WWE SmackDown 02 03 2012

WWE Smackdown! – February 3rd, 2012 from Omaha, NE
[Reviewed by: Sean Sweeny]

Teddy Long started off the show in the ring. He said that his past Sunday’s Royal Rumble was off the chain, and that Smackdown will have an Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship and then he listed the competitors for the match. First up was the World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan, then Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, Big Show, Mark Henry and finally Randy Orton. Teddy then said now that we know who the competitors would be he now wanted to go over the Elimination Chamber match rules. Teddy goes through them all and finished by saying that the winner would then go to Wrestlemania 28 as the World Heavyweight Champion.

Once he finished Mark Henry’s music hit and out he came to the ring. Henry said that he wasn’t liking it one bit. He said that it would be 6 to 1 that he would come out as champion and even less depending on the number he got. Teddy then said that Henry lost the triple threat steel cage match at the Royal Rumble so he should be thankful he is even in the Elimination Chamber match. Henry asked him what he meant by that, as he is the most dominant talent on this program, he is the big fish and Teddy’s meal ticket. Now he wanted Teddy to take him out of the Elimination Chamber match and into a WHC match tonight on SmackDown. Teddy said he doesn’t know who Henry thinks he is talking to but he will give him what he wanted in that first Henry will be taken out of the Elimination Chamber match and secondly there will be no WHC tonight for Henry. Mark then said Teddy doesn’t get it Teddy is replaceable so he needs to do the right thing, and he is not asking. Henry then pushed Teddy Long. Long said that Mark just put his hands on the General Manger and so he is suspended indefinitely.

Henry then grabbed Long and said if he is going to get suspended he might as well get his money’s worth. Sheamus then came out to the ring, which made Mark step, back from Teddy. As Teddy was yelling at Henry, Sheamus hit him with a Brogue Kick. Teddy then told Mark as he was walking back that security would be waiting for him and then introduced the 2012 winner of the Royal Rumble, Sheamus. Teddy then asked Sheamus if he knew what Championship he was going to challenge for at ‘Mania. Sheamus said that he hadn’t and he won’t choose till after the Elimination Chamber. Sheamus went on to say that instead of giving speeches every week he is going to do what he does best. Sheamus was then cut off by Cody Rhodes’ music and out came the Intercontinental Champion on to the stage with a microphone and began to walk down to the ring while talking. Cody said relax Great White I’m not here to fight, I am here to warn you not to let success go to your head because no one is going to remember that you won the Rumble. As Cody then informed him that he eliminated the most men in the rumble and was in there for forty-five minutes meaning he did all of the work, and he is going to use all of that momentum to go into the Elimination Chamber and become the new World Heavyweight Champion. He then said that he would be the first dual champion since the Ultimate Warrior. Cody continued on saying that there is a striking similarity between the Warrior and Sheamus especially Teddy Long tonight as he can’t understand a word either of them are saying. Sheamus looked at Teddy and just said his name and then Teddy turned to Cody and said let’s see if you can understand this, thanks for coming tonight because you are going to go one on one with Sheamus tonight, and then said lets see if you understand this, get me a referee down here because that match will be next!

Sheamus defeated Cody Rhodes © via pin fall: Sheamus won with an Air Raid Crash.

Cody Rhodes was still at ringside and rather angry over losing to Sheamus. Justin Gabriel then came out for his match. The two have a stare down before Hunico with Camacho made his way down to the ring. Cody Rhodes then slid into the ring and attacked Gabriel from behind and then Hunico and Camacho join in with the attack. The Great Khali then made his way down to the ring for the save and cleared all three from the ring.

Drew McIntyre was backstage with Teddy Long. Drew was rambling about how he was great once and he can get back to where he once was. Teddy said everyone hates predictable television and everyone knows he will just go out there and lose so he needs to find another way to impress him. Teddy then added that Drew should be happy that he still has a job. Drew said that Teddy was right and thank you. After Drew walked away Santino then walked in and exchanged greetings with Teddy Long. Santino said last week things did not go well for himself and Yoshi Tatsu which Teddy agreed with, and Santino said not to worry because this week he has a new partner, and Teddy needs to get ready to experience the magic of SantinOOOOO!!!! Which led to “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan come into the room and start a USA chant which Santino followed with an Italia chant. Teddy finally got them to quiet down by giving them a non-title match against the tag team champions next, as long as they left his office immediately. They do so and then the lights dimmed and Aksana’s music played Teddy straightened his suit as she walked into the room. She compliments him on how he handled Mark earlier. Aksana then commented on there being a massive piece of wood, which made him spit out his coffee. Turned out she was talking about Hacksaw’s 2×2. Duggan then walked back into the room and grabbed the 2×2 and walked out leaving a rather flustered Teddy Long with Aksana.

