WWE SmackDown 11 29 2011


WWE Smackdown! – November 29th, 2011 from Charlotte, NC
[Reviewed by: Sean Sweeny]

The show started off with Jolly Old Saint Mick who made his way down to the ring dressed as Santa Claus. Mick took a microphone and wished the crowd a merry Christmas and a happy holiday. He understands that it is still technically November but he loves Christmas, and what better way to celebrate the holiday than with a live holiday Smackdown, right here in Charlotte, North Carolina! Mick then said lets see what good old Saint Mick has in his bag, how about a World Heavyweight Championship match between Mark Henry and Daniel Bryan inside a steel cage. Mick then added that there would be a Miracle on 34th street brawl, and an All I want for Christmas over the top rope battle royal. Mick then went on to say that he may have hinted that Michael Cole would not be on Smackdown tonight but he has a very good legal team and he is required to be here by contract. However Mick continued that it did not state how he had to be dressed as so Mick introduced Michael Cole who came out dressed as Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Mick then brought out Booker T who was dressed as Santa Claus as well. Booker T got into the ring with Mick and Mick said that he knows Booker isn’t into the spirit of the thing yet but he was hoping that to help support the other religions he was hoping that Booker could spin around like a dreidel and give the crowd a spin-a-rooni. Booker T complied and gave the fans what they wanted. Booker said that the holiday spirit was here and that he could dig that sucka! That is when Cody Rhodes’s music hit and out he came to entrance ramp and said that in the past he would have stayed in the back but not anymore as he now has no mask covering his face so he can see clearly now, and he sees a pathetic commentator trying to take the spotlight from someone who deserves it. Booker T stopped him there and said that he doesn’t know what Cody has against him but he has no problem with him, and while he doesn’t want to throw down but if he has to he will. Cody then interrupts Booker and said that Booker does have a beef with him as he will never be a champion again and he can never hold a championship over his head again. Mick then got involved and said that Cody is talking down to a Legend and Booker T is Five-Time WCW Champion and that now Cody is taking away from Mick’s holiday fun and so now there is a real problem and he then makes it official that tonight Cody Rhodes with square off with Booker T. Mick then said that he has a party to get back to but now it is time for a special Diva’s match.

Brie Bella won, and now can kiss any Superstar of her choice between now and Christmas.

Justin Gabriel defeated Jinder Mahal: Gabriel won with 450 splash.

The Uso’s were teaching Mick their dance and then Mick walked past Rowdy Roddy Piper and then he asked Maxine if she was good. Mick then walked over to Hornswoggle who tried to give eggnog to her. Dusty Rhodes then walked up to Hornswoggle and tried to understand him and finally gave up saying that this place was full weird people and turned around to face Goldust who stared at him and then bit the air making Dusty jump and then walk away. The camera then panned to Piper who was talking to Derrick Bateman telling him to put eye drops into a guy’s coffee and make him sick for days he promised. Then David Otunga entered saying he shouldn’t do that as it is against the WWE rules. Otunga then said that he was here under orders of John Laurinaitis because they can only play WWE approved holiday music but to be safe they should just shut down the whole party. Mick then came up to him and said that they weren’t going to do that and since David is here tonight that makes him a member of the SmackDown roster tonight and he will be in the Miracle on 34th street fight. Otunga then said that is okay but who was his opponent, and that is when Foley told him he would be facing Randy Orton, and then Piper and Mick laughed and walked away.

Matt Striker was with Booker T and asked him if he knew why Cody Rhodes had such a problem with him. Booker said he didn’t know why Cody did but after tonight everything… That is when Cody blindsided him from behind and then hit Booker T multiple times with the Intercontinental Championship. Cody then walked away leaving Booker T in pain as medical personnel rushed to Booker T.

Kofi Kingston defeated Tyson Kidd: Kingston won with Crossbody from top rope.
During the match Cole announced that Cody Rhodes vs. Booker T would not take place tonight.

Hornswoggle was trying to put a Christmas decoration on the tree and couldn’t reach. Kaitlyn came up and said that maybe he should ask Santa to be a little bit taller. The camera then panned to Sheamus who was with Teddy Long, and he was asking what exactly the winner would get in the All I Want For Christmas battle royal. Teddy said he didn’t know and then Aksana came in and Teddy asked Sheamus to go, and he said he understood. Aksana apologized to Teddy for not winning earlier and he said that is was okay. She has some mistletoe and asked what it was for. Teddy said well since they were standing under it she should do what is natural and so she then proceeded to eat a piece of it and she said that it tickled her tonsils. Teddy then suggested that they leave and she agreed and they walked out of the room.

Randy Orton defeated David Otunga: Orton won with the RKO.

Mark Henry was in his locker room getting his ankle taped. Teddy Long walked into the room and asked why Henry wasn’t showing any Christmas spirit. Henry said that he isn’t because he has to put his title on the line tonight and if it weren’t for the Big Show he wouldn’t be limping around, but he will teach Big Show a lesson at TLC. Henry paused for a moment before saying that he is in the Christmas spirit and he is going to give Daniel Bryan the biggest ass kicking of his life tonight inside the steel cage.

Hornswoggle won eliminating Sheamus last. Hornswoggle

The Bella Twins were talking with Ricardo Rodriguez. Then moved over to Dusty Rhodes and Roddy Piper who were talking about John Cena when Santa then walked into the room. Santa walked into the room and came up to Hornswoggle and asked him what he wanted. After a few failed attempts at trying to tell Santa, Sheamus walked up and said that Hornswoggle wanted the ability to talk. Santa then gave Hornswoggle a hug which then gave him the ability to talk and then began talking to everyone at the party including getting into an “excuse me” fight with Vicki Guerrero.

Daniel Bryan was warming up for his main event match when AJ Lee came up to him and said that she wanted to wish him luck and gave him a kiss. Matt Striker then came up to him and asked him his thoughts on tonight. Bryan said that he cant wait because last week he lived the dream by becoming the champion and while that didn’t last, he gets his second chance tonight inside the steel cage tonight because everyone eventually taps.

Mark Henry retained the World Heavyweight Championship over Daniel Bryan: Henry won by pin fall with a World’s Strongest Slam off the top rope.