WWE SmackDown 05 10 2013

WWE SmackDown
Location: Raleigh, NC
Date: May 10, 2013
Commentators: Josh Mathews, Michael Cole, and JBL

Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown and this week we are in Raleigh, North Carolina and we kick things off with the return of Chris Jericho’s “Highlight Reel”

Jericho welcomes everyone to the Highlight Reel and introduces his guest Ryback.  Ryback comes out to the ring. Jericho says Ryback’s made some incredible waves over the last few months all starting with the night after Wrestlemania when he attacked John Cena and announced his intentions to beat him for the WWE Championship and everyone knows the history of the Highlight Reel and how Jericho likes to mess with his guests but tonight things are a little different. Because when it comes to Cena, Jericho can see where Ryback is coming from. Ryback says he doesn’t need Jericho’s approval on what he did.  Jericho says he knows why Ryback’s doing what he’s doing and re-caps the numerous times Ryback’s been screwed out of the title and attacked by The Shield. Ryback tells Jericho to get to the point and Jericho says he knows about Ryback Rules but asks what Ryback’s Rules actually are.  He says he thinks Ryback’s Rules are he’ll do whatever it takes to win and get to the top and Jericho can understand that because he’s done the same thing and developed a chip on his shoulder and he didn’t care who it was if you weren’t with him, you were against him. Ryback then says this must be the part where Jericho says he’s seen the error of his ways yet he judges Ryback for doing the selfish thing and Ryback takes care of Ryback. Jericho says he’s not judging Ryback but from the sounds of things, the people are. Jericho says the fans are booing Ryback because they know the difference between beating The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in one night to become the undisputed WWE Champion and beating a one legged John Cena in a Last Man Standing Match. Jericho then says maybe the ends justify the means and Ryback would rather be the cowardly champion that cuts corners and takes the easy way out rather than be the  nice guy who always finishes second. But Ryback better be careful what he wishes for. Because he could win the championship at Extreme Rules, but if he does win the championship he will lose the respect of everyone in the WWE Universe. Ryback tells Jericho he talks too much and asks Jericho what makes him think he won’t drop Jericho right now. Jericho says because he’s looking into Ryback’s eyes and doesn’t think Ryback will do a damn thing. Teddy Long then comes out and says things aren’t going down like that. If they have business they want to finish, they’ll do it in tonight’s main event and makes Ryback vs Chris Jericho for tonight. Ryback then punches Jericho and exits the ring.


Kofi Kingston vs Cody Rhodes

Waistlock by Kingston and Rhodes trips Kingston up. Hiptoss blocked  by Rhodes then Kingston. Deep armdrag by Kingston. Rhodes has Kingston on the ropes. Irish whip and a knee lift to the gut. Rhodes with a front suplex. Rhodes stomps away on Kingston. Rhodes has the arm locked looking for a submission. Kingston with the counter into an armdrag. Dropkick by Kingston. Kingston into a sunset flip off the irish whip. Roll up by Kingston, Rhodes with a kick to the face. Irish whip by Rhodes runs into a boot. Crossbody off the top rope by Kingston. Rhodes looking for Cross Rhodes. Kingston misses with Trouble In Paradise. Rhodes looking for the Disaster Kick and Kingston catches him with Trouble In Paradise for the three count

The winner of the match: Kofi Kingston


We look back at this past Monday’s Raw and footage of Brock Lesnar destroying Triple H’s office.

Backstage: Renee Paquette is with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Colter then says it’s no secret that Dolph Ziggler, a man of questionable morals, won the MITB ladder match last year. And we know what experience Alberto Del Rio’s got with ladders. But,  Jack Swagger served a statement Monday night. Because he took out four guys. And tonight he’s going to serve another statement on little blondie’s bodyguard that Big E. Langston. It’s been a long, ardous process for himself and Swagger and he both know that. But at Extreme Rules, every step Jack Swagger takes up that ladder every real american will be a step closer to achieving our goals. The American way. And the American way is working hard and staying true to your beliefs through all adversity and criticism and taking a step at a time. Step 1 is winning the World Title and step 2 taking our country back.


Big E. Langston vs Jack Swagger

Alberto Del Rio comes out for commentary and introduces a ladder into the ring before the match even gets started. Ziggler goes to grab the ladder but Swagger kicks him in the face. Tug of war over the ladder between Swagger and Langston and Colter with a cheap shot from behind. Swagger drills Langston with the ladder and clotheslines him over the top rope. Ziggler nails Swagger from behind and dropkicks the ladder into Swagger’s face. Ziggler with a baseball slide into the ladder sending Colter to the floor. Del Rio nails Ziggler from behind and delivers a kick to the head. Del Rio hits Ziggler with the ladder.  Swagger then gets nailed with the ladder by Del Rio. Del Rio brings the ladder back into the ring and climbs the ladder holding up the World Heavyweight Championship.

The winner of the match: No Contest

Daniel Bryan vs Dean Ambrose

Shield come out first then Team Hell No make their way out and clear the ring. High knee by Bryan to Ambrose. Bryan stomping away on Ambrose. Uppercut by Bryan and Ambrose turns the tables. Irish whip by Ambrose reversed by Bryan and a kneelift to Ambrose. Bryan with a kick to the back. Series of kicks to Ambrose and a kneedrop.  Uppercut to Ambrose and Ambrose fighting back. Headbutt by Ambrose. Irish whip by Ambrose, Bryan with a backflip over Ambrose, off the ropes, clothesline by Bryan and Ambrose ducks but Bryan connects off the other side. Series of kicks to Ambrose sending him to the outside. Suicide dive through the ropes onto Ambrose.


