WWE SmackDown 03 16 2012

WWE SmackDown! – March 16, 2012 – Columbus, Ohio
Announcers: Michael Cole & Josh Matthews & Booker T

Christian + RAW General Manager John Laurinaitis (w/David Otunga) + Theodore Long (w/Aksana): The injured Christian returned to SmackDown! for the Peep Show with both General Managers. Christian said the stakes were high at WrestleMania because one of them will be the G.M. of both shows. Christian gave both men a chance to convince him why he should be on their team. Long didnt even try. Christian suggested he take advantage of the opportunity now. Christian wanted Long to give him what he deserves, one more World title match. Long said Christian got what he deserves, but respects everything Christian has done in the ring. Long said if Christian thinks he is going to beg for him to be on his team, he has another thing coming. Long said when he is G.M. after WrestleMania, if any Superstar wants a title match they will have to earn it. Long added that they will not get a title match if they disrespect or annoy him. JL said it would be an honor to have Christian on his team, and when they win at WrestleMania he promises to give Christian one more title match. Christian agreed and said he would not fail in that opportunity. Christian said tonight will forever be known as the moment the scales turned because he officially joined Team Jonny!! JL presented Christian with a HIT THE SWITCH t-shirt. Long broke up the moment and it was time for action, booking Christian in a match tonight. JL said Christian was not medically cleared to compete. Long said since Christian is unable to compete, David Otunga will face the newest member of Team Teddy… Kofi Kingston!

Kofi Kingston (w/Santino Marella) defeated David Otunga (w/Christian): The G.M.s and their assistants joined on commentary for the match to push their lame storyline. After a while, Christian tripped Kingston and Teddy Long informed the referee, so he was ejected from ringside! Laurinaitis yelled at Long on the floor. Otunga took off his belt, but Santino took it away from him. Kingston knocked out Otunga with a spin-kick for the win!

World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan + AJ: AJ said the dress Bryan bought her doesn’t fit right. Bryan looked at her and agreed that it looked way better on the mannequin. Bryan said they will be the new power couple in the WWE, comparing them to Macho Man & Elizabeth, Triple H & Stephanie, and Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie. Bryan said AJ needs to look the part. Bryan said he would be in AJs corner tonight and all she has to do is listen to him. She kissed him and thanked him.

AJ w/Daniel Bryan defeated Nikki Bella w/Brie Bella: The Bella tried to do twin magic but Daniel Bryan stopped it. When AJ won, Bryan celebrated wildly as if he was the sole reason AJ won.

Matt Striker & WWE Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes: Cody Rhodes said the Big Show was a choke-artist who has never won a singles match at WrestleMania. Cody said he would show how to beat a giant tonight.

WWE Intercontinental champion Cody Rhodes defeated The Great Khali:

Randy Orton + Kane: Randy said usually when he has a problem with somebody he doesn`t talk about it, he usually hunts them down. Randy said for the last few weeks it feels like he is the one being hunted – by Kane. Randy said they are being led down a path that leads to them destroying each other. Randy said before that happens he needs to know why Kane chose him. Randy said unlike John Cena, he embraces hate, and in turn hate embraces him. Randy called it morbid curiosity, and called out Kane. Randy said when it comes time to put Kane down, he wants to know why he had to do it. Kane came out to the stage and said since Randy asked so politely he will clue him in. Kane said it was obvious that Randy has forgotten, even though he (Kane) is obsessed with it. Kane showed a clip from last summer of a Street Fight on SmackDown! where Orton gave Kane an RKO on a chair. After the match, Kane showed that he was human and shook Orton`s hand. Kane said they person who shook Randy`s hand is gone, and replaced by someone with no humanity left inside of him. Kane said the journey is not yet complete. Kane said the WWE isn`t big enough for the both of them. Kane said he needs closure, and won`t become whole again until he has decimated Randy completely. Randy said that was very enlightening, now shut your mouth and come down to the ring to finish what he started! Kane walked down half way but stopped and said slaughtering Randy now would not satify him for his craving to see him suffer. Kane said he wants Orton`s demise to happen at WrestleMania!

The Big Show defeated Drew McIntyre by knockout: Teddy Long said last week Drew McIntyre signed a one year no cut contract when John Laurinaitis was in charge. Long said he was glad Drew was back, because he has an opponent for him tonight!

Mark Henry defeated Yoshi Tatsu:

Chris Jericho: Jericho talked about revealing C.M. Punk`s secret on RAW. Jericho said every time Punk unleashes a pipe bomb he wishes he could say it to his parents. Jericho said the demons in Punk`s head will never go away. Jericho said he is the best in the world at everything he does, while Punk only contends to be the best. Jericho said Punk was a Chris Jericho-wannabe. Jericho said he will prove he is the best by walking out of WrestleMania as the new WWE champion. Jericho said at the after-party he will take a nice big drink and hold it up and toast to C.M. Punk and his pathetic father! Jericho asked the fans to chant for the anti-hero C.M. Punk for one of the last times. PIPE BOMB!

Chris Jericho defeated Sheamus by countout: Midway through the match, Daniel Bryan & AJ came down to ringside to watch the match. While on the floor, Sheamus pushed Jericho into Bryan, knocking him off his chair. Late in the match, Jericho threw Sheamus out of the ring, where Bryan kicked him straight in the head! Sheamus was counted out and Jericho declared the winner. Bryan quickly retreated. Sheamus got some revenge, flattening Jericho with a Brogue-kick to the face!