WWE SmackDown 09 24 2010


WWE SmackDown

September 24, 2010 – Bloomington, IL
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

World Heavyweight champion Kane defeated Chris Masters: Chris put in the master lock early on but Kane managed to break it. Kane attacked Chris’s leg to take over. Kane basically destroyed Masters for the rest of the match and finished him off with the chokeslam and tombstone. After the match Kane said that whatever bit of powers Taker had left couldn’t stop him on Sunday. Kane said he left behind a pile of ruins and proved he was the dominant brother. Kane said Taker is no better than all the weak and pathetic fans. Kane said it’s fear that makes people weak and pathetic. Kane said he could smell fear and the closer he got, the stronger the odor. Kane got into the crowd and said the stench of fear permeates the arena. Kane scared the crap out of some kid by getting close and said they were afraid of what he’s capable of and that no one can stop him anymore. Kane said he is the living breathing embodiment of their fear and the one thing that they desire most in their entire lives is that he just disappears and goes away. Kane said he’s not going anywhere. Kane said he had a challenge for Taker later tonight that he will not allow him to deny. Kane said this past Sunday he may have destroyed Taker’s body but soon enough he will destroy his legend and soul.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre defeated The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith w/Natalya) to retain the WWE Tag Team titles: Drew and David started. THD took over on Drew early on. Back from commercial Drew and Cody were working on David. David reversed a chinlock into an electric chair drop and managed to make the hot tag to Tyson. Things broke down after Tyson hit a big neckbreaker. Drew pulled off the turnbuckle pad and threw Tyson into it, following up with the Futureshock for 3.

The Undertaker: The Undertaker was backstage sitting by himself. Throughout the night he was shown sitting there.

Christian & Alberto Del Rio: Christian was laying on the ground holding his arm in pain while Alberto stood over him. Alberto told Christian that he said another place, another time, and this was the place and time.

Hornswoggle & Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft + SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long: Trent and Caylen were trying to teach Hornswoggle how to talk when Teddy came in and said it was a ridiculous idea. Trent and Caylen were dressed like movers and moving boxes for the move to SyFy. Teddy said they weren’t physically moving but didn’t seem to care much.

C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows: Punk told Luke he was through with Luke and told him to get out because he isn’t worthy of straight edge and never will be. Luke threw Punk against the wall and said Punk isn’t better than anyone. Luke said Punk doesn’t have the right to pass judgment. Luke said after he beats Punk tonight he’s going to have a beer.

Chavo Guerrero defeated Kaval: Chavo and Kaval fought back and forth for about 5 minutes with Kaval showcasing his awesome offense, but Chavo ultimately ended up winning with the frog splash.

Alberto Del Rio + Christian: Alberto said he told Christian they would have a match when he was ready. Alberto said he was ready tonight but where is Christian? Alberto said Christian is crying like a little baby in the parking lot. Alberto said all of his opponents end up in the hospital like Rey Mysterio. Alberto played the video from last month of him destroying Rey Mysterio. Alberto said he had something for them. Alberto said Rey Mysterio was coming back next week. Alberto said he won’t be here too long because Rey has challenged him to a match again. Alberto said he didn’t want to fight Rey; he wanted to give him a kiss on the cheek. Christian came out holding his arm. Christian started punching Alberto but Ricardo grabbed his leg to distract him. Alberto took over and locked in the cross arm breaker. Alberto wrapped a chair around Christian’s arm and threw him into the steel ring post to finish him off.

The Big Show defeated The Gatecrashers (“American Psycho” Vance Archer & Curt Hawkins): Big Show completely dominated both of them, basically burying them in the process.

Josh Mathews & Jack Swagger + Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft & Hornswoggle: Josh said that next week SmackDown took place in Jack’s hometown. Jack said the former world heavyweight champion is coming home to Oklahoma. Jack said he is worshipped there and showed off some jerseys in the background. Jack started talking about how great he is and in the background Trent & Caylen & Hornswoggle took them. Then it cut away to commercial before he could react.

C.M. Punk defeated Luke Gallows: Luke caught Punk’s foot early on and took over. Punk eventually stunned Luke on the top rope and made a comeback. Punk put in a front chancery and when Luke lifted him up went for a rollup. Luke made a brief comeback but wound up missing a splash and getting hit with the G2S.

Montel Vontavious Porter defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler w/Kaitlyn & Vickie Guerrero by countout : MVP took control early on so Dolph escaped to the outside and Kaitlyn comforted him. Dolph got knocked out of the ring again and Kaitlyn helped him up so Vickie freaked. Kaitlyn pushed Vickie down and left. Vickie left shortly after. Back from commercial MVP missed a drive by kick and was rolled up for 2. Dolph began working on the neck and put in a cobra clutch like move. MVP fought out of it and went for the thing he does (cannot remember the name at all) but Dolph turned it into another roll up for 2. MVP hit the drive by kick in the corner but Dolph got his foot on the rope. Dolph managed to stun MVP on the rope and went for the zigzag but MVP grabbed the rope. MVP tried to go for ballin’ but Dolph rolled out of the ring and left.

Rosa Mendes & Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft & Hornswoggle + Vickie Guerrero: Rosa was working out when Trent and Caylen took her jump rope. Vickie came by looking for Kaitlyn and Hornswoggle tricked her into thinking she was in the truck. She went inside and Trent and Caylen closed the doors.

The Undertaker: Taker was sitting on the stairs still when a door opened. Taker told them to get out until he saw who it was. Taker got a constipated look on his face and his eyes rolled up.

World Heavyweight champion Kane + Paul Bearer + The Undertaker: Kane said there was a new beast of the apocalypse and they were looking at him. Kane said he delivered Taker’s own personal Armageddon when he broke him at Night of Champions and now the ring was his yard. Kane said he knows that Taker is wondering how the phenom fell so far so quickly. Kane said Taker is wondering why he didn’t just put him out of his misery and end things on Sunday. Kane said the fun has just begun. Kane said it was time that they raised the stakes. Kane said the end of The Undertaker will come in the dark corridor that he made famous. Kane said the very same place where he left him a mangled wretch when he thought he was rid of him forever; Hell in a Cell. Kane said the devil may have once answered to him, but now he is the devils favorite demon and Taker is not welcome in hell unless he takes him there. Kane said all the creatures of the night and all the lost souls answer to him. Kane said wherever Taker is, he needs to understand that he has no choice. Kane said Taker will face him at Hell in a Cell and the epilogue to their story will be the same as the epitaph on his tombstone: Here lies The Undertaker, he will never rest in peace, and he will forever burn in hell. Taker’s extended theme started playing and a bunch of druids rolled down a casket. Kane opened the casket and Paul Bearer came out with the urn! The lights went out and when they came back on Taker was standing behind Kane. Taker started pounding the crap out of Kane. Kane bailed from the ring and ran away. Paul held up the urn and Taker posed with Kane screaming no from the ramp.