Elbow drop by Ambrose. Submission hold locked in by Ambrose on Bryan. Bryan escaoes and Ambrose with the clothesline.  Ambrose drives the knee into the back and nerve hold on Ambrose working over the neck. Bryan to his feet fighting out of it and a series of punches by Bryan. Bryan off the ropes and a kneelift to Bryan. Ambrose off the ropes the boot to Bryan. Chinlock by Ambrose. Headbutt by Ambrose. Ambrose charges across the ring and runs into the ringpost shoulder first. Bryan with the dropkick and series of kicks in the corner. Bryan places Ambrose in the tree of woe and Bryan with a dropkick to the gut. Series of uppercuts by Bryan, backslide by Ambrose and Bryan with a kick to the face. Bryan up to the top rope. Missile dropkick to Ambrose.  Roundhouse missed by Bryan and Ambrose drops Bryan face first. Ambrose drives a series of knees into the face. Bryan looking for the No Lock and Bryan has it locked in. Rollins trying to save Ambrose cut off by Kane and Reigns breaks the hold. Ambrose with the side headlock on Bryan and Kingston runs in unloading on Ambrose. And it’s chaos as Kingston and Team Hell No clear the ring of The Shield

The winner of the match: No Contest


We take a look at footage from WWE.com of Mark Henry pulling a tractor trailer


We take a look back at this past Monday’s Raw and Mark Henry’s assault on Sheamus

World Record Tractor Trailer Pull

Matt Striker is in the parking lot with Mark Henry. Henry is being hooked up to two tractor trailers and Striker says Henry will attempt to pull two tractor trailers weighing 100,000 pounds 20 feet. Henry says there have been a lot of strong men pulling trucks, boats, trolleys and buses. But there’s nobody that’s ever pulled two tractor trailers. And earlier was just an example of what I can do. And tonight is just a demonstration of how he’s going to pull Sheamus like a rag doll. At Extreme Rules, all four corners are going to be touched. Henry struggles at first but the tractor trailers then slowly start moving as Henry reaches the finish line.


We get another Raw Rebound looking back at the stipulation set in place for the John Cena vs Ryback WWE Championship match at Extreme Rules.

Backstage: Renee Paquette is with Randy Orton and Orton says everyone knows he’s not the most trusting type but at Wrestlemania he vouched for Big Show and stuck his neck out for him and that got him knocked out twice. They say that if you mess with a viper you’re gonna get bit. The bigger the prey, the more venomous that bite. His message is that at Extreme Rules there will be no antidote for what he does to Big Show


Big Show vs Tensai

A boot and series of body shots by Show on Tensai. Tensai tries to fight back. Shoulder tackles in the corner by Tensai and a headbutt. Clothesline by Tensai and Tensai looking for the Baldo Bomb but Show counters and hits the KO Punch for the three count

The winner of the match: Big Show

Post Match: Brodus Clay is checking on Tensai and Show grabs him. Clay fights back but Show hits the spear and sets up for another KO Punch but Orton runs in and drops him with the RKO.

Backstage: Kaitlyn is looking at her phone and AJ walks in and makes a comment. They exchange comments and Natalya walks in asking if there’s a problem and AJ walks off. Kaitlyn then tells Natalya it’s driving her crazy that she doesn’t know who it is. Khali then walks in wearing a Rey Mysterio mask. Kaitlyn tells Natalya just because Khali is undercover doesn’t mean he has to dress up just keep his ears open. Khali then comes back in looking like Cody Rhodes and Natalya tells him he doesn’t have to go undercover and doesn’t have to look like Cody Rhodes.


Ryback vs Chris Jericho

Ryback pushes Jericho down. Ryback pushes Jericho into the corner and Jericho fights back. Dropkick by Jericho. Ryback sends Jericho over the ropes to the apron and knocks him to the floor.  Series of punches by Ryback and Jericho thrown back in. Jericho with a kick. Knife edge chop to Ryback. Series of kicks by Jericho and Ryback pushes him away. Ryback beating Jericho down. Chinlock on Jericho. Jericho up to one knee fighting out of it. Irish whip by Ryback and a boot by Jericho. Jericho with a forearm and a kick to the head sending Ryback to the floor.


Ryback beating Jericho down stomping away at him.  Ryback with a stomp to the gut and an elbow drop. Waistlock by Ryback keeping Jericho grounded.  Jericho back to his feet punching away at Ryback. Spinebuster by Ryback. Ryback with a series of headbutts and bounces Jericho’s head off the mat. Necklock by Ryback. Jericho to his feet. Boot to Ryback. Shoulderblocks to Ryback and Ryback still on his feet. Double axehandle from the top rope by Jericho. Series of kicks to Ryback. Powerslam to Jericho. Ryback off the ropes misses with the splash. Jericho with the Lionsault. Military Press by Ryback. Jericho counters looking for the Codebreaker but Ryback counters with a powerbomb. Ryback picks Jericho up again and delivers another powerbomb. Slam by Ryback. Clothesline by Ryback. Ryback off the ropes and Jericho with a dropkick to the knees. Jericho looking for the Walls and Jericho kicks him away. Fallaway slam by Ryback. Meat Hook clothesline delivered to Jericho. Ryback picks Jericho up and sets up for Shell Shocked. Jericho counters into the Walls. Ryback tries to power out, reaching for the ropes. Jericho forced to break the hold. Jericho hits the Codebreaker sending Ryback to the outside. Jericho pushed into the barricade. Ryback picks Jericho up and plants him into the ring post as referee Scott Armstrong calls for the bell

The winner of the match by DQ: Chris Jericho

-End Show-

Source:  www.wrestlingnewssource.com