WWE SmackDown 06 10 2011

WWE SmackDown
Location: Roanoke, VA
Date: June 10, 2011
Commentators: Josh Matthews and JBL

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…” The WWE video leads us into the show.

A video recaps the events of last week’s Smackdown. Randy Orton retained the World Heavyweight Championship against Sheamus with Christian as the referee. After the match as Orton was celebrating, Christian clocked him with the World Heavyweight Championship, screaming he knows he can beat Orton.

Christian’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring smiling to a mixed reaction. I definitely still hear some cheers in that crowd. Josh Mathews, Booker T, and Michael Cole welcome us to the show. They announce that Randy Orton is not in the building tonight. Christian gets in the ring and grabs a microphone. The boos are starting to come through now.

Christian says he was curious to see what type of reaction he’d get coming out tonight. That gets a mixed reaction. If the people cheered for him then that means they got it. That means they understood that he was screwed out of the World Heavyweight Championship just five days after winning it. Those people also understood that he was screwed out of the number one contender’s spot just two weeks. They really understood that he was justified for doing what he did to Randy Orton in the ring last week. Christian says as he looks around the audience tonight, hears them and sees their faces, most of them, maybe all of them, don’t quite get it. That’s why he’s through with all the people. He’s through with his so-called “peeps”.

Christian says he doesn’t want to talk to the people ever again. The crowd is really getting hot now and he just smiles. There is one person that he will talk to tonight and that person is at the announcer’s table. Christian asks Michael Cole to come into the ring and he happily obliges. Christian tells Cole that he just wants one more match for the World Heavyweight Championship and he feels he’s earned it. Christian feels like he deserves one more match for the title. Christian says he doesn’t understand the same people who have cheered and supported him all these years are the same people who are so angry that he smashed Randy Orton in the face last week on Smackdown.

Christian tells Cole that he doesn’t understand what type of show Teddy Long is trying to run by polling the audience. That’s like “Bob from accounting” asking his boss for a raise and his boss goes to the streets to ask the people what he should do. That’s basically what Teddy Long is doing. The way he sees it, these people had no right to try and control his life. These people had no right ruining something that he worked so hard on for seventeen years.

It’s disrespectful and he’s never felt so disrespected in all his life, especially by one person: Randy Orton. Cole nods his head in approval. If Randy Orton was a man then he’d have never accepted a title match knowing that he’d just competed in a grueling ladder match just five days prior. Christian says he needs Cole to do him a favor. Since he’s not talking to them, he needs Cole to ask them a question. He needs Cole to ask them if Christian deserves to be the World Heavyweight Champion. The crowd is already booing loudly as Cole asks for the crowd’s attention. Cole asks the crowd Christian’s question and they boo.

Christian says that’s exactly what he expected – the people are completely and utterly clueless. Christian says he’ll be the World Heavyweight Champion again. When he does become champion he’s going to do it for himself because he won’t share it with anyone else. Christian tells Cole it was a good talk and he walks off.

The Corre is walking backstage. They’ll be in action next.

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They remind us that Wade Barrett walked off on Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, as they got beat down by Ezekiel Jackson.

The Corre vs. Ezekiel Jackson & The Usos

Ezekiel Jackson starts out against Heath Slater. Slater goes for a kick but Jackson blocks it and pushes him back. Jackson takes him down with a shoulder block and sends him to the corner for a clothesline. Jackson clubs him down and tosses him to his corner. Jackson punches and knees him in the face before tagging in Jimmy Uso. Jimmy covers Slater for a one count. Jimmy applies a side headlock but Slater whips him off. Jimmy quickly comes back with a diving shoulder block and a forearm to the face. Slater backs away to the corner as Jimmy smiles at him. Justin Gabriel tags in and he runs into an arm drag. Jimmy applies an arm bar and Gabriel backs him to the corner. Jimmy ducks an attack and backs up. Jimmy dances, ducks a clothesline, and kicks him in the midsection. Jimmy sends him to the ropes for a jumping leg kick for a one count.

