WWE SmackDown 05 20 2011

WWE SmackDown – May 20th 2011 – Corpus Christi, Texas


Christian defeated Sheamus

They showed an interview of Sheamus saying Christian took 17 years to win a world title but it only took him 2 months. Sheamus said he’s on the way up and Christian is on the way down. Christian won with a small package. After the match Sheamus and Mark Henry attacked him but Randy Orton made the save after watching for a bit.


Todd Grisham & WWE Divas champion Brie Bella & Nikki Bella

Todd showed kHARMa attacking them on Monday. Todd asked Brie why she let Nikki get attacked. Brie said she attacked kHARMa. Nikki said Brie wouldn’t have done it if she didn’t have back up, and she ran away as soon as the going got rough. Brie said Nikki would have done the same thing and she agreed. Brie said she had to face Natalya next.


WWE Diva’s champion Brie Bella & Nikki Bella defeated Natalya Neidhart

Brie won with an X factor.


WWE Tag Team champions The Big Show & Kane & Ezekiel Jackson defeated The Corre (Wade Barrett & Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel)

Ezekiel said when he first showed up his goal was to write a new chapter in the book of Ezekiel. Ezekiel promised himself he was going to make an impact so he joined The Corre. Ezekiel said their first night on SmackDown they took over. Ezekiel said the same night he hoisted a 500 pound giant and slammed him. Ezekiel wondered whether he needed The Corre or they needed him. Ezekiel said he left but they wouldn’t let him walk away so for the last 2 weeks he’s taken a beating. Ezekiel said he cannot be broken and will not sleep until they have all suffered. The Corre came down to the ring to beat him up but Teddy Long came hobbling down to the ring and said this isn’t going to happen like this. Teddy said it would be a 6 man tag match. The Big show & Kane came down to the ring. Ezekiel beat Justin with the torture rack.


Matt Striker & Christian

Christian said he appreciates Orton helping him but it took him forever to come and help. Christian said in just 5 days Orton took away what it took him 17 years to accomplish. Christian said he’s not mad and he hopes Orton won’t be mad when he takes it back. Christian said he’ll be 100% come Sunday.


Daniel Bryan vs. Chavo Guerrero went to a 5 minute time limit

Chavo said last week Sin embarrassed him. Chavo said he brought Sin there and taught him everything he knows. Chavo said Sin couldn’t beat Daniel without his help. Chavo said he doesn’t need his help and can beat Daniel in under 5 minutes. The match went to 5 minutes. Chavo flipped out and threw Daniel out of the ring. Sin Cara came running down to the ring and threw Chavo out.


Ted DiBiase w/Cody Rhodes defeated Trent Baretta

Cody told people to stop gawking at him. Cody said as a service to them he is providing them with paper bags. Cody asked his assistant for one. Cody said it was for Ted. Ted put it on. Cody asked him his name.  Ted said his name was Corpus Christie or something in a Spanish accent. Cody asked Ted what he’s hiding. Ted said he is hideous. Cody asked Ted where he wears the bag. Ted said he wears it to school because the teachers are hideous and he wears it at home because his parents are hideous. Cody said the only reason a man in the ring would wear a paper bag is because what once was a blooming flower  is now a dead shrub. Ted took off the bag and asked for his opponent. Ted defeated Trent with dream street.


The Great Khali defeated Jey Uso w/Jimmy Uso

Khali defeated Jey Uso after Jinder yelled instructions at him on the microphone. Jinder seemed happy when Khali won.


Matt Striker & World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton

Matt said Christian is 100%. Randy said that’s a lie. Randy said Christian is probably 99% which isn’t enough to beat him.


World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton defeated Mark Henry by DQ

Sheamus hit the ring mid match, causing the DQ. Christian came down to the ring to save Orton after a beat down. Orton hit Henry with the RKO and did a really dorky jump after.