Epico & Primo defeated Santino Marella & “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan via pin fall: Primo won with the Back Stabber on Santino.

Daniel Bryan came out to the ring for an interview with Michael Cole. Cole started out by saying that everyone including himself has been very critical of him. Now though Bryan won in the steel cage match last Sunday night. Cole then said that he is man enough to say that he was wrong about Bryan and then extended a hand. Bryan then acted like he was going to take the handshake but instead took the microphone from Cole. Bryan said that for once the interview wasn’t about Cole, and that things aren’t always about him, tonight it is about Daniel Bryan. He then said that he wanted Cole to excuse him and leave the ring as he had something to say. Bryan then said that this Sunday night he took on two monsters and won that proved not only that he is the champion but also that he is a great champion. Not only is he a great champion he is also a great role model. Bryan then told the crowd to be more like him, to become a vegan. He said that by putting meat into your body you are poisoning it. He then said that if any of you actually went to a butcher’s shop you would never eat meat again. Bryan said unfortunately though some of the people here are some of the worst offenders and that he can easily say that he is the healthiest person in this arena tonight, as he doesn’t clogged arteries or have heart disease. Bryan then pleads with them to become vegan. He then went on about how he shouldn’t have to defend his championship in an elimination chamber match let alone against a man he beat last Sunday, let alone the man who has the shortest World Heavyweight Championship reign, let alone the man he has beaten in four championship matches, the man he is talking about is the Big Show, who has consistently failed but yet is consistently rewarded. Bryan then brought up the AJ incident and then said that Big Show has failed as a competitor and as a human being. Bryan then said that if Teddy Long doesn’t take Big Show out of the match then he would take this all the way up to board of directors.

As Bryan thanked everyone for their time Big Show’s music hit and he then came down to the ring with a microphone. Big Show said that he was sorry he didn’t interrupt Bryan sooner but he was finishing a nice big steak. Show went on to say that Daniel is saying that he is a role model but real role models don’t tell people how to think or what to do, they lead by their actions. Show then called Daniel a pompous little ass and said that after the Elimination Chamber he will not be the Champion but he will still be a pompous little ass. Bryan said that mathematically the odds are against him but he promised that the Big Show would not become the champion. Bryan then began talking down to Show calling him a loser and kept hitting him in the chest. This finally set Show off and he attacked Bryan and delivered a choke slam to him. AJ then came down to the ring and distracted Show and Bryan tried to use that as a chance to ambush Show but Big Show catches him and went for the WMD but AJ grabbed his hand and stopped him from doing it giving Bryan a chance to get out of the ring. AJ then got out of the ring and the two hugged, as Bryan made sure she was okay.

Natalya was backstage with Beth Phoenix working out and Natalya said that she was happy the two of them were teaming up tonight, and that she could feel it in her gut that they were going to win. Then there is a fart sound and Beth stopped what she was doing and asked what that was, and Natalya said that she said they were going to win. Beth began to exercise again but then there was another fart sound and both women stopped and Natalya ran away as Beth held her nose and walked away. Santino then walked into the hallway and then begins to gag on the smell and then threw up in the trashcan before running away.

Beth Phoenix & Natalya defeated Aksana & Tamina via pin fall: Phoenix won with the Glam Slam on Aksana.

Matt Striker was with Randy Orton in his locker room. Striker brought up Orton’s last encounter with Barrett, and with the Elimination Chamber a little over two weeks away would Orton be more conservative tonight? Orton said that he has no problem with Barrett throwing him down those steps because if he had, had the chance to do that to Barrett he would have, what he has a problem with is Barrett running his mouth about how he ended Orton’s career, because look who is here. Orton then said he was not only going to win their no disqualification match tonight but he is also going to win the Elimination Chamber and become a ten time World Heavyweight Champion.

As Wade Barrett waited in the ring for Orton, the camera cut back to Teddy Long’s office where he was watching on a monitor and Daniel Bryan came into the office with AJ saying they needed to talk to Teddy Long about The Big Show as AJ is terrified because of him. Teddy said okay and they should watch the main event in his office and talk about it.

Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett via pin fall: Orton won with the RKO on a steel chair.

Teddy was with AJ and Daniel in his office and said that he won’t have to worry about the Big Show next week. Instead he will take on Randy Orton one on one. Daniel said that he isn’t afraid of giants or snakes. He then turned to AJ and told her to stay here where it is safe and watch this, as he walked out of the room.

Daniel Bryan then made his way down to the ring and began celebrating in the ring while Orton was on the turnbuckle. Bryan then ran around for a few moments which confused Orton and then Bryan made his way back to the locker room still cheering.