WWE SmackDown 10 21 2011


WWE Smackdown! – October 21st, 2011 from Mexico City, Mexico

[Reviewed by: Sean Sweeny]


The show started off with WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio making his way to the ring to the cheers of the hometown crowd.  Del Rio got into the ring and said that this Sunday he will be squaring off with John Cena with his WWE Championship on the line, and tonight he was supposed to face the Big Show but that isn’t happening because of last Monday night and showed the crowd the video of Cena attacking him.  He then went on saying he wanted to wrestle in front of his hometown crowd, but Cena robbed him of it but it is okay because he is going to make him pay on Sunday.  As Del Rio tried to leave Teddy Long’s music hit and out he came saying that WWE medical staff cleared him to compete earlier today and that Del Rio is probably just trying to weasel his way out of the match, or that he is just too afraid to face the Big Show.  Del Rio said that he would put Big Show in the arm breaker and make him tap.  Teddy Long said that is good because that match will happen tonight.


Mark Henry defeated John Morrison: Henry won with the World’s Strongest Slam.


Christian was backstage with Vicki asking her what was Spanish for “One More Match”.  She began to tell him and then cut her off about how that is what the fans should be cheering.  Vicki then said that she and Christian should talk about a business relationship and then share stories about Edge.  At that moment Teddy Long came in and said that he was going to give Christian what he wanted one more match… against Sheamus on Sunday.  Christian stormed out and then Teddy turned his attention to Vicki saying that it looked like she got what she wanted with Dolph and Jack challenging for the tag team championship on Sunday but now he was going to get what he wanted, and that is after the tag title match Dolph Ziggler will have to put the US title on the line against Zack Ryder.  Teddy left to Vicki screaming in anger to have Ryder walk in and go Woo Woo Woo You Know It!


Wade Barrett defeated Daniel Bryan: Barrett won with the Wasteland.


Sheamus & Zack Ryder defeated Christian & Dolph Ziggler:  Sheamus won with the Brogue Kick on Ziggler.


Cody Rhodes was in the center of the ring and said that two weeks ago he didn’t humiliate Randy Orton he exercised a demon.  It then showed what happened two weeks ago with Cody bagging Orton.  Rhodes then continued saying that the demon wasn’t caused by a RKO or by leaving a scar on the side of his head.  Rhodes said that Orton contaminated him way back in their days together in Legacy.  Rhodes then said that he is father always said man is naturally good, however Cody feels they are naturally evil, as Orton used, and abused him for years and then just threw him aside when he was all used up, and how he was able to laugh as it was Orton that was humiliated this time.  Rhodes then went on to say that things have changed between them because now Cody is the one that is a champion, and that he is the one smiling and laughing.  Now though Cody said they might be facing one another on Sunday but he wants him to come out to the ring and admit he got what he deserved.  Orton’s music hit, and out came Orton down the ramp with a microphone in hand.  Orton said his only mistake he has made was letting Cody to continue to breath after costing him the World Heavyweight Championship not once but twice.  Orton continued on that he was not humiliated two weeks ago and the only thing that has changed is the amount of torture his puts Rhodes through Sunday night.  Orton then said why not a preview then, and he then proceeded to take out Cody’s bag me, before the two go at it exchanging blows.  With help of the bag men causing a long enough distraction Cody hightails it out of the ring area with his title as he watched Randy hit the RKO on one of the bagmen.


Sin Cara (blue) defeated Sin Cara (black): Sin Cara (blue) won with an arm bar submission.


Sin Cara went to take off his mask and then refuses to do so and tries to leave the ring.  The ref stopped him and he then turned around and exchanged blows with Sin Cara (blue).  Sin Cara (blue) got the upper hand and then unmasked Sin Cara (black) and then knocked him out of the ring.



Beth Phoenix and Natalya are in the ring.  They were out to say that people think that they are mad at the so-called Barbie doll divas, and how they are in magazines and on the red carpets.  That isn’t the case though, they are mad at the fans for wanting those sorts of divas.  They then cut to videos of the two of them dominating the Barbie doll divas.  Natalya said that she loved making them cry, and Phoenix said that come Sunday it will be Eve’s turn to cry and she better get ready, which led to Eve coming down to the ring.  Eve said that everyone knows what this really is about.  Eve said that she thought the two of them were beautiful until the two of them showed her how ugly they really are.  Eve said that she is not a Barbie doll and there is nothing the two of them can do to make her cry.  Natalya and Phoenix started taunting her, which led to her pushing Phoenix down and leaves the ring leaving Natalya and Phoenix flustered in the ring.


Big Show defeated Alberto Del Rio:  Big Show won by Disqualification as Roberto Rodriguez jumped on his back.