WWE SmackDown 06 17 2011

WWE SmackDown – June 17th 2011 – Providence, Rhode Island

World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton + SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long + Christian + Sheamus
Randy said he was diagnosed with a concussion last week but he doesn’t give a damn. Randy said he is ready to fight tonight. Randy said Christian got what he wanted, a title shot, so he thinks he should be given the chance to beat Christian up tonight. Teddy Long came out. Teddy said he appreciates why Randy is upset but Teddy said Randy hasn’t been cleared to wrestle. Christian came out. Christian said he can’t believe how angry Randy is. Christian said Randy needed the concussion because it’s one hell of an excuse for when he loses the title on Sunday. Christian asked the fans what they thought about him becoming the new world champion on Sunday. They booed heartily. Christian said if Randy Orton is really polite he’ll give him a rematch after Sunday. Sheamus came out. Sheamus said between Orton’s concussion, Christian’s whining, and Teddy’s incompetence everyone has forgotten that Sheamus beat Orton. Sheamus said who deserves it more? A man who lost 50 title matches in a row or the guy who beat the world champion. Christian said strawberry shortcake will have to wait his turn. Teddy said Sheamus and Christian would have a match, If Sheamus wins, the title match Sunday will be a triple threat match. Teddy said Randy could watch the match but he can’t get involved.

Daniel Bryan & Sin Cara & Ezekiel Jackson defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett & Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes
Daniel won by charging into Ted really hard in the corner for 3. It looked like Ted kicked out.

Matt Striker & Sheamus
Matt asked Sheamus how he felt about having to face Christian tonight. Sheamus said he felt great. Sheamus said he is the biggest star on SmackDown! and people finally recognize it and soon he will take his spot as the champion.

Jinder Mahal w/The Great Khali defeated Vladimir Kozlov
Khali chopped Vlad while no one was looking and Jinder finished him off with the full nelson slam.

Josh Mathews & The Big Show+ Theodore Long
Josh asked Show why he was on SmackDown! Show said he heard a rumour that Alberto was there. Josh showed how his match with ADR this Sunday came about. Josh asked Show how he feels. Show said he feels fine. Show paced around the ring a bit angrily and Teddy came out. Teddy said Show will not lay a finger on Alberto. Teddy said earlier this morning his office was informed that civil and criminal charges are being contemplated against him for attacking Ricardo Rodriguez. Teddy said he can’t lose his job over this and Show will too. Teddy said he has an opponent for Show.

The Big Show defeated Mark Henry by knockout
Big Show punched Mark so hard he basically went into a coma. They stretchered him out.

Matt Striker & Christian
Matt asked Christian his feelings on the situation. Christian said he feels nostalgic for the days when Teddy actually knew how to run a show, which was never. Christian said he doesn’t need to prove himself to anybody else for an opportunity he never should have lost in the first place.

Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes & Tamina defeated The Most Beautiful Divas ( Kaitlyn & A.J. & Natalya Neidhart)
Tamina pinned A.J. with the Samoan drop.

Johnny Curtis
Johnny said he can survive the harshest environments in sports entertainment. Then he pulled an ace out of a hole.

Jimmy & Jey Uso defeated Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel
The Uso brothers won by hitting Heath with a super kick and Justin with a splash.

Alberto Del Rio + The Big Show
Alberto said people say he’s too afraid of Big Show on RAW. Alberto said it is his destiny to be the next WWE champion and no one can stop him, not even a giant. Alberto said what happened with Big Show was an accident and bad things happen to bad people. Alberto said Ricardo was his best friend and followed him everywhere just like a dog. Alberto said what Show did was wrong. Alberto said Ricardo has a little girl and he will get his revenge. Alberto said if Show was in the ring with him he would spit right in his face. The Big Show came out. Del Rio ran away. Show destroyed the ringside area.

Christian defeated Sheamus
Christian managed to bounce Sheamus’ head off the top turnbuckle for the 3 and ran away as soon as the match was over. Orton punted Sheamus in the head!