WWE SmackDown 11 26 2010

WWE SmackDown

November 26, 2010 – Jacksonville, Florida
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker & Michael Cole

World Heavyweight champion Kane + Edge: Kane said 2 weeks ago Edge abducted the one thing that means more to him than his title and his life. Kane said last week Edge humiliated him with his perverted cat and mouse games. Kane said Edge used Paul as bait, trying to lure him into a trap. Kane said at Survivor Series Edge taunted him with an empty wheelchair, trying to distract him from successfully defending his title. Kane said despite all of this he is still the champion. Kane said this abduction is unlawful. Kane said he’s willing to let the whole thing slide if Edge just brings him back Paul Bearer. Kane said if Edge brings him back he won’t eviscerate him. Kane said he is not a freak or a monster. Kane said this hardened exterior isn’t really him, he has feelings. Kane said he’s a warm caring human being who only wants to be with his family for the holidays. Kane said he just wants his father back. Edge came out with an empty wheelchair. Edge said he also loves the holidays. Edge said Paul is here tonight and if Kane wants him back all he has to do is ask. Kane said he has been asking. Edge asked Kane where his manners were. Kane asked nicely if he could have Paul back. Edge said Kane didn’t use the magic word. Kane asked if he could please have Paul back. Edge said it wasn’t a proper please. Kane asked again and Edge said Kane didn’t mean a word of it. Edge left.

Kofi Kingston defeated Jack Swagger w/The Swagger Soaring Eagle: After a long match Kofi managed to hit the Trouble In Paradise and pick up the win.

World Heavyweight champion Kane & SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long + Edge & Paul Bearer: Kane apologized to Teddy for wrecking his office and scaring him. Kane asked Teddy to do what’s right because he must have been close with his father too. Teddy said he barely knew his father but it didn’t stop him from reaching for the stars. Edge showed up on the HD screen. Edge said he never had a dad either. Edge said Mother Nature called and Mother Nature is really calling Paul right now. Edge pushed Paul off to the washroom. Back from commercial Kane was outside the bathroom. He opened the door and “GONE FISHIN” was written on the mirror.

Josh Mathews & Alberto Del Rio: Josh said Alberto is the underdog tonight. Alberto said at Survivor Series he learned never to share the spotlight with people who aren’t his equal. Alberto said Big Show isn’t his equal. Alberto said he would be KOTR next week.

Alberto Del Rio defeated The Big Show by Countout: Big Show got counted out when Alberto’s ring announcer distracted Big Show (Show knocked the ring announcer out!)

Edge & Paul Bearer + World Heavyweight champion Kane: Edge was up in the rafters with Paul. Edge said on behalf of Paul they would like to wish them the happiest of holidays. Edge said the holidays aren’t just about eating; they’re about bonding and conversing. Edge said he wants Kane to come out so they can have a conversation. Edge got Paul to scream for Kane and he came out looking mad. Kane said Edge was heartless and a monster. Edge said after all the things Kane has done to people it sounds like he’s describing himself. Edge said he would do the right thing tonight. Edge asked the fans if he should give Paul back to Kane and they booed. The fans cheered when Edge asked if he should shove Paul down the steps. Kane said all of this is clearly to get him to give Edge another world title match. Kane said Edge could have it. Edge accepted. Edge asked Kane to go up there and join them. Edge told Kane to join them at the hot dog stand. Kane went out there and Edge and Paul were gone.

Drew McIntyre defeated Montel Vontavious Porter: Drew won with the Futureshock after working on MVP’s arm.

Jack Swagger & The Swagger Soaring Eagle + Hornswoggle & Rosa Mendes: Jack was blaming the Eagle for his loss. Jack walked away and they showed Hornswoggle sitting at the table dressed like a Native American. Rosa Mendes gave him a really burned turkey. Hornswoggle looked at the Swagger Soaring Eagle and shot him with an arrow off camera.

Kelly Kelly defeated Michelle McCool w/Layla El : Lay-Cool said that Natalya stole the title from them. Lay-Cool continued to complain. Kelly finally came down so the match could start. Kelly won right away by reversing the Faith breaker into a roll up. Lay-Cool attacked Kelly after the match so Beth Phoenix saved her. Beth hit Michelle with the Glam Slam.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes defeated Rey Mysterio: Alberto was on commentary. The ref took a bump so Alberto pulled Rey groin first into the steel post. Cody hit the Cross Rhodes for 3.

SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long & World Heavyweight champion Kane + Edge & Paul Bearer: Kane stormed in blaming Teddy. Edge came on the HD screen and told Kane to come out and get some fresh air. Edge told Kane to come out and get Paul. Kane came running outside and Edge ran over a dummy Paul before driving away with the real Paul still tied up in the backseat.