WWE SmackDown 08 27 2010

WWE SmackDown

August 27, 2010 – Fresno, California
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

World Heavyweight champion Kane defeated Rey Mysterio : Kane leveled Rey and threw him out of the ring early on. Kane grabbed a kendo stick but Rey took it away from him and used it for a full 5 seconds before being booted in the head. Kane continued to dominate Rey and even blocked a springboard maneuver with a boot. Rey knocked Kane into the steps with a drop toe hold and hit a seated senton off the announce table before commercial. Back from commercial Kane was attacking Rey’s neck. Rey continued to show fighting spirit and managed to hit Kane several times with a chair before hitting the 619. Kane shook it off and chokeslammed Rey onto the chair for 3. After the match Alberto Del Rio came out and said good evening. Alberto asked Rey if he was okay. Alberto said Rey looked like a dying dog that needed to be put down and attacked him. Alberto locked his cross arm breaker in and smiled before leaving. Alberto went back to the ring, grabbed the steel chair, and folded it around Rey’s arm before throwing him into the steel post.

C.M. Punk (w/Joseph Mercury & Luke Gallows & Serena) defeated JTG: JTG was completely dominated by Punk. Punk hit JTG with the G2S and finished him off with the anaconda vise, something he never seems to use anymore. After the match Punk ordered everyone to get into the ring and line up on their knees. Punk said that is how you operate and treat the weak. Punk said he leads by example and the example has been set. Punk said he wants The Big Show face down unconscious in a pool of his own drool tonight. Punk said this was the last time he is going to tell them so he better have made himself clear. Punk said be better; or be gone.

Rosa Mendes & SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long + Hornswoggle: Rosa was showing Teddy the shake weight and Teddy told her it was working. Rosa left and Hornswoggle snuck up behind Teddy in a plant. Hornswoggle explained to Teddy using miming techniques that he’s been spying on Lay-Cool. Hornswoggle couldn’t explain what they said to each other and Teddy said he had a way for them to work together.

DCR GROOMING TIPS: “Dashing” Cody Rhodes talked about how shaving your body is important. They then showed Cody shave his legs.

Kofi Kingston defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero by countout: Kofi beat the living hell out of Dolph until after commercial when he missed a leg drop off the top rope. Dolph attacked Kofi’s neck for a while until Kofi hit the SOS, the ref counted 3 but Dolph’s hand was on the ropes. Kofi ran shoulder first into the steel post so Dolph resumed his work on the neck. Kofi fought back eventually and nearly pinned Dolph with a superman punch off the turnbuckle. Kofi dominated Dolph and they hit a double clothesline on the outside. Vickie wouldn’t let Dolph get back in the ring so he could retain his title. After the match Kofi chased Dolph through the audience.

Jack Swagger defeated Montel Vontavious Porter by DQ: The rules were whoever gets 5 takedowns first wins. MVP slapped Jack before the bell rang. Jack took MVP down 3 times in a row, causing MVP to lose his temper and punched Jack, disqualifying himself. Jack ran up behind MVP and put in the ankle lock.

WWE Women’s champion Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla) & Kaval: Lay-Cool were getting their photos taken and Kaval said it was flawless. Lay-Cool talked about some plan they had for Melina and Kaval kicked the photographers out.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Carlos Sanchez: Alberto came out in a Jaguar tonight. Alberto completely dominated his opponent and finished him off with the cross arm breaker.  Carlos Sanchez is indy wrestler Alex Koslov.

The Big Show (w/Kelly Kelly) defeated Luke Gallows (w/Serena & Joseph Mercury): Another total squash match. Big Show finished Luke off with the knock out punch.

The Undertaker + World Heavyweight champion Kane: Taker said that although he may look dead; he’s not dead yet. Taker said he’s still very much the deadman. Taker said this is still his yard. Taker said there’s one thing he needs to make perfectly clear; he will never pardon the guilty. Taker said that brings him to his brother Kane. Taker said Kane is guilty of a treacherous betrayal; a betrayal that he will pay dearly for. Taker said Kane has what he likes to call a diseased soul. Taker said the disease has festered and turned into a web of lies, lies that he thinks he can fulfill his boots. Taker said the biggest lie of them all is the lie that Kane thinks he can carry the championship. Kane came out. Kane said the only one spinning a web of lies is Taker. Kane said he hears the weakness in his voice and can see it in his eyes. Kane said Taker is the one who’s diseased and delusional. Kane said Taker isn’t even a shadow of what he once was and he has no problem crushing him under his boot. Kane said Taker is living in a fantasy; the reality is that he’s bigger, stronger, and is now the dominant brother. Kane said he has nothing left to prove. Taker said there’s a reason why Kane always walked in his shadow. Taker said Kane called himself the devil’s favorite demon last week. Taker said he built the house that the devil lives in. Taker said when he comes calling the devil still answers to him with sir. Taker said Kane has never been worthy and never will be. Taker said Kane isn’t worthy to carry the title and he isn’t worthy of the power that he steals. Taker said Kane is unworthy of being his brother. Taker said he taught Kane everything he knows about evil, but he didn’t teach him everything he (Taker) knows. Taker said when the mood strikes him, he’ll be waiting and when the fight starts, it’s always going to end the same way. Kane said not this time. Kane said they both know that this time it ends the same way that it did at SummerSlam. Kane said he vows on the grave of their mother that Taker will never rest in peace.