WWE SmackDown 09 10 2010

WWE SmackDown

September 10, 2010 – Baltimore, MD
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

The Undertaker + C.M. Punk: The lights went out and Taker was in the ring. Taker said Kane had always been a disturbed freak of nature. Taker said he always had to protect Kane from others and himself. Taker said he will have no regrets doing what he must do at Night of Champions. Taker said Kane attacked him like a coward. Taker said Kane left him beaten and battered in the middle of the ring and in doing so has given himself a false sense of confidence. Taker said Kane thinks he has the tide of momentum on his side and the power of the darkness. Taker said to make no mistake about it; that power is his and he’s still in control here. Taker said at Night of Champions he’s going to give Kane some unpleasant memories that Kane will remember. Taker said Kane will always remember the night his more evil dominant brother stopped his reign of terror and took back the title. Taker said when they finally come face to face; they will open the gates of hell and unleash everything that they have on one another. Taker said he can’t wait for that night and there are no rules that can contain them or stop them. Taker said when they fight it must be no holds barred. Punk came out clapping his hands. Punk told everybody to stand up and give Taker the respect that he deserves. Punk said this is Taker’s moment and he’s earned it. Punk said after Night of Champions they will never see Taker again. Punk said he enjoys a good sibling rivalry and he’s enjoying watching this saga unfold and nothing brings a smile to his face like watching Taker on his downward spiral. Punk said he doesn’t see anything phenomenal whatsoever. Punk said he sees a beat up broken down man who has had one too many fights. Punk said Taker has bitten off more than he can chew and he’s more delusional than the drunks in the audience. Taker said he sees his next victim. Punk said chilling threats don’t have the same impact they used to because for the first time there’s doubt in his voice. Punk said tonight when he wins he’ll be sending a message to the WWE Universe and to The Big Show. Punk said the power of the universe, the power of a giant, and the power of the dark side simply cannot compare to the power of straight edge. Taker told Punk to come down and try, but the results will always be the same, Punk failing. Punk said he remembers making Taker tap out when he was 100%. Taker said Punk is going to rest in peace.

Jack Swagger defeated Montel Vontavious Porter: MVP exploded on Jack early on and kicked Jack in the side of the head, sending him right out of the ring. Back in the ring MVP hit multiple belly to back suplexes and kneed Jack in the back of the head. MVP wound up running right into a big lariat. Jack put MVP into a double chicken wing right before commercial. Back from commercial MVP was trying to make a comeback but ran right into a big boot. Jack went for the running Swagger bomb but landed right on MVP’s knees. MVP made his comeback and drive by kicked Jack for 2. MVP hit ballin’ but Jack rolled out of the ring and kicked the steel steps into MVP’s knees. Jack started attacking MVP’s left knee and put in the ankle lock for the win.

WWE Women’s champion(s) Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla) & Kaval: Lay-Cool were talking about Teddy Long being stupid and how they can keep Melina guessing about which one will face her. Lay-Cool began arguing about which one would face her at Night of Champions and Kaval asked them to calm down. Kaval said he can barely hear himself think because all he can hear is them arguing. Michelle said Kaval wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them and they imitated him.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Matt Hardy: Matt managed to trick Alberto into jumping through the middle rope and out of the ring. On the way back into the ring Alberto hit Matt with a sick enziguri. Back from commercial Alberto had a headlock on Matt. Matt finally started to gain momentum and hit a side effect for 2. Matt managed to hit a moonsault for 2, but ended up being pulled arm first onto the ropes by Alberto soon after. Alberto threw Matt hard into the steel ring post and locked in the cross arm breaker for the win. After the match Alberto went back to the arm but Christian made the save.

Drew McIntyre defeated Kaval: Kaval kicked the crap out of Drew but wound up getting knocked out of the ring after attempting a springboard move. Kaval made a comeback right away and kicked the living hell out of Drew again. Kaval went for warrior’s way but Drew rolled out of the ring. Kaval jumped onto Drew and got thrown into the dasher boards. Drew hit the Futureshock back in the ring for 3. After the match Lay-Cool came to check on Kaval but his sweat seemed to gross them out.

DCR GROOMING TIPS: “Dashing” Cody Rhodes told us about facials again, it was a repeat.

Kofi Kingston & Chris Masters defeated Dolph Ziggler & Chavo Guerrero (w/Vickie Guerrero & Kaitlyn): Vickie had Kaitlyn with her. Vickie told Kaitlyn to introduce her but got mad at her right away for doing a bad job. Chris and Dolph started out. Chris overpowered Dolph and nearly put the masterlock on Chavo when he tagged in. Chavo attacked Chris’s leg and the heels took over. Chris managed to get the hot tag to Kofi who exploded on Dolph. Kofi and Dolph knocked each other over with clotheslines and Kofi managed to hit Dolph with the trouble in paradise because the ref didn’t see him make the tag to Chavo.

The Big Show + Kelly Kelly + Josh Mathews: The Big Show was interviewing himself pretending to be Josh Mathews. “Josh” brought up that Big Show was facing Punk at Night of Champions. Big Show said he’s already taken out Punk’s SES so he should have no problem taking out Punk 1 on 1. “Josh” said that Show was his favorite wrestler and Kelly said Show was a nerd. Kelly said Josh was coming and Big Show hid the microphone. Josh came by looking for his microphone and Kelly told him to give Josh back his microphone.

The Undertaker defeated C.M. Punk: Punk yelled at Joseph and Luke to go backstage during his entrance. Taker went for Punk’s arm during the beginning of the match. Taker went for old school and wound up falling onto the ropes. Punk drop kicked Taker out of the ring right before commercial. Back from commercial Punk was attacking Taker’s arm. Punk put in a headscissors and began elbowing Taker in the head. Taker took control again on the outside and hit the leg drop off the apron. Back in the ring Taker missed a drive by kick and Punk regained control. Punk started elbowing Taker in the neck for 2. Punk put in a headlock, but Taker got out of it pretty quickly. Punk rolled out of the way of an elbow drop and managed to knee Taker in the face and hit the follow up bulldog. Taker hit snake eyes but ran right into a leg lariat. Taker managed to hit the chokeslam but Punk reversed the tombstone into a G2S moments later. Punk crawled right into the hells gate and tapped seconds later. After the match, Kane’s pyro hit and laughter filled the arena.