WWE SmackDown 01 06 2012

WWE Smackdown! – January 6th, 2012 from Little Rock, AR
[Reviewed by: Sean Sweeny]

Cody Rhodes © defeated Booker T via pin fall: Rhodes won with the Beautiful Disaster.

Cody Rhodes was walking backstage when his brother walked up and said he wanted to congratulate him for beating a legend tonight. Cody asked if that was suppose to be flattery, and that there is a reason why they don’t speak. Dustin didn’t have anything useful to say last week and he doesn’t this week either. Cody went on to say that he is greater than Dustin ever was and some are even saying he is better than his father and if Dustin disagrees and is considering on throwing on that goofy costume for one more run just remember that he might be a joke but he is not a laughing stock, but that could change very quickly just ask Booker. With that Cody walked away.

Zack Ryder was standing with Teddy Long, in Long’s office thanking him for letting him being the assistant to the general manager. Now that he is the United States Champion and dealing with Kane he has to take care of himself, but he promised Teddy he will find a suitable replacement for him. Teddy asked who that would be and Drew McIntyre walked into the office. Teddy was not pleased with this thinking that it was Zack’s idea. Drew said that he isn’t here for that and Ryder then said that he didn’t mean Drew he meant Santino Marella. Ryder then walked out leaving Teddy to deal with Santino. Santino then asked Long if he remembered when he first applied for the job and Teddy said he did, and Santino said that he can do all sorts of things and brought up how McIntyre lost last week and should have been fired which enrages Drew. Teddy then made a match between Drew McIntyre and Santino Marella and if Santino wins he can become Teddy Long’s new assistant. Drew leaves and the lights dim as music played and Aksana walked into the room and began flirting with her and got Santino to leave. Teddy then invited Aksana to dinner after SmackDown.

AJ Lee was standing with Alicia Fox backstage and Fox asked Lee how her new year’s was. AJ said that is was great and Daniel was awesome. AJ then said that she is worried about his title defense against the Big Show later tonight. Fox then told AJ that she hoped his ego could take the loss. At that point Daniel came in asking if someone said something about his ego, and that he won the championship from Big Show to begin with. Alicia then left the couple. Bryan said that he can’t believe AJ is friends with her. AJ said that she is just worried about him, just like she is. Bryan told her not to worry about it and after he wins tonight the two can celebrate, he then kissed her on the forehead and then left.

Hornswoggle defeated Heath Slater: Hornswoggle threw Slater over the top rope.

Hunico defeated Ted DiBiase via pin fall: Hunico won with a submission/pinning move.

Wade Barrett came down to the ring with a microphone in hand. He said that he told the resident doctors they were not needed to come out, as he would be able to give the medical update on Randy Orton. First though Wade directed everyone to the titantron to show a review of the ending to last week’s SmackDown. Barrett then said that Orton’s injury was just caused because of it being a falls count anywhere match. He then said that Orton has a herniated disk in his back but his career is over. While Orton might try to come back one day, it won’t be anytime soon. Barrett then brought up that the Royal Rumble will be held in Orton’s hometown, and now Orton will have to watch Barrett will win since there is no one in the back that will be able to beat him in the Rumble. With that said out came Sheamus, and he said that for a moment he couldn’t tell if it was Wade Barrett or his uncle in the ring. Sheamus then said that he is going to be Barrett’s biggest problem in the Royal Rumble. Sheamus then made fun of Barrett comparing him to his uncle some more, and before Barrett could answer, Jinder Mahal came out to the Mahal got into the ring and into Sheamus’s face. Mahal then slapped Sheamus in the face, which set off Sheamus but as he retaliated Wade got back into the ring and jumped him. The two men then beat down Sheamus, and then Barrett posed over the prone body of Sheamus before leaving the ring. Mahal then went back and put Sheamus in the Camel Clutch and then posed over Sheamus.

Santino Marella defeated Drew McIntyre via pin fall: Marella won with the Cobra.

Teddy Long walked up to Drew McIntyre and said that match should not count. Teddy said that all he saw was a loss and that is strike two, if there is a strike three next week, he might very well be fired. Santino then ran up to Teddy and danced around him, as he is Teddy’s new assistant.

Primo & Epico defeated Air Boom © (Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne) via pin fall: Primo got the pin after Bourne missed the Shooting Star Press.

Matt Striker was standing backstage with the World’s Largest Athlete, The Big Show. Striker asked his thoughts on tonight’s Championship match. Big Show said that when he lost the title he was out cold, however he is wide-awake now, and he feels good about tonight. Not to take anything away from Bryan but he is going to regain the gold even though Bryan is a very good wrestler. Bryan then walked up to him talking about how he is a very good wrestler and if he had the Big Show’s size and his skill it wouldn’t have been nine years in between title reigns and he would have held the belt longer than 45 seconds. Big Show then put his hand on Bryan and asked Bryan to please not make him hurt him. Bryan though told Show to get his damn hand off of him. Show then said, “so now we are a tough guy now”, and then Big Show shook his head and walked away.

Tamina defeated Natalya via pin fall: Tamina won with the Super Fly Splash.

Daniel Bryan © defeated The Big Show via DQ: Bryan taunted Mark Henry who was doing commentary for the match and Henry attacked Bryan causing the Disqualification.