WWE SmackDown 12 03 2010

WWE SmackDown

December 3, 2010 – Norfolk, Virginia
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker & Michael Cole

Rey Mysterio + Alberto Del Rio: Tables, ladders and chairs were set up around the ring. Rey said Sheamus was crowned KOTR. Rey said he would have loved to be KOTR but didn’t get the opportunity thanks to Alberto Del Rio. Rey said he’s not the type to complain and took care of business on Monday. Rey said to be a king it’s not only about power or wealth, it’s about being a fearless leader and climbing so high that you aren’t afraid to fall. Rey climbed the ladder in the ring and said he prefers to fly opposed to driving fancy cars. Alberto came down to the ring and got a security guard to watch his car. Alberto said the reason people like Rey climb those ladders is to try on his level. Alberto said last time Rey was around him and chairs he wound up in the hospital. Rey said he’s been injured by people twice the man Alberto is and he always comes back. Rey said they should take care of business right now. Alberto climbed up the ladder and Rey said he didn’t call Alberto out with tables ladders and chairs to ask him, he brought him out there to tell him. Rey said no matter how rich Alberto is he doesn’t make the rules, at TLC it’s going to be one on one. Alberto said he has no reason to fight him because he’s already won. Rey punched Alberto in the face so Alberto knocked the ladder over. Rey threw Alberto out of the ring onto a table and hit a double leg drop or boom box to break through the table.

Vickie Guerrero & WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler + Kaitlyn: Vickie told Dolph she was happy they could finally put Kaitlyn behind her. They ended up walking into her and she said she was a part of SmackDown!

WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre defeated Montel Vontavious Porter & Kaval: Kaval put in the dragon sleeper but Drew punched Kaval in the back of the head and Dolph hit the Zigzag, finishing off Kaval. After the match Kane came running down to the ring and took out Kaval and MVP with a chokeslam and tombstone. Kane said this had gone on long enough and the show wouldn’t continue until he got his father back. Edge came on the Tron. Edge said this had gone on for way too long. Edge said they were on the loading dock. Kane ran to the loading dock. Back from commercial Kane was in the loading dock looking for Paul. Kane saw Edge pushing Paul away so he ran after them. Kane saw another Paul dummy get crushed by some equipment. Kane saw Edge across the dock pushing Paul away.

Kofi Kingston defeated Jack Swagger: Kofi won an intercontinental title shot with the Trouble in Paradise.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Kane went running around after Edge pushing a wheelchair with Paul Bearer. It ended with Edge pushing a dummy Paul down a flight of stairs.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes defeated “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters: Cody won with the Cross Rhodes.

Layla El w/Michelle McCool defeated Rosa Mendes: Layla won with the Layout. After the match Lay-Cool attacked Rosa so Hornswoggle came to her aid. Lay-Cool mocked Hornswoggle so Beth came charging down to the ring and saved him. The Swagger Soaring Eagle came down to the ring and kicked Hornswoggle in the head so Beth hit it with the Glam Slam and Hornswoggle finished it off with the tadpole splash.

Edge defeated World Heavyweight champion Kane: Kane was going to hit Edge with the chokeslam when Paul came on the Tron freaking out. Kane couldn’t choose between going after Paul or getting back in the ring. Kane got back in the ring and ran right into a spear, giving Edge the victory. Edge said the stipulation would be Tables, Ladders and Chairs. Edge said he would bring Paul out. Edge brought out a fake Paul Bearer so Kane kicked them right in the face. Paul came back on the Tron. Paul was on the back of a truck. Edge drove it away.