WWE SmackDown 04 06 2012

WWE Smackdown! – April 6th, 2012 from Orlando, FL
[Reviewed by: Sean Sweeny]


David Otunga came out and introduced the new General Manager of both RAW and SmackDown, John Laurinaitis. John and David then made their way down to the ring. John Laurinatis then welcomed the crowd to the first SmackDown under his control. He then said that he might be the most powerful man in the WWE but he won’t abuse the power, he will use it to give the fans what they want as it will be the People’s Power. John then said that he hoped in this transition that Teddy Long acts in an professional manner and then asked Teddy to come out so he could thank Teddy for his years of service of Smackdown.

Teddy Long then came down to the ring and joined the two men in the ring. John started to talk but then Teddy then interrupts him and says that now being out of a job gives him the opportunity to tell John to go to hell, and he is not out here to complain and that what happened, happened there is nothing he can do about that. He said that he couldn’t leave Smackdown without saying goodbye to the fans and he hoped everyone has enjoyed it as much as he had. Teddy then asked for a Holla, Holla. As Teddy tried to leave John Laurinatis stopped him saying that Teddy did not let him finish. John said that he wanted Teddy to take a job in his new administration. Long said that he needs a job but not working for him and he can take that job and shove it. John said that he knows Teddy is proud but he knows that Teddy’s grand children college fund that was created by the board of the directors, and can only be controlled by the Smackdown General Manager. John promises that if Teddy accepts the job the fund will be fine, but he does add that Teddy needs to tell the world that John Laurinatis is better than Teddy Long. Teddy at first is against it but caves and says it. John thanked him and then sent Teddy to the back so he can start working on his new job. Laurinatis then said that there will be a Kane versus Randy Orton in a no DQ match, and there will be a handicap match featuring R-Truth taking on David Otunga and Mark Henry. Henry then came down to the ring to start the match.

David Otunga & Mark Henry defeated R-Truth via pin fall: Otunga won with the Verdict on R-Truth.

Randy Orton defeated Kane via pin fall: Orton won with the RKO on Kane.

Ryback defeated Barry Stevens via pin fall: Ryback won with the Fisherman’s Muscle Buster on Stevens.

Daniel Bryan made his way down to the ring with AJ Lee closely behind him. The two enter the ring and AJ grabbed a microphone for her boyfriend. Bryan said that if there was one positive thing about this week is that he finally got a chance to think, to think about how everything was going so right and then went all wrong.  He then paused as AJ took the microphone from him and said that he is a great wrestler and he is a great person, and she isn’t the only one who thinks that. AJ then reminded Bryan about all of the Yes chants and the crowd cheers for him, and then AJ said that they are all here to support him.

Bryan took the microphone back and asked if the fans were supporting him, he then said that it kind of feels like they are mocking him. If they were supporting him, they wouldn’t have been chanting for the Rock, and even if they meant it, all these yes chants from the sheep it doesn’t make it any better that AJ cost him his World Heavyweight Championships. Bryan then yelled are her about everything he had overcome over the past few months and that it was all flushed down the toilet in eighteen seconds, all because she needed to give him a good luck kiss. Bryan then said that she had called that kiss his good luck charm that was the kiss of death. AJ then pleaded him to stop and Bryan said no because he won’t let her make him out to be the bad guy. He said it was his dream to headline Wrestlemania and she ruined that for him, and her clinginess cost him the match. Daniel then said that he hopes that kiss was worth it because it was the last kiss she will ever get from him, and because he is going to get rid of all of the dead weight that is holding him back. AJ begged him to talk about things in the back but he said no he won’t talk to her back stage or anywhere because we are through. Bryan then yelled at her to get out of his ring, and turned his back on her. AJ then left the ring crying as the crowd sang “Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye”.

The Big Show defeated Heath Slater via pin fall: Show won with the Chokeslam on Slater.  Cody Rhodes was on commentary and tried to interfere but it didn’t work.

The Bella Twins were in John Laurinatis’s office with John, he told Brie that she picked the right team at Wrestlemania but Nikki did not. Just then Sheamus walked in and said that John had asked to see him, which John agreed that he did. Laurinatis then told Nikki that her match against Beth Phoenix is next and that Brie had the night off. The two walked off with Brie telling Nikki she should have agreed with her. John then turned his attention back to the World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus. John said that he just thought that the new Champion should meet with the new General Manager. John then brought up sportsmanship and how Sheamus has been kicking people in their head when they haven’t been expecting it. Sheamus agreed saying that from this point forward he is only going to kick people who deserve it before walking off.

TRIBUTE: Chief Jay Strongbow (1928 – 2012)

Nikki Bella defeated Beth Phoenix via pin fall: Nikki won with Bella Buster on Phoenix.

Damien Darsow debuted standing backstage and he cut a promo about society and entertainment and our cultures low morals and that his true calling is to save us all for this and bring our society’s values up once more.

Highlights Brock Lesnar’s return and showed him giving Cena the F5.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Sheamus via Disqualification: Sheamus got caught with a chair Del Rio brought into the ring and then Del Rio pretended to be hit by it causing the referee to DQ Sheamus.