WWE SmackDown 02 25 2011

WWE SmackDown

February 25, 2011 – Sacramento, California
Announcers: Josh Mathews & Booker T & Michael Cole

SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long: Teddy said due to Vickie’s actions involving Dolph Ziggler’s attack he has every right to fire her. Teddy said he would let Vickie fight for her job in a mixed tag team match, Vickie and Drew vs. Kelly Kelly and Edge. Teddy said Vickie would be fired if her team lost. Teddy took off his glasses and smiled, it was creepy.

Rey Mysterio defeated Kane: Rey Mysterio won when he reversed a powerbomb into a sunset flip. After the match Dusty Rhodes came down to the ring. Dusty gave Rey a hug in the middle of the ring. Dusty said Rey was a friend of the family and he was disappointed in his son Cody Rhodes. Dusty said he wanted to apologize to Rey for Cody’s actions and the things he has been saying. Dusty said he wanted Cody out there to apologize himself. Cody came down to the ring wearing a face mask. Cody said this wasn’t the future announcement he was talking about. Cody said everyone was staring at him and because of Rey he didn’t have a royal rumble or elimination chamber or wrestlemania. Dusty said one of the things they talked about before he came to WWE was Wrestlemania, being a champion, and getting a hall of fame ring. Dusty said Cody lost focus when the divas voted him hottest man on the planet. Dusty said Cody’s too busy being dashing and doing acting. Dusty said while Cody was being dashing Miz became the WWE champion and Edge came back from an injury after getting fired and became the World champion. Dusty said Cody needs to refocus. Dusty said Cody has to make things right. Dusty said Cody needed to apologize to Rey right now. Cody apologized to his dad and then apologized to Rey. Cody shook Rey’s hand. Dusty hugged Rey but then didn’t let go of his hand and Cody attacked him! Cody beat the hell out of Rey and dragged him up the ramp. Cody ripped Rey’s mask off and a couple of referees threw a towel over him.

Rosa Mendes defeated Layla El w/Michelle McCool by DQ: About a minute into the match Michelle attacked Rosa, causing the DQ. Layla and Michelle argued a bit after the match but then walked away together. Michelle looked freaking amazing tonight.

Jack Swagger defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston: Jack defeated Kofi clean with the ankle lock.

Vickie Guerrero + Chavo Guerrero: Vickie stood outside Teddy’s door knocking on it and saying he was being unfair. Teddy never answered so she stormed off. Vickie ran over to Chavo begging for help. Chavo said family always sticks together but she made him be her gopher and get her coffee and carry her bags. Chavo said paybacks a bitch. But he didn’t say bitch because that wouldn’t be PG.

The Big Show defeated Wade Barrett by countout: Big Show and Wade took the fight to the outside and Big Show managed to beat the count, winning the match. Big Show grabbed Wade by the throat after the match but the rest of the Corre came running down to the ring. Show got in the ring and was followed by the Corre but Show grabbed a chair and chased them all away.

World Heavyweight champion Edge & Kelly Kelly defeated Drew McIntyre & Vickie Guerrero: Edge and Kelly won with spears to both Vickie and Drew. After the match Teddy came down to the ring. Vickie apologized to Teddy and said she would be the best employee ever and begged him not to fire her. Teddy fired her. Vickie ran over to the ref, Booker T, Michael Cole and one of the camera men begging for help. Booker laughed in her face and Michael was sympathetic. Vickie got back into the ring and asked Edge for help. Vickie said her heart was always with him and they had great chemistry. Vickie said she would do anything. Edge said he could help but he’d rather sing. Edge sang the goodbye song. Vickie walked up the ramp, turned around and began screaming. Suddenly Alberto Del Rio ran up behind Edge and attacked him. Alberto put in the cross arm breaker. Alberto left Edge writhing in pain.