WWE SmackDown 12 17 2010

WWE SmackDown

December 17, 2010 – Lafayette, Louisiana
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Matt Striker & Michael Cole

DARK MATCH: Trent Barreta defeated Abraham Washington ..

Edge: Michael Cole was shown at the announce table bragging about his two Slammy Awards. Edge talked about the last few months bring the most bizarre of his life, then showed a video package of his abduction of Paul Bearer and the subsequent torment suffered by Kane – all set to funny gag music. The end of the video featured the accidental murder of Paul Bearer by Kane on last week’s SmackDown!. Edge said that Kane ruins people’s lives for his own amusement, remembering this past summer when he terrorized the entire roster looking for the person who attacked the Undertaker when he was the one who did it. Edge said to beat Kane he knew he had to fight fire with fire. Edge said the master of the mind game has been one-upped finally, and it will all be worth it this Sunday at TLC in his match – Tables, Laddies, and Chairs! Edge said he will set up a ladder in the ring and climb up and become a 10-time World Heavyweight champion!

Theodore Long & Edge + Alberto Del Rio + Rey Mysterio: Theodore Long said Kane is so mentally distraught he doesn’t know if he’ll ever show up here again, and doesn’t know if Kane will be at the PPV. Edge said he doesn’t want to win the title by forfeit so what does Teddy want to do? Alberto Del Rio came in and volunteered to destroy Edge. Rey came in and said he deserves a title shot too. Rey and Alberto started arguing in Spanish. Long said if Kane doesn’t resurface by Sunday, then they will compete in a Triple Threat TLC match for the vacant World Heavyweight title. Alberto said what happens if Kane does show up? Long said it would be a Fatal Fourway TLC Match! Long finished by saying if Kane does show up tonight, may God have mercy on Edge’s soul.

Kofi Kingston & Kaval defeated Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero: They hyped a triple threat ladder match at the TLC PPV with Dolph defending against both Kofi and Swagger.Kofi Kingston pinned WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler. After the match, Swagger knocked out Dolph and Vickie screamed that he had no right to do that (horrible acting). Swagger just backed out of the ring and walked away from the lunatic Vickie.

Jack Korpela & WWE champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin & Alex Riley: The Miz said he already beat Rey Mysterio on RAW, so he didn’t know why he had to face him again tonight. The Miz said he was on SmackDown! because he was in demand all day every day. The Miz talked about his busy schedule lately representing the WWE championship. The Miz said on Sunday he will put Randy Orton through a table to cap off a week in the life of a champion!

VIGNETTE: JTG is bringing the hood to you with a segment called “Straight Outta Brookly with JTG” – he talked about the upcoming TLC PPV.. JTG said Justin Beiber recently fell off a ladder trying to reach puberty.

Kelly Kelly & Kaitlyn + Drew McIntyre: Kaitlyn was talking to Kelly about what Tyson Kidd said about her at the Slammys on Monday (then she left). Drew approached Kelly and said he was absolutely disgusted by Tyson’s comments. Drew said if he was there he’d still be paying for it. Kelly said that was sweet but when did they become friends? Drew said now seems pretty good. Kelly said knows who Drew is and she’s seen what he does in the ring. Drew said the person in the ring isn’t the real him…. outside the ring he’s just a kid from a far away land looking to get to know Kelly better. Drew asked Kelly out on a date. Kaitlyn came back and said Kelly has plans, it’s girls night. Drew accepted it and left quietly.

DCR GROOMING TIPS: Dashing Cody Rhodes talked about taking care of your hair.

PLUG: Tribute To The Troops..

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes defeated “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters: Cody finished off the Masterpiece with the Cross-Rhodes finisher…

WWE champion Mike “The Miz” Mizanin w/Alex Riley defeated Rey Mysterio: Rey was handling the Miz quite well until Alberto Del Rio showed up and tripped him up. Rey then drop-kicked Alberto, but the distraction allowed the Miz to score the victory! Alberto jumped in the ring and pounded on Rey until Edge ran down to make the save! The Miz attacked Edge from behind because they’ve had problems in the past. Theodore Long came out and booked a tag team match for later.

LayCool (Michelle McCool & Layla El) + Beth Phoenix & Natalya Neidhart: LayCool said the Divas Tables match at TLC was not going to happen because it was barbaric. Michelle said the fans wouldn’t understand what it means to be called a Diva. They said the Table match is OFF! Natalya & Beth Phoenix came out carrying a gift-wrapped table. Natalya said she knows LayCool wasn’t thrilled about being put through a table, but since when do they make the rules. LayCool said they run this show! LayCool said a tables match is a man’s match, and maybe Natalya & Beth belong in the men’s division. Beth said they weren’t laughing. LayCool said they were laughing and that’s all that matters. Beth said they won’t be laughing this Sunday. Layla asked how they were going to put them on a table. Natalya asked Beth to open the gift, which was a table featuring an unflattering painting of LayCool. LayCool attacked Beth/Natalya, but they were quickly disposed. The good girls set up the table and tried to suplex Layla through it, however Michelle jumped in and saved her partner!

WWE Tag Team champions Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov defeated Chavo Guerrero & Tyler Reks: For the second week in a row, Chavo Guerrero was taken down by the dreaded “Cobra” move from Santino..

Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio & Mike Mizanin w/Alex Riley ended in a No Contest: During the match, they showed Kane arriving backstage and destroying a bunch of random crew members. Inside the ring, Edge had just speared the Miz and was about to win. Kane’s pyro went off and he hit the ring to brawl with Edge! Alberto beat up Rey on the outside. The locker room emptied and attempted to separate Edge and Kane, but they kept breaking loose. Kane starting choke-slamming everyone, but then he was taken down by a spear from Edge!