WWE SmackDown 01 20 2012

WWE Smackdown! – January 20th, 2012 from Las Vegas, NV
[Reviewed by: Sean Sweeny]

Daniel Bryan started off the show by making his way out to the ring with a microphone. Bryan said that tonight’s show is fittingly named Sin City SmackDown and it isn’t because it is being emanated from Las Vegas but because last week the Big Show committed a sin as he took out AJ. He said that Big Show wasn’t really crying last week that they were crocodile tears. It is all because Show is bitter about how his title reign was the shortest in history after Daniel Bryan cashed in his money in the back and won the belt, and Big Show hasn’t been able to get past it, and he is nothing more then a bitter selfish freak, and because of that his girlfriend has suffered head trauma, a back injury and her career could be over all because she wanted to be at ringside for his match, because she loves him. He said that she loves him and he has a great appreciation for her and tonight just like on RAW he will dedicate his match tonight for her, and she will be here in spirit, and as for Mark Henry he has no fear of him. Bryan then said that Big Show is not here tonight and it is a damn good thing because he doesn’t know what he would do if he were here. Bryan then said that Big Show should do the right thing before Big Show hurts someone else he should leave and never come back.

Ezekiel Jackson, Alicia Fox, Hornswoggle and Santino Marella are all playing craps in the backstage area and Teddy was standing with Aksana with the roulette wheel to determine the matches for the show. Aksana then said that she had an idea that she and Teddy should be in a pillow fight match. As Teddy is flustered by this Cody Rhodes walks up to him and said that his brother Dustin in the past spun the wheel and got a Vegas showgirls match and dressed up in a ridiculous get up, and that was when he realized he is the last hope for the Rhodes family. Teddy told him to just shut up and spin. Cody spun the wheel and got dealer’s choice, which meant he could pick his opponent and he said him and pointed off camera. The camera turned and teased it being Ezekiel and then Cody said no him, and pointed next to Jackson, the camera then panned to Santino and Santino point to the camera to move down to show a worried looking Hornswoggle. Santino then patted Hornswoggle on the head.

Cody Rhodes came down to the ring and before Hornswoggle could even get into the ring Rhodes began to attack him. Justin Gabriel then came down to make the save for Hornswoggle. Gabriel then took a microphone and challenged Rhodes to a match and Cody agreed to a non-title match.

Cody Rhodes © defeated Justin Gabriel via pin fall: Rhodes won with the Cross Rhodes.

Mark Henry was backstage with Teddy Long so he could spin the wheel to see what the stipulation for the World Heavyweight Championship. Henry then said that Sin City SmackDown is horrible idea and then blamed Teddy for AJ getting hurt last week and this week it will be his fault when Bryan gets hurt. Teddy told Mark to just spin the wheel and Henry yelled at Teddy to spin it himself. Teddy spun the wheel and he did, and it came up on a Lumberjack match. Henry then told Teddy that tonight that egotistical punk Daniel Bryan is going to enter his hall of pain.

Epico & Primo © defeated The Usos via pin fall: Primo won with the Back Stabber

Teddy Long was standing with Aksana by the wheel as she talked about how she loved playing the slots. Then Sheamus walked in and said it looked like Teddy won the jackpot. Teddy then said that it was time to find out the stipulation for Sheamus’s match with Wade Barrett tonight. Long then had Aksana spin the wheel and it came up on a tables match. Sheamus said that was fine because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Teddy and Aksana both agreed that they liked that saying.

Brodus Clay defeated Vicki Guerrero via fan’s decision.

Vicki unhappy with the decision demanded for her music to play once more. She began to dance again, and then William Regal’s music hit and out he came asking for the fans not to boo Ms. Guerrero. William then said how dare you mock this buxom wench, and then she began to sob into his shoulder, as he escorted her out of the ring. Before Regal could get out of the ring though Brodus called Regal out telling him to show what he’s got, unless he is a funky chicken. Regal then said hit my music and he then danced to the fans cheers but then Brodus hit him with the Funk It, and then said my bad, someone should call his momma.

Wade Barrett defeated Sheamus via table: Barrett threw Sheamus into a table set up against the turnbuckle after a distraction from Jinder Mahal.

Ted DiBiase defeated Hunico: DiBiase won by getting the American Flag.

Drew McIntyre was with Teddy Long at the wheel and Teddy said that it’s fitting they are in Vegas because Drew’s luck has run out he had lost three weeks in a row, and he is officially fired. Drew tried to plea with Teddy but didn’t want to hear it. Then Santino came over and said that people have been saying his victory over Drew two weeks ago was a fluke, and he doesn’t like that so he wants to prove that it wasn’t so Teddy said that’s fine but this is Drew’s last chance, and Teddy then had Drew spin the wheel. It came up as a blindfold match; Drew thanked Teddy for this chance and then walked out.

Santino Marella defeated Drew McIntyre via pin fall: Marella won with the Cobra.

Daniel Bryan © vs. Mark Henry ended in No Contest as all the Lumberjacks went at it in the ring as if it was the Royal Rumble.

Daniel Bryan has snuck out of the melee in the ring and as he was walking backstage Teddy Long stopped him and asked him what the meaning of this was. Bryan said the meaning of this is, what is the meaning of this, last week he was in a No DQ match, this week was a Lumberjack match and thirty men just tried to beat the hell out of him, what is next? Teddy Long said what’s next is at the Royal Rumble Bryan will put the title on the line against The Big Show and Mark Henry in a triple threat match, inside a steel cage.