WWE SmackDown 09 03 2010

WWE SmackDown

September 3, 2010 – Albany, NY
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

Alberto Del Rio + Christian + Drew McIntyre: The ring was set up for a celebration. A bunch of men in suits stood in the ring along with Alberto’s ring announcer. Alberto showed up in a Bentley. Alberto rolled the footage of him attacking Rey last Friday. Alberto said he was celebrating removing Rey from the WWE because Rey is weak. Alberto said Rey used the horrible mask because he’s a chicken. Alberto said Rey is like the donkey piñata in the ring. The donkey had a Rey mask on. Alberto destroyed the piñata, but didn’t pick up the candy, super heel. Alberto had one of his men pour him some champagne. Alberto gave himself a toast for being the man. Alberto said he was handsome, rich, everything! Christian came out, probably a bad idea considering what Cody and Drew have been doing to his arm and the fact that Alberto focuses all his offense there. Christian introduced himself to Alberto and said Alberto was JBL, Juan Bradshaw Layfield. Christian said Alberto is a huge international superstar, Enrique Iglesias. Alberto did a hilarious mock laugh and called Christian something in Spanish. Christian had an appetizer and spit it out. Christian said he wasn’t there to taste the crappy food or marvel over his car and suit. Christian said he didn’t appreciate what Alberto did to Rey. Christian said Alberto can hit all the pinata’s he wants but he’s the only jackass around. Alberto asked Christian if he wanted to end up like Rey. Christian said he already has a match tonight but he has no problem fighting him right now. Alberto asked Christian if he was sure and removed his jacket. Alberto grinned at Christian and left. Alberto said Christian would pay for this another place, another time. Drew McIntyre ran up behind Christian and attacked him. Alberto poured some champagne on Christian and left.

Christian defeated Drew McIntyre: During the commercial Drew threw Christian into the steel steps. I guess Drew and Christian just stood around idly while the ring was cleared. The match finally started and Drew went right for Christian’s ribs. Christian tried to make a comeback, but Drew caught him in a bear hug. Finally Christian booted Drew in the skull to finally gain momentum. Christian ended up being caught by Drew and hit with a big backbreaker after attempting a cross body. Drew tried bringing Christian onto the announce table but Christian tripped him. Back in the ring Drew reversed the Killswitch into a gut buster. Christian grabbed Drew and managed to roll him up for 3.

WWE Women’s champion Michelle McCool w/Layla defeated Kelly Kelly: Layla went on commentary. Michelle basically squashed Kelly and finished her off by reversing a hurricarana into the faith breaker.

Doctor & Hornswoggle + SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long: Some doctor was about to try electro shock therapy to get Hornswoggle to speak English. Teddy didn’t seem to like that idea but the doctor said they’ve tried everything else. Hornswoggle started to panic but Teddy calmed him down and said it was for his own good. The doctor shocked Hornswoggle a bit so Hornswoggle got mad, attached the stuff to the doctor’s head, and turned it on. Teddy said they needed to get out of there and ran away, leaving the doctor to die I guess.

WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero defeated Chris Masters: Chris beat the hell out of Dolph and hit a big gorilla press slam. Dolph managed to hit a neck breaker on Chris right onto the middle rope. Chris caught Dolph and catapulted him into the turnbuckle before going for the master lock. Dolph tipped Chris over and hit the zigzag moments later for 3.

The Big Show defeated Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows w/Joseph Mercury): Punk started. Show caught Punk’s leg early on so he rolled away and tagged in Luke. Show took down Luke easily and held him down. Show knocked the hell out of Luke and knocked him out of the ring. Joseph got between them so Show put him in a nerve pinch. Punk tagged in and took over. Punk distracted Show long enough for Luke to attack him from behind. Back in the ring Punk went for a springboard move but Show swatted him down. Show went for a big tackle outside of the ring but Punk moved, causing Show to slam right into the steps. Back from commercial Punk was tagging in Luke. Show made a comeback, threw Luke into Punk, and over bombed Luke. Show wrenched back on Luke’s head, causing him to submit. After the match Punk hit Luke with the G2S.

