WWE SmackDown 06 03 2011

WWE SmackDown! – June 3, 2011 – Des Moines, Iowa


Christian defeated Mark Henry

Christian beat Mark Henry with the killswitch. After the match Christian said that wasn’t an easy thing to do. Christian said this wasn’t the victory he was looking for. Christian said Sheamus was facing Randy Orton for the title and he wishes it was him. Christian said he doesn’t blame the referee but he just feels like he should be given one more chance. Theodore Long came out. Teddy said he knows what happened last week and agrees that Christian was a victim of circumstance. Christian said he should be the #1 contender or ask the audience and see what they think. Teddy said he feels his pain but can’t change things. Christian asked for a triple threat. Teddy said Sheamus still won but Christian can ref the match to make sure nothing bad happens.


Tamina & Alicia Fox w/Rosa Mendes defeated AJ & Kaitlyn w/Natalya Neidhart

Tamina destroyed AJ with a samoan drop.


Cody Rhodes

Cody said winning isn’t everything is a lovely sentiment said by losers. Cody said the numbers say Daniel won last week but he didn’t. Cody said when someone finishes a match on their back wearing a paper bag they lost. Cody said when the same man oozes ordinary and is so disgustingly dull that he looks like a member of the audience he is a loser. Cody told his assistants to get bagging. Cody said he will never sit in the audience and watch Daniel Bryan but Daniel will watch him win the world title.


The Great Khali & Jinder Mahal & Matt Striker

Matt asked Khali why he beat up his brother. Jinder would talk to Khali in Punjabi and Matt in English so it didn’t really make sense.


Jinder Mahal w/The Great Khali defeated Yoshi Tatsu

Jinder beat Yoshi with a full nelson slam. Khali crushed Yoshi’s head after the match.


Ezekiel Jackson defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett by countout

Wade ended up getting counted out while Justin & Heath distracted Ezekiel. Justin and Heath charged the ring after and got beaten up by Ezekiel.


Matt Striker & Sheamus + Christian

Matt asked Sheamus if he was going to change his gameplan. Sheamus said Christian should be mad at Randy not him. Sheamus saw Christian and went and agreed with what he said earlier. Sheamus said he would be willing to have a triple threat. Christian said that was brutal and hopes he does a better job with Randy Orton than he did with him. Christian said he’s in charge tonight so Sheamus should stop threatening him.


Daniel Bryan defeated Ted DiBiase

Mid way through the match Cody Rhodes came down to the ring. Daniel won when he reversed dream street into the LeBelle lock. Cody attacked Daniel after the match but Sin Cara made the save.


Johnny Curtis

Johnny said he won NXT season 4 and was promised a tag team title shot with his pro R-Truth but that clearly wont happen. Johnny pretended to cry over spilt milk and poured it over his head, it was creepy.


Randy Orton defeated Sheamus to retain the World Heavyweight title

Christian punched Sheamus at the end of the match allowing Orton to hit the RKO for three. After the match Christian hit Randy with the belt and held it over him.