WWE SmackDown 10 15 2010


WWE SmackDown

October 15, 2010 – Portland, Oregon
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long: Teddy said it was time for Bragging Rights again. Teddy said this year would be no different. Teddy showed the RAW team and said the captain was The Big Show and we would find out the rest of the team with a series of qualifying matches.

Rey Mysterio defeated WWE Tag Team champion “Dashing” Cody Rhodes: Cody took control early on with a huge right hand to Rey’s face. Rey nearly hit the 619 but Cody escaped to the outside. Back from commercial Cody had a chin lock in. Cody completely dominated Rey for the longest time until Rey Hulked up and ended up hitting the 619 for 3.

The Big Show & Hornswoggle + Kaval: Big Show and Hornswoggle were arguing about chocolate when Kaval asked Show for a spot. Show said Kaval was new here. Kaval said he was focused and experienced. Show told him to slow his role. Kaval said everyone starts off slow and ask Show what he did his first match. Show said he won the world title. Show said what he’s looking for is seasoned veterans and big superstars. Kaval got mad about being called small and said if he could last 5 minutes with Show to put him on the team. Show said fine.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Paul Bearer said the time for the final reckoning is nigh. Paul offered Taker one more time to face Kane for the title but the loser gets buried alive. Paul said Taker will meet his end inside its lonely depths. Paul said the deadly sin of pride has always been Taker’s downfall. Paul said because of Taker’s pride he will be beaten, broken and incapacitated.

Jack Swagger w/Swagger Soaring Eagle defeated Montel Vontavious Porter: MVP nearly pinned Jack right away with a mafia kick and hit a drive by kick on Jack in the corner. Jack rolled to the outside and MVP threw the Swagger soaring eagle into the announce table. Jack took over and locked in the ankle lock for the win.

Alberto Del Rio defeated “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters: Alberto worked on Chris’s arm and won with the cross arm breaker.

Edge defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler: Dolph worked on Edge’s neck and after getting big booted off the top rope and out of the ring, hit Edge with a zigzag right into the steel steps. Back from commercial Dolph was still in control. Edge made a comeback and catapulted Dolph face first into the ring post before hitting the Edge O Matic for 2. Dolph went for the sleeper but Edge turned it into the impaler for 2. Dolph jumped the spear but then jumped right into one for 3.

Kaval lasted 5 minutes with the Big Show: If Kaval lasts 5 minutes he joins team SmackDown! Big Show completely dominated Kaval but Kaval lasted the 5 minutes. After the match Tyler Reks of all people came out and said Kaval being on the team is a joke. Tyler said he’s the new breakout superstar and if anyone deserves a spot it’s him. Tyler said he can beat giants and he knows he can defeat Kaval. Teddy came out and said Tyler can’t face Kaval after he went 5 minutes with Big Show. Kaval said he didn’t need a babysitter and Tyler has to take the spot from him.

Tyler Reks defeated Kaval: Tyler destroyed Kaval and finished him off with the burning hammer. Tyler now looks really intimidating.

DCR GROOMING TIPS: “Dashing” Cody Rhodes told us to clip and keep our fingernails clean. Cody also uses nail polish.

Kofi Kingston defeated WWE Tag Team champion Drew McIntyre: They fought back and forth until Kofi hit the TIP after blocking a backdrop for the 3.

World Heavyweight champion Kane & Paul Bearer + The Undertaker: Taker was shown standing on the roof multiple times throughout the night. Kane said facts leave no room for argument. Kane said everyone hopes Taker is more determined and evil but the fact is, he is a dejected shell of his former self. Kane said he is superior to Taker. Kane said he is superior to everyone. Kane said they all fail at everything just like Taker has failed in his quest to reclaim the title. Kane said Taker failed in a no holds barred match and at HIAC and he’s going to fail at Bragging Rights. Kane said those failures eat at all of them because they all use him to escape from their pathetic existences. Kane said he forces them to face reality and the reality is there’s no escape. Kane said all of them want to see Taker destroy him. Kane said deep down they all know that’s never going to happen. Kane said their hopes are going to be buried alive, just like his brother. Undertaker came down to the ring. Taker beat the crap out of Kane so he escaped from the ring.