Jack Swagger & Jack Swagger Sr. + Montel Vontavious Porter: Jack was standing in the ring with a bunch of his stuff set up and his father sitting in a wheel chair. Jack said this was an All American American VIP lounge. Jack said he mopped the floor with MVP last week which led to this. Jack rolled the footage of him beating MVP last week. Jack said his guest was a very special story. Jack said he is a victim, survivor, purple heart winner, and current Perry Oklahoma senior citizen arm wrestling champion; Jack Swagger Senior. Jack said it was an honor to have him on here. Jack said this was his moment. Swagger Sr. said that he is proud of Jack and that this reminded him of when he was 9 and won the talent contest at his school for doing a ton of push ups. Sr. asked Jack to do some push ups right now for the crowd, so Jack did. Jack had the most ridiculous facial expression the whole time. Finally MVP came out. MVP said this was a hallmark moment. MVP said they were making complete fools of themselves. MVP said there was nothing ballin’ about this lounge. Jack said in his opinion MVP was never VIP and he’s not on the list tonight. Jack said he’s trying to have a moment with his father. MVP said Jack is the host tonight, but it’s still his show and as of right now the VIP lounge is closed for renovations. Jack started destroying Jack’s stuff and nearly nailed a fan in the face with a flying trophy. Jack started using his father as a shield to keep MVP back. MVP pushed Jack back and his dad went flying forward. MVP hit his dad with the play of the day and threw Jack out of the ring before hitting his dad with ballin’. MVP threw the wheelchair at Jack.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes defeated Matt Hardy: Matt Hardy was still limping. Cody asked the fans to give Matt a round of applause. Cody asked if it was Matt Hardy. Cody said Matt hasn’t been paying attention to his grooming tips. Cody said they aren’t for him; they’re for people like Matt and the fans. Cody asked if Matt’s ever considered getting the ski slope on his face fixed. Cody said his beard was farmer’s patches. Cody said Matt has been doing a hearty amount of eating lately. Cody said all the things Matt was doing were dashing his opportunities of being dashing. Cody had a mirror on his jacket and told Matt to take a look at himself. Cody asked if they saw the Matt who created the TLC match or even Matt Hardy version 1. Cody said all he sees is Matt Hardy version done. Matt gained the advantage so Cody bailed to the outside. Back from commercial Cody was still getting beaten. Cody tried to skin the cat after getting thrown over the top rope, but Matt kicked him in the midsection. Back in the ring Matt started attacking Cody’s ankle. Matt put in a single leg Boston crab but Cody made it to the ropes. Finally Cody dodged a middle rope elbow, causing Matt to land on his bad leg. Cody hit the Cross Rhodes for 3.

World Heavyweight champion Kane + The Undertaker: Kane was on the Tron. Kane said the final chapter always ends the same. Kane said for some it’s Armageddon, for others it’s the apocalypse. Kane said for many it’s just the end of the world. Kane said for his brother, the end of his world will come at Night of Champions. Kane said that night he will defend his World title against Taker. Kane said Night of Champions will be the crowning moment of his entire life, the night where his brother is finally laid to rest. Kane said last week Taker said the deadly sin which haunts Kane is envy. Kane said that’s true, but unlike Taker he recognizes his vices. Kane said Taker’s pride will be his undoing, whereas his envy is giving him power. Kane said he’s wanted Taker’s powers more than he can ever know. Kane said after all these years there are his. Kane started giggling and a bunch of druids came down to the ring with a casket. These weird video effects started happening and Kane sat up out of the casket, still giggling. Kane said he wished he could see the look on his brother’s face right now. Kane said he wished he could see the expression Taker got when he realized there is nothing he can do to stop him. Kane said The Undertaker now walks in his shadow. Kane said for far too long he has been the other brother. Kane said his entire life he was an after thought. Kane said when he looks at him now the only thing he can see is weakness. Kane said he saw Taker’s weakness the night he attacked him. Kane said he saw it at SummerSlam when he dropped Taker on his head. Kane said he saw it this Monday when Taker proved why he is no longer the phenom. They rolled the footage from Monday. Kane said while the rest of the world waited in anticipation for The Undertaker to rise up like he always does; Kane knew that he would just lay there like the mangled mess that he has become. Kane said Taker’s powers are gone and they now belong to Kane. Kane said when their saga is over, Taker will be no more. Kane said the man once known as the phenom will become a memory known as Kane’s brother. Kane said at Night of Champions he will feel Kane’s rage and there is nothing he can do about it. Kane said Taker will be powerless to stop him and there is nothing he can do to stop his demise. Kane said nothing can stop him and Taker’s music hit. Taker came down to the ring. Taker got into the ring and the lights went out, when they came back on Kane was gone. Taker opened the casket at ringside but no one was in it. Kane came back on the Tron and said Taker may not have taught him everything he knows about evil but he is wrong to assume that Kane has anything left to learn. Kane said they’re called the brothers of destruction, but after Night of Champions Taker will be known as the brother, Kane destroyed