WWE SmackDown 06 10 2011

WWE SmackDown! – June 10, 2011 – Roanoke, Virginia


Christian + Michael Cole

Christian said he was curious to see what kind of reaction he would get tonight. Christian said if they cheered then they understood that he was screwed out of the title. Christian said he is convinced that some of them don’t get it. Christian said he is through with all of them. Christian said he doesn’t want to talk to any of them except Michael Cole. Michael Cole got in the ring. Christian said he wanted one more match for the championship. Christian said he didn’t understand how the people who cheered for him so loudly are now so mad that he smashed Randy Orton in the face. Christian said he doesn’t get Teddy Long asking the idiot fans opinion. Christian said they had no right trying to control his life and ruining something he worked hard for. Christian said if Randy was a man he wouldn’t have accepted that title match knowing he had just competed in a gruelling ladder match. Christian said he needed Michael Cole to ask the fans if he deserved another title shot. There were boos in response to Michael Cole asking them. Christian said he would be the champion again and when he does become the champion again he’s going to do it for himself because he wont be sharing it with any of them.


Ezekiel Jackson & Jimmy & Jey Uso defeated The Corre (WWE Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett & Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater)

Wade Barrett walked out on his partners, the Uso’s hit Heath with super kicks, and Ezekiel got Justin in the torture rack for the win.


Theodore Long + Sheamus

Teddy Long was gambling on the phone when Sheamus came in. Sheamus said he wanted a match with Christian. Sheamus said this is all Teddy’s fault because he made Christian the referee last week. Sheamus said he was telling him he wanted a match for tonight. Teddy said he was going to let Sheamus release some rage against Randy Orton in a No DQ match tonight.


Wade Barrett & Justin Gabriel & Heath Slate

Justin and Heath were yelling at Wade for only caring about himself and said The Corre was done.


Jinder Mahal w/The Great Khali defeated Trent Baretta

Khali distracted Trent while he was on the top rope, giving Jinder the opportunity to hit the full nelson for 3. After the match Khali crushed Trent’s head.


A.J. & Jack Korpela + Tamina & Rosa Mendes + Natalya Neidhart

Jack asked A.J. how it felt to be a part of the WWE. A.J. started to say something but Tamina & Rosa gave her a piece of cheese because she’s a mouse. A.J. said Lay-Cool wanted their gimmick back. They started getting in her face but Natalya walked over so they left.


A.J. w/Natalya Neidhart defeated Tamina w/Rosa Mendes

A.J. managed to crucifix pin Tamina for 3.


World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton + Christian

Randy told Christian to come down to the ring and say what he has to say to his face. Christian came on the Tron. Christian said he knows Randy wants to do more than just talk so he’s not coming out. Randy said beating the hell out of him was only going to be an added bonus. Christian asked for another match. Randy said he didn’t care what Christian wants. Christian said last week he could have counted Randy’s shoulders to the mat last week but didn’t because he wants to beat him for the title. Randy said 5 days after Christian became world champion he beat him, and he’s ready to beat him again. Christian said he’s done doing things on their terms, for now on it’s on his terms. Christian demanded a title shot at Capital Punishment. Randy said he was on but the result will be the same as always.


Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes

Cody said with the way things are going he will be calling the shots tonight because Ted spent the last year being distracted while he kept his focus. Ted said he got his face busted and turned into a psycho. Cody gave one of his baggers a bag, told him to put it on and get out of his face. Cody said he’s hideous but he calls it premature enlightenment. Cody said it was only after he lost everything that he felt free to do anything (someone’s been watching Fight Club).


Sin Cara defeated Ted DiBiase w/Cody Rhodes by DQ

Cody got involved with the match 2 minutes in, getting Ted disqualified. After the match they beat up Sin. Daniel Bryan came for the save and Teddy Long came out, making it a tag match.


Daniel Bryan & Sin Cara defeated Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes

Daniel made Ted tap out to the LeBelle lock.


Sheamus defeated Randy Orton

Randy was about to win when Christian smacked him in the back of the head with the title belt. Sheamus pinned him for 3.