WWE SmackDown 05 13 2011

WWE SmackDown
May 13th, 2011 – Nashville, Tennessee

Christian + Sheamus + Mark Henry + World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton

Christian said there’s been a lot of talk about Teddy’s decision last week. Christian said there’s been a lot of controversy and his peeps aren’t happy. Christian said he agrees with and respects Teddy Long. Christian said Teddy’s longs duties involve putting on a fun exciting show each week for the fans. Christian said he’s cool with it. Christian said he wanted to congratulate Randy Orton. Christian said Randy didn’t do anything he wouldn’t have done himself and he’s excited for the rematch at Over the Limit. Christian said he has a feeling that this time things are going to turn out just a little differently because a 100% prepared Christian can beat Randy. Sheamus came out. Sheamus said he wanted to commend Teddy as well because he loved watching Christian’s moment vanish in the blink of an eye. Sheamus said it’s all about giving the audience what they want. Sheamus said they want a match between them right now. Mark Henry came down to the ring giggling to himself. Mark said he needed Sheamus to pop his breaks. Mark said he speaks for all those people when he says that they enjoyed watching Christian get his dreams shattered. Mark said Sheamus isn’t the one people wanted to see drafted from RAW to face Christian. Mark said they pay to see him, no one reacted and Sheamus pointed  it out. Mark said maybe they want to see them face each other. Sheamus said maybe they want to see a handicap match between them and Christian. They started beating on him and Randy made the save.


Theodore Long & Christian & World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton

Teddy said they would tag together to face the blackest and whitest men in the WWE. Randy said he had his own reasons for helping Christian. Randy said he wants Christian at his very best so when he beats him again there’s no question to who the better man is.


Sin Cara defeated Daniel Bryan

Chavo did the ring introductions for Sin Cara. Sin won with the Spanish fly FTER Chavo distracted Daniel. Sin wasn’t happy when he watched the replay.


Layla El & Michael Cole + kHARMa

Layla said during her match with Michelle she hurt her knee. Layla said as painful as it is it was worth it because she finally got that poison out of the WWE. Michael Cole said enough. Michael got in the ring

and said no one cares about her or any of the divas. Michael said the people want to hear him talk about Jerry Lawler. Michael said Jerry challenged him to another match on RAW and Jack Swagger accepted. Michael said when he defeats Jerry again he will give him his hall of fame ring and induct him. Michael said his mother is going to love that ring. Layla told Michael to shut up and crawl back into his glass house. Michael said all the divas are pretty little cry babies. Michael said the divas shouldn’t be in the WWE. kHARMa’s music hit. kHARMa hit Layla with the implant buster and Michael Cole made fun of her. kHARMa looked at Michael and he ran away to his Cole mine.


Kane defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett w/Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater by DQ

Wade said Kane is probably scared to come to the ring since Big Show is in Mexico. Wade said they are now stronger and more efficient than ever before. Kane won by DQ when The Corre hit the ring and attacked him mid match. Wade hit the Waste Land to finish him off. Ezekiel Jackson hit the ring and attacked them. The Corre managed to regain control. Justin hit Ezekiel with a 450 splash to finish him off.


The Great Khali w/Runjin Singh + Jinder Mahal

Khali and Runjin had cowboy hats on and did the stupid Khali kiss cam. They brought in some fat ugly chick and Khali kissed her. Jinder Mahal came down to the ring looking angry. Jinder smacked Khali.


World Heavyweigh champion Randy Orton & Christian

Christian said he’d keep up his end as long as Randy kept up his.


Cody Rhodes defeated Ted DiBiase

Cody said judging from some of the smirks he’s seeing he guesses they all assume this is the part where he entertains them. Cody said he’s not the freak there, they are. Cody said once again at great expense to him, he has provided them with paper bags. Cody said this should distract them from the absence of attractiveness. How expensive could 100 paper bags possibly be? Cody said nobody is exempt from those paper bags, not even Ted. Cody handed Ted a paper bag. Cody won with Cross Rhdoes.


Matt Striker & The Corre(Wade Barrett & Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel)

Matt asked what kind of statement they made tonight. Wade said they’ve been making statements every week by destroying Big Show, Kane and Ezekiel Jackson. Wade challenged Ezekiel to a match at

Over the Limit. Heath said it would be for the WWE Intercontinental title. Wade said they needed to go make some more statements, which I found hilarious.


World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton & Christian defeated Mark Henry & Sheamus

Christian hit Sheamus with the kill switch and Randy hit Mark with the RKO for 3.