WWE SmackDown 08 12 2011

WWE SmackDown – August 12, 2011 – Sacramento, California

Triple H + World Heavyweight champion Christian: HHH said just a month ago he was just hanging around. HHH said now a month later he is CEO of the company and a guest referee for the biggest match in the history of wrestling. HHH plugged the SummerSlam main event. HHH said his phone won’t stop ringing and there’s a line a mile long outside his office. HHH said he’s going to make sure Raw and SmackDown are exciting and unpredictable because he loves his job. HHH said there’d be an IC title match tonight and MITB winner vs MITB winner. Christian came out. Christian said he was going to make a major announcement tonight. HHH said he didn’t give a crap. Christian said he’s going to sue the WWE because he has medical documents stating Randy Orton is mentally unstable. Christian said if he forces him to compete at SummerSlam he’s putting the champion in an unsafe work environment. Christian said he was filing a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Christian said he’s going to sue everyone who earns a paycheck and every fan who watches SummerSlam. HHH said he has no choice now but to announce that the match is still on. Christian said HHH doesn’t get it. HHH said Christian has a contract with him. HHH said he makes the matches he wants to make and if Christian refuses to do them he’s in breach of contract. HHH said he would just fire him for that. HHH said he can fire him and take the belt right now or he can have the match on Sunday. Christian asked why he was doing this to him. Christian said HHH knows how good he is and Randy Orton attacked his family once so he doesn’t understand why he’s doing this for him. HHH said he doesn’t like Randy Orton but he respects him and so do the fans. HHH said the fans like Randy Orton but don’t like him because they don’t respect him. HHH said he used to respect him but the way he won the title and the way he’s been acting ruined that. HHH said if he wants that respect back he should stop whining and crying like a little girl and compete this Sunday in the no holds barred match and earn the respect. HHH tried to leave but Christian said he gets the last say. Christian said he’s going to beat Orton this Sunday but before he does that he’s going to beat his opponent tonight. HHH said he’s glad Christian has no problem facing Sheamus.

Sheamus defeated World Heavyweight champion Christian: Christian left after a while, giving the victory to Sheamus.

Natalya Neidhart & Beth Phoenix defeated A.J. & Kaitlyn: Natayla tapped Kaitlyn with the sharpshooter.

Theodore Long & Zack Ryder + Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase + Aksana: Teddy and Zack were talking when Cody came in and said he needed him to sanction his match with Ezekiel or something. They all walked away and Aksana came in and flirted with Teddy wanting to do business with him. Teddy said he needed to check his car. Aksana said she could ride stickshift.

Johnny Curtis & Mark Henry: Mark said it’s a shame Johnny’ career will start and end on the same night, against him. Mark said his vignettes were real colorful. Mark said he wants him to go out there and break a leg.

Sin Cara (played by Hunico) defeated Tyson Kidd: New Sin Cara won with a lionsault.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Daniel Bryan: Alberto tapped Daniel with the cross arm breaker. After the match Wade Barrett attacked Daniel and hit waste land.

Cody Rhodes w/Ted DiBiase defeated Ezekiel Jackson to win the WWE Intercontinental title: Cody won with the cross Rhodes after using his mask and a kick to weaken Ezekiel. After the match they put a bag on Zeke’s head. Zeke got up and beat up Ted while Cody watched.

Matt Striker & Randy Orton: Matt asked Randy if he was concerned that Christian might have tricks up his sleeve. Randy said Christian’s been looking for every way possible to get him to slip up. Randy said the only thing that’s worked so far is getting the rules changed but this Sunday there are no rules. Randy said you should never keep your anger buried deep inside. Randy said he can’t think of a better way to unleash his anger than on Christian this Sunday. Randy said The Great Khali will not need Jinder Mahal to translate what RKO stands for, he’ll tell him himself.

Mark Henry defeated Johnny Curtis: Mark won with the WSS. After the match, Sheamus hit the ring and stopped Mark from breaking Johnny’s leg. Sheamus asked Mark where he was going. Sheamus said Mark thinks he’s so tough but he always runs away. Sheamus said they didn’t have to wait till SummerSlam. Mark teased getting in the ring but instead gave Johnny a WSS on the floor.

Randy Orton defeated The Great Khali w/Jinder Mahal: Randy won with the RKO. After the match Christian came on stage. Christian said something at SummerSlam is going to change everything. Christian said he cannot wait for their match because anything goes and he has the best thing going.