WWE SmackDown 04 20 2012

WWE Smackdown! – April 20th, 2012 from London, England
[Reviewed by: Sean Sweeny]

The show started off with Daniel Bryan making his way down to the ring. Once he got into the ring he took a microphone and said Yes, that is what he was saying when he walked down the ramp for Wrestlemania as the World Heavyweight Champion, but in eighteen seconds his title reign ended, as if it never happened. Bryan then said that Sheamus took the easy way out, kicking him in the face while he was distracted. Bryan continued by listing everyone Sheamus had kicked in the face, and then Daniel said that Extreme Rules he will not be distracted and that at Extreme Rules we rule to the place that Bryan began his ascend to the top, where he won the Money in the Bank, Chicago, and just like at Money at the Bank he is going to shock the world, when he reclaims his World Heavyweight Championship in a two out of three falls match and become the World Heavyweight Champion again, and as a added treat he gets to show everyone what he does best, and that is wrestle. Bryan said that all the questions would be answered, as he will out wrestle Sheamus. Bryan then said that he will walk out of Extreme Rules the Champion and started a yes chant.

AJ Lee then came out saying Daniel please, but Bryan told AJ to stop and turn around and go away. AJ then said no she won’t and got into the ring. Bryan began to mock her and AJ said that she needed to talk to him about their problems, which lead to more mocking from Bryan, and AJ said that she just wanted to work things out and also to wish him luck in his match with Sheamus. Bryan then began to tear her down saying that he wish he never met her, and that he never should have even gone out her, hell he wished she was never even born. Bryan then said that there would never ever be a chance of him taking her back. Bryan then got out of the ring and left AJ in the middle of the ring crying.

Natalya defeated AJ Lee via Disqualification: AJ lost it after what Bryan said and beat Natalya into a corner and would not listen to the referee causing the disqualification.

Damien Sandow quoted Benjamin Franklin and then talked about how he will usher in a new era that will bring everyone to a new height of enlightenment and will save us all from our own ignorant selves.

Brodus Clay w/ Funkettes & Hornswoggle defeated Hunico w/ Camacho via pin fall: Clay won with the Funk It.

Teddy Long was walking backstage looking for Aksana but came across Titus O’Neil and Darren Young. Young and O’Neil began to rip into Teddy for not signing them, saying he didn’t think they were “Primetime Players”. John Laurinatis walked up and asked Teddy if he knew them, and then the two asked Teddy if they were Primetime now? The two then walked off laughing. Laurinatis then said he couldn’t believe Teddy didn’t sign those two. John then gave Teddy a new job for the night and that was to be a royal guard, and put one of the hats on him, before walking away leaving Teddy in the hall.

Matt Striker was with Randy Orton and brought up Kane’s recent attack on Randy and his father. Striker then showed Orton a replay of the assault from last week. Striker then asked how Orton’s father was. Orton said his father is one of the toughest men he knows, and he will be fine eventually. Orton then said that Extreme Rules he will be facing Kane in a fall count anywhere match and he is going to show Kane exactly how sick and twisted he can be.

Titus O’Neil & Darren Young defeated The Usos via pin fall: O’Neil won with a Doom’s Day Device on Jimmy Uso.

Alberto Del Rio defeated The Big Show via pin fall: Del Rio won after Ricardo distracted the Referee and Cody Rhodes hit Show with the Beautiful Disaster.

Ryback defeated Danny Lerman via pin fall: Ryback won with Fisherman Muscle Buster.

After the match Heath Slater who was watching the match with Drew McIntyre said that he was going to tell Ryback that Drew said Ryback was an idiot.

Teddy Long was backstage still wearing the British Guard uniform. William Regal walked up singing and then tried to get Teddy to flinch before walking away. Then the saxophone music plays, and Aksana walked up with Antonio who was a close friend of hers for years who is a Rugby player and now wants to be a WWE star. Antonio said that he though Aksana said that her boyfriend had a powerful job in the WWE. Aksana then told Antonio about what happened and how he lost his job as the General Manager. Aksana then knocked on Mr. Laurinatis’s door and he came out and greeted the two and led them into his office. John Laurinatis then stuck his head back out and asked Teddy what he thought of Aksana’s old friend before laughing and going back into the office.

Randy Orton, Sheamus & Big Show defeated Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes & Mark Henry via pin fall: Orton won with an RKO on Henry.