WWE SmackDown 10 14 2011

WWE Smackdown! – October 14th, 2011 from Dallas, TX
[Reviewed by: Sean Sweeny]

The show started off with the crowd being welcomed and then introduced to Smackdown GM, Teddy Long, and Executive Vice President, John Laurinaitis. Long said that tonight’s episode is historic because tonight makes Smackdown the second longest running series. Laurinaitis said that is correct only being behind RAW. Teddy Long then said that there will be the largest battle royal in the history of Smackdown history of 41 competitors. Laurinaitis then added that the winner would then receive a shot at whatever championship they would like later in the evening.

Randy Orton wins eliminating The Miz last: Orton announced he would challenge Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Alberto Del Rio was walking down the hall with Roberto Rodriguez towards the exit when Teddy Long stopped them asking where he thought he was going. Del Rio said that Orton chose to face Mark Henry so he was leaving since he had a party to get to. Long said that maybe true that Orton chose Henry but tonight Del Rio will go one on one with Sheamus and then walked off leaving an irate Alberto Del Rio.

Beth Phoenix defeated Kelly Kelly: Phoenix won with the Glam Slam.

Sin Cara (blue) was getting ready to go out for a match but was assaulted by Sin Cara (black). During the brawl Sin Cara (black) took off the other Sin Cara’s mask and walked away. He stopped a few feet away and took off his own mask before putting on Sin Cara’s (blue) mask, and then walked towards the entrance ramp.

Sin Cara (black) defeated Justin Gabriel: Sin Cara won with the Swanton Bomb.

Teddy was with Air Boom (Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne). Teddy said that after seeing what happened to Bourne on Monday he is giving Bourne the night off. Vickie Guerrero then came in and said that she demanded that Air Boom should defend the tag titles against Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger tonight. Teddy said that wasn’t going to happen, and then Zack Ryder came into the room and said that Ziggler and Swagger should face himself and Kofi, which Teddy Long liked and made it official for later on, which led to Vickie storming out of the room.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Sheamus: Christian distracted Sheamus to allow Del Rio to pick up the win.

Kofi Kingston & Zack Ryder defeated Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger: Ryder won after Kofi hit Ziggler with Trouble in Paradise.

Matt Striker was standing with Sheamus and asked about how he felt about Christian costing him not only the battle royal and then later on cost him his singles match with Del Rio. Sheamus stopped Striker and said that Christian is a pain in the ass that he cannot get rid of, he then went on to tell an Irish folk story and then said the point of that story is that the next time he sees Christian he is going to take his head off.

Randy Orton won by DQ: Mark Henry retains the Championship when Cody Rhodes came out and assaulted Randy Orton. Big Show then came out cleaned house with Randy Orton taking out both Henry and Rhodes.