Jey Uso is tagged in and they hit a double-team back elbow and drop combo. Jey puts him in the corner and stomps him. Jey goes for a running butt bump but Gabriel moves. Gabriel takes him down and applies a side headlock. Gabriel backs him to his corner and Jey fights off The Corre. Slater pulls the ropes down and Jey falls out of the ring. Jey quickly gets back on the apron and Gabriel dropkicks him off. Slater drops Jey into the announcer’s table as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Barrett punching away at Jey. Barrett kicks him in the head a few times and punches him down. Barrett sends him to the ropes for a Boss Man Slam and a near fall. Barrett talks a little trash to Jackson as he continues to assault Jey. Slater is tagged in and he stomps away at Jey for a near fall. Slater applies a chin lock but Jey quickly fights up and backs him to the corner. Slater quickly punches Jey and hits a neckbreaker for another near fall. Slater is frustrated and tags in Gabriel. Slater body slams him and Gabriel hits a springboard stomp to the midsection. Barrett is tagged in and he punches Jey down. Barrett sends him to the ropes but lowers his head and eats a kick.

Jey quickly tags in Jackson and Barrett just as quickly tags in Gabriel. Barrett then walks off on the team as Gabriel gets shoulder blocked down. Jackson body slams Gabriel as Slater cuts Barrett off, asking what he’s doing. Barrett just turns his back and leaves. Slater gets in the ring and gets body slammed by Jackson. The Usos hit a double superkick on Slater, taking him out of the ring. Jackson hits a pair of body slams on Gabriel and applies the Torture Rack for the win.

Winners by Submission: Ezekiel Jackson & The Usos
Match Rating: **

Teddy Long is in his office talking on his phone placing a bet on something. Sheamus walks in and Long pretended he was talking to his wife. Sheamus says he wants a match with Christian tonight. Long says that’s not going to happen. Sheamus says this is all Long’s fault. Long was the one who made him the guest referee last week. Sheamus had the match won when Christian pretended his arm was hurt. Christian cost him the World Heavyweight Championship. Sheamus isn’t asking Long – he’s telling him. Sheamus wants a match against Christian tonight. Long says he’s going to put Sheamus in a match against Randy Orton in a no disqualification match. Sheamus smiles and walks off.

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Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel are yelling at Wade Barrett for walking off on them. Barrett says they don’t have to face Jackson with the Intercontinental Title on the line. Barrett says that helps them. Gabriel says that just helps Barrett. Slater says The Corre are supposed to be equals. Barrett says they’d be nothing without him. Gabriel says he’ll find out because The Corre is over. They walk off as Barrett looks surprised.

JOBBER ALERT: Trent Barreta is in the ring with no TV entrance.

Trent Barreta vs. Jinder Mahal w/ The Great Khali

Charles Robinson, my favorite referee in the world, is the official of this match. Barreta pushes Mahal into the corner. They lock up and Mahal quickly pounds him down. Mahal punches him around the ring before sending him to the ropes for a big back body drop. Mahal taunts the crowd as he stomps Barreta. Barreta counters a back suplex and hits an enzuigiri. Mahal staggers back to his feet and Barreta hits a back elbow. Barreta goes to the top rope and Khali climbs the steps to get in his face. Mahal pulls Barreta off the top rope and hits a Full Nelson Slam for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Jinder Mahal
Match Rating: N/A

The Great Khali gets in the ring and raises Mahal’s arm. Mahal then points at Barreta and shouts some instructions. Khali applies a Khali Vice Grip to Barreta and throws him to the side. Khali raises Mahal’s arm one more time.

Jack Korpela is backstage with Smackdown’s newest diva AJ. Korpela asks her how it feels to be in WWE but Rosa Mendes and Tamina interrupts. They give her a box and it has a thing of cheese inside. AJ asks what that’s for and Mendes says it’s for a little mousy loser like her. AJ says Lay-Cool wants their gimmick back. Tamina says that’s big words coming from a little girl who will be all alone in the ring. Natalya walks up and puts her arm around AJ. Tamina and Mendes pretend someone cut the cheese and laugh as they leave.

-Commercial Break-

Tamina is in the ring without a TV entrance but I don’t think this will qualify as a “jobber alert”.

