WWE SmackDown 07 16 2010

WWE SmackDown

July 16, 2010 – Louisville, Kentucky
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

Alberto Del Rio defeated JD Jordan (aka JD Michaels):

WWE Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston vs. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes ended in a No Contest: This match stemmed from NXT where Kofi and Cody were both destroyed by the Nexus at the end of a battle royal. Kofi took down Cody with a side headlock but Cody reversed it into a head scissors. Cody managed to reverse a leapfrog into a rollup for 2. Kofi hit the corner punches but afterwards Cody threw Kofi into the turnbuckle. Cody hung Kofi on the ropes and kicked him out of the ring. Back from commercial Cody had an abdominal stretch locked in. Kofi fought out of it but was leveled with a Russian leg sweep. Cody locked in another abdominal stretch. Kofi got out of it and hit a kip up hurricarana. Kofi took down Cody and began punching him rapidly. Cody fought back with a bulldog off the second rope for 2. Kofi hit the pendulum kick and hit Cody with a flying cross body. Suddenly Kane came out and chokeslammed Kofi. Kane then turned his attention on Cody and chokeslammed him too. Kane said he had breaking news; there will be a bludgeoning tonight. Kane said he knows that Jack Swagger is a liar. Kane said Swagger will pay for his sins and he will enjoy extracting his vengeance.

World Heavyweight champion Rey Mysterio + Josh Mathews: Rey was getting his leg tended to when Josh barged in and asked him how he was feeling. Rey said he felt like crap and could barely stand. Josh asked Rey how he would defend his title. Rey said he wouldn’t defend it and needs to forfeit his title tonight. Josh asked Rey if he was serious and Rey said of course not. Rey said he will be there on Sunday and his ankle brace will give him the support he needs and the confidence to keep living his dream. Rey said Jack showed him that he was desperate by attacking him. Rey said karma works in mysterious ways.

Jack Swagger: Jack was on the phone talking about what Rey and Kane have said about him. Jack asked this person what was taking him so long. Jack said he wanted to put the Kane thing behind him tonight so he could win the title on Sunday, just like this person always taught him.

Drew McIntyre defeated Christian: Drew Irish whipped Christian out of the ring and they fought briefly on the apron before Christian took over and splashed onto Drew off the turnbuckle. Christian hit a flying cross body back in the ring. Drew took control by choking Christian on the ropes for 2. Christian went up top but Drew pushed Christian out of the ring. Back from commercial Drew was pulling Christian back into the ring by his leg. Drew locked in an arm bar forearm to the face but Christian fought back and smacked Drew hard. Drew tried to push Christian out of the ring again but Christian kneed him in the face and hit a tornado DDT. Christian hit a big inverted DDT for 2 and followed up with a missile drop kick. Christian took down Drew with a drop toe hold but jumped right into a big boot. Drew catapulted Christian into the turnbuckle and went for a German off the turnbuckle but Christian turned it into a sunset flip rollup for 2. Drew went for Futureshock but Christian reversed it into a backdrop and hit the flying uppercut. Christian went for killswitch but Drew kicked him in the gut and went for FS, Christian reversed that into another killswitch but Drew grabbed the ropes and thumbed Christian in the eye. Drew threw Christian into the ropes and hit Futureshock right after for 3.

VIGNETTE: Alberto Del Rio talked about how his intelligence is his finest attribute.

Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows & Serena & The Masked Member) + The Big Show: Punk told everyone to shhh. Punk said they all know that he is a superior athlete who has won back to back MITB ladder matches. Punk said while these people live in a cracked society, they point their fingers at Punk’s society and think there are cracks in the foundation, but there’s not. Punk said they’re all stronger than ever and Show came out with a step ladder and a big ladder. Punk told Big Show he was talking and asked for his music to be turned off. Show ignored Punk and set up the big ladder. Show said the people were listening to Punk but he thought Punk was trying to put everyone to sleep. Show said his finisher is the Go 2 Sleep but he is the cure for insomnia. Show asked if SES stood for snoozing every second. Show made fun of them for having short haircuts and said he was there because of MITB. Show said as wonderful as his straight edge society is, he’d rather talk about something exciting. Punk said he can’t wait to see Show climb up a ladder and do a 450; as in 450 pounds falling down the ladder and into the center of the Earth. Show said Punk didn’t have to get all hurtful. Show said MITB is one of the most dangerous matches in the WWE because if he falls off the ladder onto anyone they’re dead. Show said the ladder looked like an oversized fly swatter. Show tried to climb the ladder but it broke. Show said that was embarrassing. Show said he didn’t need a big ladder so he tried a step-ladder. Show said that clearly wouldn’t work. Show said when you’re a giant you’re used to breaking everything. Show said he searched high and low and found a little treat for them. A bunch of employees came down to the ring with a massive ladder. Show said he had this ladder built and it weighs over 350 pounds and it has a 2000 pound weight limit. Big Show set up the giant ladder in the middle of the ring. Punk said he was reminded of King Kong on the empire state building. Punk said King Kong fell off the empire state building and if it wasn’t for Kane injuring him he would not be in a sling today and he would be the one climbing the ladder like he has 2 times before. The Masked Member and Luke attacked Show from behind. Luke hit Show with the step ladder and Punk climbed the giant ladder. Big Show got up and tossed Luke over the top rope! Masked Member jumped off the ladder but Show caught him and threw him onto Luke on the floor. Show climbed up the ladder behind Punk and ripped off his mask!!

