WWE SmackDown 04 08 2011

SmackDown April 8th 2011

Announcers: Booker T & Michael Cole & Josh Mathews

Charlotte, North Carolina



Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay & Ricardo Rodriguez + World Heavyweight champion Edge & Christian + Theodore Long

ADR said destiny can be delayed but not stopped. ADR said his destiny was delayed. ADR called Edge and Christian cowards for destroying his WM moment and car. ADR said it’s not about the money; those cars are like his children. ADR said he’s going to make them pay. E & C showed up with ADR’s car in the back of a truck Christian was driving. Edge said when he saw ADR crying he assumed it’s because he’s a greedy moron who puts materialistic things over everything else. Edge said if the car is like his child he needs to love it unconditionally. Edge spray painted on the car. ADR said he was close to making Edge tap. Edge said he didn’t and now he’s in the ring whining and crying without the title. ADR demanded a rematch. Edge told ADR to buy a new car and drive to the back of the line because there are way more worthy contenders, like Christian. Edge said Christians defeated him twice which puts him ahead. Edge got ready to storm the ring but Teddy Long came out. Teddy said it’s his show and tonight ADR will face Christian in a #1 Contender’s match. Teddy said Extreme Rules is the night WWE goes extreme so the title will be on the line that night in a ladder match.


The Big Show & Kane & Kofi Kingston & Santino Marella defeated The Corre (WWE Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett & WWE Tag Team champions Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater & Ezekiel Jackson) by DQ

Kofi got the first fall by hitting Justin with a cross body block. The Corre got the second fall when Wade Barrett hit Santino with waste land. The referee ended up disqualifying Corre for all hitting the ring and things breaking down, giving the third fall to the good guys. Santino, Show & Kane hit Ezekiel with a triple chokeslam to end things.


Cody Rhodes defeated Trent Barreta

Cody defeated Trent with Cross Rhodes. After the match Cody wouldn’t stop attacking Trent until Rey made the save and chased him off.


World Heavyweight champion Edge & Christian

Edge said he hopes Christian beats ADR. Edge said he and Christian revolutionized the ladder match and Christian deserves the match more. Christian said he doesn’t mind Edge cheering for ADR tonight if he wants and joked about winning. Edge left and Christian inspected his title. Edge came in and took the belt.


Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix defeated Michelle McCool & Layla El

Layla tried to make the hot tag but Michelle dropped off the apron because of her back, causing Kelly to roll up Layla for 3.


Michael Cole + Jack Swagger + Sin Cara

Michael said he’d like to take the opportunity to introduce them to a man whose instructions he followed very well and who taught him everything he knows, Jack Swagger. Jack told everyone to settle down. Jack said people told him it’d be impossible to get Michael Cole ready for WrestleMania, but it was easy. Jack said Michael has superior intelligence and athletic ability. Jack said only Michael Cole can have his first match at WrestleMania, win, and be declared the new Mr.WrestleMania. Jack and Michael Cole ran a victory lap around the ring until Sin Cara came out. Sin leaped over the top rope and nailed Jack with a hurricarana, sending Jack out of the ring. Sin hit Jack with a corkscrew dive and left.


Michelle McCool & Layla El

Layla asked Michelle if she calmed down and gave Michelle a note for couples therapy. Michelle said they aren’t a couple but Layla said they need the help.


Alberto Del Rio w/Brodus Clay defeated Christian w/Edge

Edge hit Brodus with a spear on the outside, distracting Christian long enough for ADR to hit an enziguri for the 3.