Tamina w/ Rosa Mendes vs. AJ w/ Natalya

AJ gets a waist lock but Tamina quickly back elbows her down. AJ goes for a wheelbarrow bulldog but Tamina gets her on her feet. AJ dropkicks her to the corner but Tamina quickly comes back with a kick. Tamina head-butts her down and hits a body slam. Tamina applies an arm bar but AJ fights up. Tamina quickly takes her back down and goes for a big splash but AJ moves. AJ ducks a clothesline and dropkicks her in the knee. AJ goes into the ropes and hits a running knee to the face for a two count. AJ punches Tamina back to the corner. Tamina quickly comes back and puts her in the corner but Tamina runs into a back elbow. AJ goes for a springboard cross-body block but Tamina catches her. Tamina goes for a Samoan Drop but spends too much time jawing with Natalya so AJ rolls her up for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: AJ
Match Rating: 1/4 *

Randy Orton is seen walking backstage. He’ll be coming out to the ring next.

-Commercial Break-

The video that led off the show is shown again to lead off hour-two of the broadcast.

Randy Orton’s music hits and the World Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring to a massive pop. Orton says he heard Christian was out here running his mouth earlier tonight before he arrived. Orton tells Christian to come to the ring and say what he has to say to his face.

Christian appears on the video screen and tells Orton to ask the crowd what they want him to do. Better yet, do what Teddy Long does. Christian does a pretty good Teddy Long impression. Christian says he knows Orton wants to do more than talk so he’s not going to do that. Orton tells him he wants him to be a man and deal with this face-to-face. Beating the hell out of Christian will only be an added bonus.

Christian says he wants one more match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Christian continues to chant “one more match” but Orton says he doesn’t care what Christian wants. Christian says he should care. Before he smashed him in the face with the title he was the special guest referee. Christian could have counted Orton’s shoulders on the mat but he didn’t want to beat Sheamus for the title. He wants to beat Orton for the title. Christian says he knows he can beat him. Christian says Orton should be thanking him.

Orton says five days after Christian became champion he beat him. Orton beat him again three weeks later and now he’s ready to beat him again. Christian pretends he’s going to come in but he laughs. Christian says he’s tired of doing things on Orton’s terms, Long’s terms, and the peep’s terms. Now we’ll do things on Christian’s terms: Christian versus Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship at Capitol Punishment. Orton agrees to the match but the result will be the same. Orton will beat him like he always does and he’ll remain World Heavyweight Champion. Christian smiles and gets in his car. Orton raises his championship above his head.

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are backstage. Rhodes asks if it’s ok if he calls the shots considering the way things are going. DiBiase says they were on the same page not long ago as members of Legacy. Rhodes says over the past year, while money and women distracted DiBiase, he kept his focus. DiBiase says more like he got his face busted and turned a mental complex into a life strategy. DiBiase says he’s nuts. Rhodes calls a “bagger” over and tells him to put a paper bag over his head and leave. The bagger does that and leaves. Rhodes takes his hood off and says he’s hideous. Rhodes calls it “premature enlightenment”. Only after Rhodes lost everything did he feel free to do anything. Rhodes says he may be nuts but he may be a genius too.

-Commercial Break-

Sin Cara vs. Ted DiBiase w/ Cody Rhodes

Rhodes’s baggers hand out bags to the people at ringside. They circle the ring and lock up. DiBiase gets a side headlock applied and wrenches the arm. Cara elbows out and hits a big snapmare. Cara ducks a clothesline and hits a big springboard cross-body for a near fall. Cara kicks away at DiBiase and hits a springboard corkscrew arm drag. Cara kicks away at him and goes for a handspring back elbow but DiBiase moves. Cara ducks a clothesline and hits a head-scissor takeover.

DiBiase gets up in the corner and hits Cara with a boot to the face. DiBiase goes for Dream Street but Cara flips through it. Cara dropkicks him to the corner. DiBiase lifts him to the apron but Cara quickly comes back with a kick to the skull. Cara goes for a springboard move but Rhodes pulls him off the apron for a disqualification.

Winner by Disqualification: Sin Cara
Match Rating: *

Rhodes quickly throws Sin Cara back into the ring and they double-team him. Daniel Bryan then runs down and evens the odds, taking DiBiase and Rhodes out of the ring. Teddy Long’s music hits and he comes out to the stage. Long says this isn’t how things are done on Smackdown. If they want to mix it up then they’ll do it right. Long makes it a tag team match. HOLLA!