Jack Swagger: Jack was still on the phone asking this person where he was and making fun of the city for having 2 roads or something. Jack told the person he never lets him down and asked him to get here quickly.

Kelly Kelly & Chris Masters w/Tiffany defeated Layla El & Trent Barreta w/Caylen Croft: Kelly and Layla started off. Kelly smacked Layla and threw her around a bit. Layla reversed the springboard with a kick but was smacked again by Kelly. Layla hit a backbreaker and turned it into a submission hold when Rosa Mendes came out on a jump rope for no reason. Trent and Caylen started working the rope for her until Layla broke the hold and screamed at her partners. Masters attacked the Dudebusters on the outside. Kelly hit the K2 in the ring for 3. Layla glared at Rosa and she ran away.

Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero defeated Matt Hardy: Matt said he feels just as comfortable standing on top of a ladder as he does standing on the ground. Matt said this Sunday when he grabs the briefcase, regardless of who the champion is, he will cash it in later that night! Matt said he is leaving MITB as the World champion. Dolph took down Matt quickly but Matt managed to hit him with a clothesline and side headlock takedown. Dolph began to fight back but wound up getting punched in the stomach after a double axe handle attempt. Matt clotheslined Dolph over the top rope and Dolph managed to kick Matt into the barricade. Back from commercial Matt was fighting out of a headlock but Dolph slammed Matt down. Dolph and Matt continued to fight back and forth until Matt hulked up with some clotheslines and an elbow to the back of the head. Dolph went for a leg lariat but Matt caught him and turned it into a powerbomb. Dolph rolled out of the way of a moonsault. Matt reversed a punch into a side effect for 2. Dolph reversed a body slam into the sleeper from hell but Matt threw Dolph into the turnbuckle. Vickie got up on the apron to distract the ref so Dolph threw Matt into Vickie and hit the zigzag for 3.

VIGNETTE: Alberto Del Rio talked about being brave.

Jack Swagger + Dad: A limo pulled up and Jack Swagger’s dad got out with a tape. It wasn’t really Jack’s dad, it was Alabama wrestling legend Jimmy Golden (aka Bunkhouse Buck in WCW)..

Jack Swagger & Dad + Kane + Rey Mysterio : Jack said it would be an understatement to say he’s lived a fortunate life. Jack said it’s easy to get lost in the glamour and lime light when you have his genetics. Jack said it’s easy to lose sight of friends and family when you’re constantly put on a pedestal on top of the world. Jack said when your being terrorized by Kane it’s easy to lose focus on winning back the title. Jack said he was going to prove that he had nothing to do with what happened to The Undertaker. Jack said that memorial day he was busy spending time with his father. Jack said that Memorial Day they won and looked good. Jack showed exhibit a, pictures of Jack and his dad working out together. Jack said before most people are out of bed him and his dad were training. Jack showed exhibit b, him and his dad winning a blue ribbon for fishing. Exhibit c was Jack and his dad winning a chicken wing eating contest. Kane finally showed up. Kane said he didn’t know if it was Jack’s smug look or his inner loathing towards Jack, but he doesn’t believe a word Jack just said. Jack said he had more evidence, pictures of him running a 5 km race. Kane grabbed Jack by the throat and Jack’s dad pleaded for him to stop. Jack punched Kane in the face and went for the ankle lock. Jack had it locked in when Rey came running down to the ring. Rey nailed Jack with a 619 and ran away. Kane grabbed Jack and his dad by the throat, but Jack escaped. Swagger turned his back in shame of not rescueing his dad. Kane chokeslammed Swagger’s dad and Jack freaked out on the outside. Jack left with more shame and Kane hit Swagger’s dad with a tombstone!