WWE SmackDown 04 01 2011

Smackdown April 1st, 2011

Announcers: Booker T & Michael Cole & Josh Mathews


Kofi Kinston defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett by DQ

Match ended when Corre members ran in, attacking Kofi. Vladimir and Santino came to help Kofi but got beat up too. Kane and Big Show came down and got rid of The Corre.


Matt Striker & Cody Rhodes

Matt asked Cody why he did what he did to Rey last week. Cody said he believes in the eye for an eye expression. Cody said several months ago Rey intentionally slammed his knee brace into his face, shattering his facial bones and changing him from dashing. Cody said he’s embarrassed and doesn’t even want to look at himself in the mirror. Cody said last week was only the beginning, because at WM Rey is going to have to contend with his face mask and knee brace.


Jerry “The King” Lawler

Jerry said Michael has been running his mouth for weeks now, talked about his mom, and even brought out his son. Jerry said when you say hurtful things there are consequences to pay. Jerry said Michael leaving before he came out was probably the best thing he could have done. Jerry said he knows Cole is scared because everything Cole has done up till now has been with the help of Jack Swagger but at WM Austin will take care of Jack Swagger. Jerry said Michael will be all alone with no one to help him and nowhere to hide. Jerry said he’s not just going to beat him, he’s going to do what the entire world wants him to do and shut his mouth.


Cody Rhodes defeated Chris Masters

Cody defeated Chris with the Cross Rhodes. After the match Rey attacked him. Rey went for the 619 but Cody dodged it the first time and before Rey could attempt it again escaped from the ring.