-Commercial Break-

Sin Cara & Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase

We join the match in progress as Bryan hits DiBiase with an arm drag. Bryan applies an arm bar but DiBiase fights up. DiBiase quickly wiggles out and tags in Rhodes. Rhodes slowly gets into the ring and goes for a kick but Bryan blocks it. Bryan hits some big kicks and an uppercut. Bryan has a whip reversed but he slingshots over Rhodes. Sin Cara blind tagged in during that. Rhodes didn’t realize and he turns into a springboard dropkick. Cara kicks and goes for a wheelbarrow bulldog but Rhodes counters and sends him shoulder first into the ring post.

DiBiase is tagged in and he kicks away at Cara in the corner. DiBiase works on the arm and Rhodes gets a cheap shot in. DiBiase takes him down and kicks him in the arm for a one count. DiBiase goes for a body slam but Cara counters into an arm bar attempt. DiBiase gets out of it and kicks him down. Rhodes is tagged in and they hit a double gut punch. Rhodes kicks him in the head and wrenches the arm. Rhodes applies an arm bar and works at it. Rhodes continues to wrench the arm so Cara kicks away. Rhodes quickly takes him down with an arm breaker for a two count. Rhodes tags DiBiase into the ring and he kicks Cara. DiBiase continues to work on the arm and he drops an elbow. Rhodes is tagged back in and he hits the arm. Rhodes knocks Bryan off the apron. Bryan argues and that distracts the referee so DiBiase and Rhodes can assault Sin Cara.

Rhodes continues to work at the arm and take him down. Rhodes applies a key lock and grinds his knee into the face. Cara gets out with some kicks to the face. Rhodes sends him to the ropes but lowers his head and eats a kick. Rhodes tries to prevent the tag to Bryan but eats an enzuigiri.

Bryan and DiBiase are tagged in. Bryan takes DiBiase down with a forearm shiver and a belly-to-belly suplex. Bryan hits a big dropkick in the corner for a near fall. Bryan goes to the top rope and kicks Rhodes off the apron. Sin Cara takes Rhodes out with a suicide dive and DiBiase cuts Bryan off on the top. Bryan punches him off and leaps but DiBiase catches him. Bryan all of a sudden counters into a LeBell Lock for the win!

Winners by Submission: Sin Cara & Daniel Bryan
Match Rating: **

Later on tonight we’ll see Randy Orton take on Sheamus in a non-title, no disqualification match.

-Commercial Break-

Johnny Curtis introduces himself as the Season Four winner of NXT. Despite winning over three months ago we’ve only seen him twice. He’s not bitter but he does have one of these: Curtis shows he has a potato “chip on his shoulder”. Curtis takes the chip and eats it.

They put over the winner of Tough Enough Big Andy.

They then show the President Obama/R-Truth Capitol Punishment press conference. That one was actually pretty funny.

Randy Orton is backstage with Matt Striker. Striker asks Orton if he can concentrate on Sheamus considering his current state of mind. Orton says he had anger management issues a few years ago so this match will be like therapy.

Sheamus makes his way to the ring for his non-title, no disqualification match against Randy Orton. That match will happen next.

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No Disqualification Match
Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

They lock up and Sheamus powers Orton to the corner. Sheamus punches away at Orton and stomps him down. Sheamus chokes him in the corner and elbows him in the back of the head. Sheamus continues to punch away at Orton and clubs his chest. Orton reverses a whip. Sheamus ducks a clothesline but Orton catches him with a Lou Thesz Press. Orton has a whip to the corner reversed but he quickly explodes out with a clothesline. Orton gets the crowd into it as he kicks Sheamus in the chest. Sheamus gets out of the ring to regroup. Orton follows and punches him at ringside. Orton sends him into the barricade a few times and clotheslines him down.

