WWE SmackDown 07 29 2011

WWE SmackDown! – July 29, 2011 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Triple H + World Heavyweight champion Christian + R-Truth: HHH said he’s had this gig for 10-11 days now and the one thing he figured out is that the more you try and fix things the more screwed up they get. HHH said it’s like dominoes but you start with the top and you work your way down. HHH said the most important things are the WWE and World championships. HHH said the WWE championship is more complex because they have two champions now, Punk and Cena. HHH said both of them have legit claims to their championship. Christian came out. Christian congratulated HHH on his new position. Christian said he’s excited that HHH is in charge now because of the turmoil he had to go through with Teddy Long the last few months. Christian said Teddy is ruining the show with this blatant sucking up to Orton and even worse than that his blatant sucking up to the ingrate fans. Christian said they turned their back on him and took Orton’s side which is the reason he had to seek legal counsel. Christian said he knew HHH was going to address the world championship situation and that’s cool, but they should have a close working relationship. HHH said they shouldn’t. HHH said Vince liked to foster an environment around here where people were encouraged to interrupt him. HHH said that worked for a while but Vince has the patience of a saint. HHH said he doesn’t. HHH said he’s going to take getting interrupted as a slap in the face, and if you slap him in the face he’s going to slap you back twice as hard. HHH said if there’s one thing he’s learned, it’s that he doesn’t like negotiations or meetings or lawyers. HHH said they don’t need to have a meeting, at SummerSlam Orton is getting his rematch for the championship, in a no holds barred match! R-Truth came out. Truth said surprise. Truth said everybody’s glad to see him back. Truth said they’re going to pick up where they left off. Truth said everyone’s talking about titles and there’s a conspiracy against him. Truth told the fans not to what him. Truth said he needed to ask a question. HHH told him to axe away. Truth said he’s not going to axe him nothing now, he’s telling him. Truth said this Monday those conspiracies better be straightened out because he’s a man of action. HHH said what. HHH said he was kidding and not to throw all his guys at him. HHH said he would be in action tonight on SmackDown when he goes one on one with Orton. Christian told Truth not to worry. HHH said he brought somebody over with him to take on Christian, John Morrison. HHH told him not to bother complaining because the match is next.

Theodore Long & Triple H + Zack Ryder: HHH was talking to Teddy when Zack came up to him with some ideas. HHH said he’s been coming to him with a million ideas for the last 10 days. HHH got a phone call he needed to take and said Zack Ryder could be the new assistant general manager.

World Heavyweight champion Christian defeated John Morrison: Christian won with the killswitch.

Wade Barrett + Daniel Bryan: Wade said he just wanted to come out and talk about why he decided to leave England to become a WWE superstar. Wade said he didn’t do it because he wanted to entertain people, he did it to make lots of money. Wade said he kind of lost track of that in the last 12 months until last week thanks to a man named Daniel Bryan, strutting around with what should be his briefcase. Wade said the paycheck that wrestling at WM brings should also be his. Wade said today they will see a return to basics because greed is terribly underrated. Daniel Bryan came out. Daniel said originality isn’t Wade’s strong suit. Daniel said Heath Slater said the same thing last week and then tapped out. Wade said he’s the man that took Heath Slater and Daniel under his wing and led them to revolutionizing RAW. Daniel said he came out of Nexus to make a statement and as soon as Wade sensed any type of threat he was gone. Daniel said all that is water under the bridge. Daniel said he won MITB and this year he will main event WM. Wade attacked Daniel but Daniel managed to lock in the LeBell lock and get him to tap. Daniel left.

Theodore Long & Zack Ryder + Mark Henry: Zack wouldn’t shut up and Teddy looked annoyed. Mark came in. Teddy said after what Mark did to Big Show and Kane and the pending lawsuit, people just don’t want to deal with him. Zack said he’d find Mark an opponent. Mark told Teddy to thank his assistant.

Alicia Fox & Tamina & Rosa Mendes defeated Natalya Neidhart & A.J. & Kaitlyn: Alicia won by hitting A.J. with a scissors kick.

Mark Henry defeated Bobby Howard: Mark’s opponent was some little guy called Bobby. Mark completely destroyed him. Mark got a chair after the match and closed it on Bobby’s leg. Theodore Long came out. Teddy said they went way back but he can’t let Mark compete anymore. Teddy said nobody wants to face him and this isn’t helping. Teddy said If he lets him do this things will only get worse. Sheamus came out. Sheamus said if Teddy’s looking for opponents for Mark he’ll fight him. Sheamus said he’s just big, and bigger isn’t better. Sheamus said this reminds him of a story about an illegitimate son who was tapped by a fairy and turned into a 450 pound bag of crap. Mark said Sheamus talks to much so Sheamus slapped him. Sheamus scared him off with a chair.

Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga defeated Jimmy & Jey Uso to retain the WWE Tag Team titles: Michael won with a swinging neckbreaker.

Theodore Long & Zack Ryder: Zack said Zeke should face Cody & Ted tonight in a handicap match. Teddy said he makes the matches around here. Zack said he talked to them and they were all cool with it.

Matt Striker & R-Truth: Matt asked R-Truth his thoughts on his match tonight. Truth said he feels good. Truth said he’s taking some of that bad and turning it good tonight. Truth said he’s going to be like a bunch of eagles eating a snake. Truth said the viper is gon get got.

Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Ezekiel Jackson: Cody won with the cross Rhodes.

Jinder Mahal started yelling at the fans from his sky box in a foreign language. Then Great Khali started screaming Jinder Mahal over and over.

R-Truth defeated Randy Orton by DQ: At one point Christian distracted the ref so Truth hit Orton with a water bottle. Orton started to lose his temper and hit Truth with a chair. After the match Randy RKO’d Truth on top of the announce table. Randy hit a second RKO.