WWE SmackDown 11 12 2010

WWE SmackDown

November 12, 2010 – Manchester, England
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

DARK MATCH: Mason Ryan defeated Chavo Guerrero..

Edge + The Nexus (David Otunga & Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater & Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty) + Vickie Guerrero : Edge said his agenda is packed for the next few months. Edge said he hopes they all have tickets for WrestleMania because he is going to walk into WM as the World Heavyweight champion. Edge said he’s main evented WM before and plans on doing it again. Edge said Kane is a tough task but he has a plan. Edge said the end of the plan sees him walking out of Survivor Series as a 10 time World Heavyweight champion. Edge said tonight his agenda is David Otunga. Edge said he really hopes David keeps depending on his wife because while she walks the red carpet he’ll be walking the unemployment line. The Nexus came out and surrounded the ring but Vickie Guerrero came out. Vickie said she had a huge announcement. Vickie said Teddy had been detained by customs so she’s in charge. Vickie said if any of The Nexus steps into the ring David loses his match and gets kicked out of Nexus. Vickie said she had a huge show planned. Vickie said tonight Big Show would take on Kane and David vs. Edge. Vickie said she didn’t want a repeat from last week and doesn’t want to lose control like Teddy Long. Vickie said Nexus could surround the ring but they will be joined by the SmackDown roster. Vickie said they should start the night by having Edge and David shake hands like fine gentlemen. Edge tried to walk away but Vickie said if he didn’t shake David’s hand she would take away his title shot. Edge shook his hand and speared him out of the ring and onto the rest of Nexus.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Kofi Kingston: Alberto won with the cross arm breaker after drop kicking Kofi’s arm into the steel turnbuckle. After the match Rey Mysterio came down to the ring. Rey hit Alberto with the 619 and he ran away.

The Nexus (David Otunga & Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater & Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty: Nexus thought they needed a better plan because of Edge and the SmackDown locker room. David said he knew there could only be one leader but Wade wasn’t there and this was the biggest night of his life. David said if he didn’t have Nexus he’d have to start over from the beginning. David said if he fails they all fail. David said to forget about the lumberjacks because they’re the most dominant force in the WWE.

Natalya Neidhart defeated WWE Diva’s champion Layla El: Natalya won with the sharpshooter.

World Heavyweight champion Kane & Paul Bearer: Kane said many of the fans hope that Edge can defeat him. Kane said hope is the motto of the desperate yet all those sheep cling to the hope that Edge can beat him. Kane said they believe in Edge like they believed in Undertaker and he’s buried. Kane said tonight they hope that Big Show can exorcise the evil from him but he won’t because nothing can stop him. Kane said he is their champion and the places that he intends to lead them will have them begging for the darkest corners of hell.

David Otunga defeated Edge: McGillicutty tried to interfere so Edge speared him. While the ref was distracted Kane slipped into the ring and chokeslammed Edge so David got the pin for 3.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Montel Vontavious Porter to retain the WWE intercontinental title: Dolph won with a kick to the nuts and a Zigzag even though MVP had his foot on the ropes at one point.

World Heavyweight champion Kane: Kane found an urn.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes: Cody was mad that he didn’t get a warm reception. Cody said he is sick and tired of all the stereotypes that imply the British people have bad teeth. Cody said it’s lame but it’s true. Cody made fun of everyone’s teeth. Cody handed someone a bottle of Listerine and a little boy a toothbrush. Cody said no one in the audience would end up being dashing but if they paid attention they would at least have teeth. Cody played a grooming tips video about flossing teeth.

World Heavyweight champion Kane: Kane couldn’t find Paul Bearer anywhere and asked someone if he had seen him.

The Big Show defeated World Heavyweight champion Kane: Right when Kane was about to go for the chokeslam Edge came out with Paul Bearer tied up in a wheelchair. Edge said he knew Kane had daddy issues but he can resolve them. Edge threatened to wheel Paul right off the stage. The Big Show chokeslammed Kane and won. Edge told Paul to say goodbye and wheeled him away.