WWE SmackDown 07 20 2012

WWE Smackdown
Location: San Diego, California
Date: July 20th 2012 ( Taped: July 17th)
Commentators: Michael Cole & Booker T & Josh Matthews

Rey Mysterio + Albero Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez + Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Gurrero + Sheamus:
Rey was greeted by “619” chants from the crowd. He noted that almost a year ago in that very arena
he was put on the shelf. He said it was great to be able to say, in his hometown: “I’m back.” Del Rio
quickly interrupted. Del Rio called Mysterio a “Chihuahua”. He told Rey that he shouldn’t pick a fight
against him. Del Rio bragged about almost ending Rey’s career and said he can finish the job now.
Instead, he told Mysterio to leave his ring. Del Rio said he wants to talk about Sheamus and what he
did at Money in the Bank. Mysterio said Sheamus but Del Rio’s face in. Del Rio once again
threatened to end Mysterio’s career, but was interrupted by Dolph Ziggler’s music. He walked out
Ziggler said he wasn’t out there for Rey, but for Del Rio. Ziggler took offense to Del Rio interrupting
his cash-in at MITB. Ziggler and Del Rio turned their attention to Mysterio, but Sheamus came out to
even things up Sheamus said it was good to see Rey back then threatened to put Ziggler and Del Rio
in the Pacific Ocean. Instead, he opted for a fight right now. Del Rio backed out of the ring and
Ziggler didn’t seem pleased. Sheamus took Ziggler down and Mysterio set up for the 619, but Ziggler
escaped. Sheamus and Rey celebrated in the ring.

Prime Time Players ( Titus O’Neil & Darren Young ( w/ Abraham Washngton) & Hunico & Camacho
defeated Primo & Epico ( w/ Rosa Mendez) & Kofi Kingston & R-Truth:
A.W. provided a distraction and O’Neil shoved Primo off the top rope. Primo landed gut-first on
Young’s knees and Young made the pin. Big Show’s music played as the PTP’ers celebrated on the
ramp. Show went to the ring and destroyed those who were remaining. Double chokeslam on
Hunico and Camacho,he threw Epico over the top rope,PTP’s attacked Kofi outside the ring,
knockout punch for Truth and for Primo. He got the mic and said “and”.

1000th RAW MOMENT: Jeremy Piven hosting Raw in August 2009.

Damien Sandow defeated Zack Ryder:

Chrstian + Daniel Bryan & A.J. Lee + Kane: Christian was already in the ring for the Peep Show. He
said he’s seen a lot in his time in WWE, but bizarre was taken to another level on Monday. A clip of
the proposal then aired. Christian introduced Bryan and A.J. to the live crowd. Christian first asked
how the wedding planning was going. She introduced a montage of them doing their wedding
planningBryan answered Christian’s question of whether or not he’s sure he wants to do this with
a “yes,” and A.J. responded in kind to Christian’s query about if A.J. had completely forgiven Bryan
for everything he has done to her. Christian turned his attention to the fans and asked them if they
thought Daniel and A.J. should get married or if Bryan loves A.J. They’d yell “no” but didn’t chant it
like I think WWE was going for. Christian asked A.J. if she had any idea what she was doing. She
slapped Christian and the couple went to leave. Christian said he’s married so he’ll let the Bridezilla
slap go. He then said Bryan has been so busy planning his wedding, he probably didn’t hear about
being scheduled for a match tonight.…right now..Kane.

Kane defeated Daniel Bryan ( w/ A.J. Lee): Bryan kicked at Kane and, with A.J. still on Kane’s back,
Kane chokeslammed Bryan. A.J. was move to the front of Kane, where she held onto the back of his
neck. Instead of smooching him again, she hopped down and was pulled to safety by Bryan. At the
top of the ramp, Bryan and A.J. made out.

1000TH RAW MOMENT: Zack Ryder’s Raw 1,000 moment…GTV..

Road Warrior Animal defeated Heath Slater: Heath Slater was in the ring, and they immediately cut
away to Slater’s favorite moments, or, his warped memory of his interaction with WWE legends as
of late. Back in the ring, Slater said all of that stuff happened to him on Raw. But now, he’s on
Smackdown, and his luck is about to change. He said his luck was going to change. But instead, the
Legion of Doom music hit and out walked Road Warrior Animal.

Ricardo Rodriguez & Vickie Gurrero: Ricardo Rodriguez and Vickie Guerrero were in a heated
discussion. Vickie was unhappy with the nickname Del Rio had given her earlier in the show.
Rodriguez said Del Rio is true Mexican royalty, and Vickie is jealous. Vickie just screamed at him

Sheamus & Rey Mysterio defeated Alberot Del Rio ( w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) & Dolph Ziggler ( w/
Vickie Gurrero) by disqualification: Ricardo blocked the brogue kick so the ref ended it. Del Rio
applied the cross arm-breaker after the match, leading to a number of referees attempting to break
it up. Finally, Del Rio released the hold. He and Ricardo headed to the back as Ziggler grabbed his
MITB briefcase at ringside. He handed the briefcase to the ref, but Mysterio knocked Ziggler into the
ropes and delivered a 619. Brogue Kick by Sheamus for good measure.