WWE SmackDown 07 22 2011


WWE SmackDown! – July 22nd 2011 – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Randy Orton + World Heavyweight champion Christian + Theodore Long: Randy was sitting on a chair. Randy said there’s a lot going on right now in the WWE. Randy said the show isn’t starting until he addresses some unfinished business with Christian. Christian came out. Randy said as long as Christian is breathing they still have business. Christian said it’s not very professional of him. Christian said Randy should take a long hard look at himself in the mirror. Christian said Randy’s inability to control his anger is why he is now the champion. Randy said Christian hid behind his lawyers like a coward. Christian said everybody knew the rules of the match and he still chose to break them. Randy said Christian spit in his face. Christian said it was an accident. Christian said he never should have lost to begin with so this is justice. Christian said he could throw himself a celebration but nothing’s changed over the last few months and he’s still not talking to those losers. Randy said he wants his rematch tonight. Christian said rematches don’t just grow on trees. Christian said nobody likes whiner so Randy can get in the back of the line like everyone else. Randy came running up the ramp but Theodore came out with some referees. Teddy said he’s not losing control of the show. Teddy said Randy is signed to compete against Kane tonight in a street fight. Teddy told Randy to be the bigger man and walk away. Randy charged Christian and beat him up a bit. Teddy told Christian to get down  to the ring because he has a match.

World Heavyweight champion Christian defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Ezekiel Jackson: Christian won with the killswitch.

Michael Cole & Daniel Bryan + Heath Slater: Michael said Daniel’s victory on Sunday was a fluke. Daniel said Michael has buried him since he stepped foot in the company and his opinion means absolutely nothing. Michael said Daniel pretends that he’s mr.goody two shoes but when push comes to shove and the champion is vulnerable Daniel is going to take the easy way out and cash in that contract. Michael said Daniel will never deserve to be champion. Daniel said Michael didn’t deserve to be one of the marquee matches at WrestleMania, the only thing he deserved that night was getting booed out of the building by 70,000 people. Daniel said around here nobody deserves anything, you have to earn it. Daniel said for the last 12 years he’s competed around the world trying to do just that. Daniel said he’s deaf in his left ear from kicks and his mom has begged him to quit wrestling but he’s dreamed of being there since he was a little boy. Daniel said he earned that briefcase. Daniel said if he’s going to be world champion he doesn’t want it to be a fluke. Daniel said he’s going to cash it in at the main event of Wrestle Mania 28. Heath Slater came out and said only Daniel would choose the grandest stage of them all to achieve his greatest failure. Heath said Daniel will lose because he’s a loser. Heath said Daniel was first one eliminated in NXT season 1 and was kicked out of Nexus and he’s going to lose tonight.

Daniel Bryan defeated Heath Slater: Daniel won with a guillotine.

Matt Striker & Mark Henry: Matt asked Mark when this destruction would end. Mark said it was never gonna end and he felt perverted pleasure when he hurt Big Show. Mark said he felt invincibility, power and strength.

Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett ended in a double count out: Sheamus and Wade both got counted out fighting on the outside. Sheamus was able to hit the brogue kick back inside the ring.

Kane said for 14 years he’s unleashed pain and suffering on the WWE universe and men who knew no fear trembled at the sound of his name. Kane said lately he’s the one who’s haunted, haunted by his own humanity. Kane said he feels less like a monster and more like a human. Kane said tonight he will exercise his humanity for forever. Kane said tonight Randy will be the vehicle for which he reawakens the monster within.

Randy Orton defeated Kane: Randy won with an RKO onto a steel chair. After the match Kane shook Randy’s hand and Mark Henry showed up. Mark put a chair around Kane’s leg and Vader bombed onto it.