WWE SmackDown 07 15 2011

WWE SmackDown! – July 15th 2011 – Uncasville, Connecticut

Josh Mathews & World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton + Christian: Josh asked Randy if he’s worried about losing his championship via DQ. Randy said this Sunday he will not get disqualified. Randy said he thinks he’s proven that there is more than one way for him to beat Christian and this is just a cheap attempt to get at him. Christian came on the Tron. Christian said he doesn’t need to win by DQ and that his lawyers forced that stipulation. Christian said he needed to get Randy a gift and he unveiled a photo of him standing over Randy holding the title. Christian said this is exactly how Sunday night will end. Randy said he sees what Christian is trying to do but a stupid picture isn’t going to set him off. Randy said this is borderline pathetic. Christian said Randy’s family is pathetic. Christian said his father Bob Orton was a glorified sidekick who never came close to being champion. Christian said there’s a wing of the hall of fame reserved for guys like Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold, and then there’s a wing for guys like Bob Orton and Drew Carrey. Christian said Bob is only in the hall of fame to keep Randy happy. Randy told Christian to come say that to his face. Christian said after he beats him on Sunday he will. Randy said Christian is a pathetic excuse for a man.

Ezekiel Jackson defeated Ted DiBiase to retain the WWE Intercontinental title:  Zeke won with the torture rack.

Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes: Ted said he tried. Cody handed him a paper bag for losers. Cody said on second thought he’ll give him one more chance but only one more. Cody grabbed some guy and put a paper bag on his head.

Cody Rhodes defeated Daniel Bryan: Daniel wound up crotched on the ropes and Cody hit him with the beautiful disaster kick for the 3.

Theodore Long & Referee + Kane: Teddy told the referee that if Mark and Big Show fight at all during their face off then their match is cancelled. Teddy was talking to someone on the phone about gambling when Kane stormed in. Kane thanked Teddy for honouring his request for a match against Randy Orton. Kane said something was wrong with him. Kane said monsters don’t lose to anybody. Kane said this isn’t about Mark, this is about him. Kane said he’s feeling less and less like a monster. Teddy said Kane was scaring him.

Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali: Jinder and Khali were getting a photo shoot done. Jinder realized the photographer was more interested in Khali and freaked out on him.

Christian was hanging around Randy’s luxury bus. Someone (Christian) spray painted graffiti on it about Christian winning the title and Randy sucking. Christian said he was going to figure out who did that.

Sin Cara defeated Sheamus: Sin reversed the crucifix bomb into a hurricarana for 3. After the match Wade Barrett (who was on commentary) hit the ring and attacked Sheamus.

Christian was looking through Randy’s wallet at the casino. Christian gambled away all of Randy’s money.

Theodore Long + Mark Henry & The Big Show: Teddy said this would be a forum where Mark and Show could voice their opinions before their match on Sunday. Mark said he wouldn’t go farther than the stage because they know what happens when he loses his temper. Big Show said him holding his temper is the only thing keeping Mark from getting chokeslammed to hell. Mark said this Sunday Show would be in his hell. Mark said everything was his fault and showed a video of Show beating him up last month. Show said after 13 years Henry finally has some potential. Show said he lit the fire and he can put it out. Mark said stronger is better, meaner is better, better is better, but bigger isn’t better. Mark said Show has no idea what he’s capable of. Show said if he wants to fight to bring his ass down there now. Teddy told them to hold on a minute. Teddy said he will fine them and cancel their match. Teddy said this Sunday they’ll let god sort it out.

WWE Diva’s champion Kelly Kelly defeated Rosa Mendes w/Alicia Fox: Kelly won with the K2.

Johnny Curtis said he’d be making his debut sooner than you think. Johnny said the cat was out of the bag. Johnny pulled an elephant out of a bag and got mad because the elephant in the room isn’t until next week.

Justin Gabriel defeated Heath Slater: Heath Slater said he and Justin were on top of the world in the tag team division but lately Justin has been dropping the ball and this Sunday will be his time to shine. Justin won with the 450.

Kane defeated World heavyweight champion Randy Orton by count out: Christian came down to the ring mid match and distracted Randy long enough to get him counted out. Christian led him into the ring to get double teamed, but Randy ended up hitting Kane with the RKO. Christian hit Randy with a spear and grabbed a chair, Randy got the chair away from him and used it to beat on Kane.