Matt and Curt followed up with the flying elbow for 3.

Drew McIntyre defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston to qualify: Kofi nearly rolled Drew up 2 seconds into the match. Kofi took down Drew with a running cross body for 2. Drew started taking control but Kofi took him down with a monkey flip. Drew regained control and started losing his temper whenever he couldn’t pin Kofi. Kofi pendulum kicked Drew in the face and went for a springboard move but Drew kicked him off the ropes. Back from commercial Drew had a seated abdominal stretch locked in. Kofi got up and reversed it into a hip toss. Drew went for a leg drop but Kofi rolled out of the way. Drew blocked a drop kick and almost walked into an SOS. Kofi managed to hit shadows over hell on Drew for 2. Kofi got ready for Trouble in Paradise but Drew ducked it so Kofi hit an inverted Trouble in Paradise for 2. Drew hit an inverted Alabama slam on Kofi for another 2. After a series of reversals Kofi drop kicked Drew out of the ring and followed up with a suicide dive. Kofi went for a boom drop off the apron but Drew threw Kofi head first into the steel post and hit Futureshock back in the ring for 3.

Rosa Mendes + C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows: The cameras were filming Rosa Mendes as she was doing step arobics when C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows walked by.

VIGNETTE: Alberto Del Rios talking about INTELLIGENCE..

C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows + Serena: Luke said last week everyone saw a side of the SES they were never supposed to see and it’s all Serena’s fault. Luke said if Serena had any dignity left she would get out there right now. Serena came out and as she walke down the ramp she said this has been the hardest week of her life. Serena said Punk was a lot more to her than her leader, he’s also her world. Serena said she made a terrible mistake last week when she allowed herself to get drunk and she made a mistake when she defied him. Serena entered the ring and explained that she did what she did to save and protect Punk. Serena said Kane was a monster and if she hadn’t saved him (Punk), Kane would have killed him. Serena begged Punk to forgive her. Luke told Serena she was the most pathetic person he’s ever seen in his life, and he can’t believe he ever considered her a sister. Luke said he wanted to kick her out of the SES when they found her in the bar the other week. Luke said it’s Punk’s decision. Luke said Serena was supposed to set an example for women around the world but she ruined it. Serena asked how many times she could possibly say she was sorry. Luke told her if she was sorry she would leave the SES forever. Punk said the only good thing you (looking at Luke) have said so far tonight was that it’s not your decision; it’s his. Punk said he forgives Serena. Luke left the ring angry. Serena said she could never explain what he’s done for her. Serena said she promises she will never fail him again. Punk said she better not. Serena gave him a hug. Luke watched from the top of the stage looking angry.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes defeated JTG: JTG arm dragged Cody and locked in a hammerlock. JTG went for the 10 punches at the turnbuckle but Cody knocked him down and took over. JTG had brief comebacks but was ultimately destroyed JTG and finished him off with the Cross Rhodes.

Josh Mathews & Kelly Kelly + WWE Women’s champion Layla El + Michelle McCool + Tiffany: Josh asked Kelly if she was excited about facing Layla for the title but Layla showed up before she could say anything. Layla said the only way Kelly to beat her was if she passed out from her bad smell. Kelly shoved Layla but Michelle ran up behind her and they beat up Kelly. Tiffany showed up to make sure Kelly was okay.

Josh Mathews & The Big Show: The Big Show stopped Josh before he could ask a question and said he was the first one to wind up in that ankle lock. Show said he’s never felt pain like that before. Show said Rey is suffering right now and he knows how bad Rey hurts. Show said the ankle lock is the closest he’s felt to feeling a bone break. Show said he heals fast and tonight he’s 100 percent. Show said if Jack wants to make people suffer, tonight he’s putting some fear into Jack Swagger. Show said tonight he makes Jack Swagger suffer.

The Big Show vs. Jack Swagger ended in a double countout : Jack went straight for the ankle but Show pushed him away. Show smacked Jack on the chest hard and started choking him. Show stomped on Jack’s throat. Show shoulder blocked Jack right out of the ring. Jack tripped Show and slammed his ankle into the steel ring post. Jack went for the ankle lock but Show pushed him away. Show threw Jack out of the ring by his throat and went after him. Show got them both counted out. Jack started crawling away but managed to kick Show in his ankle. Jack started to leave when suddenly Kane grabbed him and yelled into his face that they needed to talk!

Kane & Jack Swagger: Kane dragged Jack away by his throat and put him into a chair. Kane said Jack proved it was him tonight. Jack said it wasn’t him. Kane said what happened to Undertaker was nothing compared to what he’s going to do to Jack. Jack said he had an alibi but he needs a week to prepare it. Kane said it better be a good alibi because if there’s any doubt in his mind he’s sending Jack to hell!