WWE SmackDown 02 11 2011

WWE SmackDown

February 11, 2011 – Green Bay, WI
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Booker T & Michael Cole

DARK MATCH: Showtime Percy Watson defeated Chavo Guerrero..

Alberto Del Rio + Kofi Kingtson: Del Rio went over all the things he loves (Since it’s close to Valentines Day). He said what he loves the most is destiny because destiny loves him. He poked fun at the Superbowl champion Green Bay Packers sitting in the front row before Kingston came out. Kingston talked about what Del Rio did to him last week (caused him to lose his Chamber qualifying match). He grabbed a kendo stick from under the ring and started whacking Del Rio with it, chasing him off.

Alberto Del Rio defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston: Kingston dominated most of the match. After Del Rio worked on Kingston’s arm on the outside, Del Rio locked in his Armbar and got the tap out victory.

Todd Grisham + World Heavyweight champion Edge: Grisham asked if Edge thought Vickie would be fair as the referee tonight and Edge gave him a sarcastic answer. Grisham then asked him how he was going to win the match and Edge said he didn’t know.

Justin Gabriel w/The Corre (Heath Slater & Ezekiel Jackson & Wade Barrett) defeated 1/2 of the WWE Tag Team champions Vladimir Kozlov w/Santino Marella: Heath Slater tripped Kozlov behind the referee’s back and got a Cobra from Santino for it. Gabriel hit a 450 Splash for the three count then The Corre continued the assault after the match. Barrett hit Wasteland on Santino and Ezekiel gave Kozlov a spinbuster..

Drew McIntyre defeated “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters: Before the match, McIntyre grabbed a mic and dedicated the match to Kelly Kelly. He also blamed Edge for her getting fired last week, and promised not to forget it. Drew won the match with the Future Shock DDT.

Todd Grisham + Rey Mysterio: Grisham asked Mysterio about Cody Rhodes and his facial injury. To sum it up, Mysterio said shit happens and faked a little bit of sympathy. He said he’s focusing on beating Barrett then winning the Elimination Chamber for the World title.

Wade Barrett defeated Rey Mysterio: Barrett got on the mic (a lot people are talking in this episode) and said that in two weeks he was representing The Corre in the Elimination Chamber. He said that he’s not better than the other members of the Corre, because they are all equals. Barrett also said he would be the man to go to WrestleMania as World champion and that journey starts with Rey Mysterio….. Late in the match, Justin Gabiel ran down but Rey gave him a baseball slide dropkick. The distraction allowed Barrett to hit the Wasteland for the three count. The Corre hit the ring and started beating on Mysterio until Big Show came out to make the save. He didn’t help much as he was beat down as well. Ezekiel suplexed the Big Show!

Kane defeated JTG: Typical squash match. Kane won with the Chokeslam.

LayCool (Michelle McCool & Layla El) + Vickie Guerrero + Dolph Ziggler: Michelle & Layla complained about what happened at the Royal Rumble (Eve sneaking in and winning the Divas title). LayCool claimed they never needed help to win their matches. McCool said that if the referee had done his job, she would be the Divas champion – which didn’t sit well with Layla. Vickie Guerrero walked in and said that she’s disappointed with them. Dolph Ziggler came in and asked Vickie why she was talking to losers. Vickie & Dolph walked off and Layla left without McCool.

WWE Divas champion Eve Torres defeated Layla El w/Michelle McCool: Eve rolled up Layla for the pinfall.

World Heavyweight champion Edge defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain the World Heavyweight title: Special Guest Referee: Vickie Guerrero….. Vickie once again made the Spear an illegal move, saying if Edge used the move he would be DQ’d and lose the World title. Vickie pulled the usual heel referee stuff throughout the match. She actually tried to spear Edge, but it didn’t work. She injured her ankle and rolled out of the ring. Edge hit a spear on Dolph Ziggler, but no referee was there to make the count. Edge hit another spear and Vickie saw it. Suddenly Green Bay Packer player Clay Matthews came out with a referee shirt on. He went in the ring and counted the pinfall. Edge and Matthews celebrated! Clay Matthews had his own championship belt – which is actually bigger than the real belt. Vickie was outside taking a fit. Obviously this will lead to the title being held up or something.

They aired a promo for the 600th episode of SmackDown!, which is next week. The main event is a 12 man tag team match featuring all the superstars who are going to in Elimination Chamber matches. John Cena, Randy Orton, R-Truth, John Morrison, Rey Mysterio, and World champion Edge vs Dolph Ziggler, C.M. Punk, Kane, Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, and King Sheamus.