Orton puts him back in the ring, blocks a kick, takes him down, and stomps him. Sheamus avoids a knee drop and Orton grabs his knee in pain. Sheamus stretches him on the ropes and clubs the chest a few times. Sheamus gets on the apron and knees him in the face. The crowd is booing Sheamus and he soaks it in. Sheamus goes for a slingshot shoulder block but Orton counters with a dropkick that sends Sheamus to the floor. Orton bounces him off the apron and sends him into the barricade. Orton punches him around ringside and smashes him into the steel steps. Orton sets him up and goes for a stomp but Sheamus counters but bouncing Orton off the steps. Sheamus clotheslines him down at ringside as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Orton trapped in a chin lock. Orton fights up but Sheamus works him back down to a knee. Sheamus grounds him and clubs away at his chest. Sheamus goes back to the chin lock but Orton again fights up. Orton punches and head-butts out. Orton goes into the ropes and eats a back elbow for a two count. Sheamus applies another chin lock but Orton quickly fights up and head-butts out. Sheamus quickly knees him and clubs him down. Sheamus goes to the apron and hits a slingshot shoulder block for a near fall. Sheamus argues with the referee over the count. Sheamus puts his fingers in Orton’s nostrils and rips away. Sheamus and Orton begin to trade punches but Sheamus comes out on top with a hammer blow to the face for a near fall.

Sheamus goes back to the chin lock and is looking for the submission. Orton fights up once again so Sheamus turns it to a side headlock. Orton counters that with a big back suplex and now both men are down. Orton all of a sudden begins to slither and he starts punching away at Sheamus. Sheamus quickly comes back with punches but Orton comes back. They trade blows and Sheamus staggers him against the ropes. Orton regroups and kicks Sheamus in the face. Orton hits a pain of clotheslines, ducks Sheamus’s clothesline, and hits a powerslam. Orton catches Sheamus on the ropes and goes for a draping DDT but Sheamus counters by tossing him over the top rope.

Orton kicks Sheamus at ringside and sends him into the barricade. Sheamus counters a whip into the steps and Orton hits hard. Orton grabs his shoulder and is really hurting. Sheamus grabs the top half of the steel steps and smashes it off Orton’s back! Sheamus lifts Orton and throws him back into the ring. Sheamus takes the bottom half of the steel steps and slides them into the ring.

Sheamus charges into Orton’s patented backbreaker for a near fall. Orton sees the steps in the ring and drags them to the center of the ring. Orton has a wicked look on his face. Orton approaches Sheamus but he gets pulled face first into the turnbuckle. Sheamus stomps Orton in the corner. Sheamus goes for a powerslam on the steps but Orton slides off and hits a NASTY powerslam onto the steel steps! Wow! Orton covers for a near fall! A replay shows that half of Sheamus’s back hit the actual steps. That looked similar to the type of impact that ended Rick Rude’s career.

Orton goes to bounce Sheamus’s face off the steps but he counters. Sheamus gets Orton with an Irish Curse Backbreaker for a near fall. Sheamus leaves the ring and grabs a kendo stick from underneath. Sheamus hits him in the gut and smacks it across the back. Sheamus continues to crack it over his back but he won’t go down! Sheamus smashes it on his head and he goes down for a near fall! There are definite welts on Orton’s back. Sheamus throws the kendo stick out of the ring and backs up. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but Orton ducks, hanging Sheamus up on the top rope. Sheamus goes to fall out of the ring but his foot gets caught in a twist in the ropes. Sheamus is hung upside down as Orton smiles and grabs the kendo stick! Orton goes nuts and smashes him at least twenty times with the kendo stick all over his body!

Orton grabs Sheamus and hits his draping DDT. Orton falls down and stalks his prey. All of a sudden Christian runs in and goes for a Kill Switch! Orton goes for an RKO but Christian pushes him off. Sheamus hits an Irish Hammer on Orton for a near fall! The welts all over Sheamus’s back are sick. Sheamus goes for the Pale Justice Powerbomb but Orton slides off and hits an RKO! Christian all of a sudden comes from behind and smashes Orton in the face with the World Heavyweight Championship! Sheamus slowly crawls over and covers for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Sheamus
Match Rating: ****

Sheamus raises his arm and leaves the ring. Christian stands over Randy Orton holding the World Heavyweight Championship. Christian drops to a knee and pats the title. Christian then raises the championship over his head to end the show.

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