WWE SmackDown 06 07 2013

WWE SmackDown
Location: Long Island, NY
Date: June 7, 2013
Commentators: Josh Mathews, Michael Cole, and JBL

Welcome to this week’s Smackdown! The show begins with a teaser of what is to come tonight. A highlight is shown from the Paul Heyman and Chris Jericho contract signing for Payback. Jericho is officially set to face Punk at Payback, but faces Curtis Axel tonight. Also, The Shield defeated Daniel Bryan, Kane and Randy Orton on Raw. Daniel is still obsessed about being the weak link, so all three will be featured on Miz TV.

Miz makes his way to the ring.

Miz welcomes us to the show. Miz says his guests came the closest to defeating the Shield in a 6 Man Tag, but ended up having issues. Miz first welcomes Randy Orton. Miz then welcomes Team Hell No to the ring. All three enter, as Miz starts with Bryan. Miz speaks of how everyone considers Bryan the “weak link.” Daniel interrupts, saying he has something he would like to say. Daniel says he has had a lot of time to think, and knows Randy didn’t intentionally hit him. Also, Daniel says Kane is the best partner. Kane asks if he is done with the weak link stuff, but Miz speaks of Daniel taking out all three members of the Shield. Miz asks if he is getting the respect he thinks he deserves. Bryan says sometimes. Miz says others think he is a goat face. Orton tells Miz not to mess with him, as Kane says he is messed up. Kane says everyone respects him, as Orton says he loses some of it every time Daniel whines. Bryan asks Orton is he thinks he is a whiner. Bryan says the only reason he lost was because Orton got in his way. Kane says they should leave, as Daniel says he should have his back. Kane says he is getting tired of Daniel not trusting him. Daniel asks how many times the Shield attacked him or when Kane doesn’t defend him. Daniel also says he was forced to team with Kane. Bryan says if he had any other partner, he would be out of here. Kane leaves, telling Randy he is on his own. Miz asks if we witnessed the breakup of Team Hell No. Daniel says everyone will blame this on him, as he starts screaming no. Teddy Long interrupts.

Long tells Daniel that he sounds like someone with a lot to prove. Long says he will give Daniel a chance. Daniel Bryan will face Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, with Randy Orton as his partner.


Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring. Curtis Axel, with Paul Heyman, makes his way to the ring. Heyman gets on the mic, and introduces himself. Heyman goes on about Axel scoring victories over Triple H and WWE Champion John Cena. Axel says tonight, another former World Champion learns what it means to be perfect.

Chris Jericho vs. Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman

They lock up, as Axel locks in a Side Headlock. Jericho throws him against the ropes, as Curtis takes down Jericho. Axel continues running, and it taken down with a Dropkick. Jericho connects with chops in the corner. Jericho follows with kicks to the chest of Axel. Jericho is taken out with chops as he whips Jericho. Chris kicks a bowing Curtis, taking him to the floor with a Clothesline. Axel is then hit with a Dropkick through the ropes. Axel is thrown face first into the announce table. Jericho rolls Axel back into the ring. Axel kicks Jericho while coming back into the ring, following with a Rope Hung Neckbreaker. Pin, but a kick out.


Axel chops Jericho against the barricade. Both reenter the ring, as Axel pins Jericho. Kick out. Axel connects with a Snapmare, following with a Front Neck Snap. Pin, but a kick out. Axel locks in a Headlock. Jericho stands out, reversing into an Arm Drag. Jericho runs the ropes, connecting with shoulder. Jericho runs to the top rope, connecting with a Double Axe Handle. Jericho goes for the Walls, but Axel reverses. Jericho is sent into the corner, as he kicks an oncoming Curtis. Jericho connects with a Bulldog. Axel moves away from a Lionsault, following with a Running One Handed Breaker. Pin, but a kick out. Axel goes for a Stinger Splash, but Jericho moves. Chris goes top rope, connecting with a Crossbody. Pin, but a kick out. Jericho is kneed in the gut, as Axel goes for the Perfect-Plex. Jericho reverses into the Walls. Axel crawls, grabbing the bottom rope. Axel rolls to the apron, as he is hit with a Springboard Triangle Dropkick. CM Punk’s music plays during the match. Axel rolls up Jericho, picking up a win.

Winner: Curtis Axel via pinfall

Jericho runs back into the ring, attacking Axel. Jericho finishes with a Codebreaker.

Kane is walking backstage, as Ryback comes up to him. Ryback asks if he saw what he did to Daniel Bryan on Raw. Ryback says he would like to put Daniel through a table. Kane says Bryan is his partner, no matter how annoying. Kane says Kingston and Bryan were both put through a table, and challenges Ryback to do the same to him. Ryback tells Kane that he rules. Kane says he Tombstoned a priest, set a man on fire and buried his brother alive; finishing saying Ryback’s rules don’t apply to him.


A Wyatt Family vignette is shown.

Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio, as he makes his way to the ring.


3MB make their way to the ring. Before the match starts, all three members attack Alberto. Drew accidentally kicks Jinder, as Del Rio gets Drew out of the ring. Heath is taken down with a Cross Armbreaker, as Slater taps. Drew and Jinder get into the ring, as Ricardo jumps on Drew’s back. Both members are taken to the floor, as Ricardo Rodriguez dives of the top rope with a Suicide Plancha. 3MB retreats, as Del Rio celebrates in the ring with Ricardo.

Dolph Ziggler appears on satellite. Ziggler says Del Rio did a good job, for someone who isn’t him. Dolph says he didn’t come to the party without a present: him. Ziggler is medically cleared to compete, and will on this week’s Raw.


Kane makes his way to the ring. Ryback makes his way to the ring in an ambulance.

Kane vs. Ryback

They lock up, but back up. They lock up again, as Ryback takes Kane into the corner. They push each other, as Kane throws punches. Ryback is thrown against the ropes, as he takes out Kane with a shoulder. Ryback misses with a Leg Drop, as Kane follows with a Basement Dropkick. Pin, but a kick out. Ryback picks up Kane, doing a Military Press Slam. Ryback kicks Kane, who is down to the mat. Ryback continues with the attack, but is whipped. Ryback kicks Kane, as he goes for a move. Kane reverses into a Chokeslam. Ryback gets away, throwing fists. Kane takes Ryback to the corner, connecting with a Sidewalk Slam. Pin, but a kick out. Kane whips Ryback, but is reverses. Kane delivers a Flowing DDT to Ryback. Ryback is thrown to the floor, as Kane follows. Kane is sent into the barricade by Ryback. Kane has his head smashes into the barricade. Ryback pulls out a table, putting it in the ring. Kane goes top rope, but misses with the Flying Lariat. Kane is planted with a Spinebuster. Ryback goes for the Meat Hook, but is taken out with a Chokeslam. Pin, but Ryback grabs the ropes. Kane sets up the table and goes to put Ryback through it. Ryback claws Kane’s eyes. Kane is planted through the table with a Powerbomb.

Winner: Kane via disqualification


Damien Sandow is in the ring. Sandow speaks of attempting to engage Sheamus intellectually. Sandow says he fails because he isn’t his intellectual equal. Sandow asks who is his equal, as he says no one. Sandow mocks their universities, saying he has seen preschools with higher standards. Sandow says everyone is checkered minded living in a chess world. Sandow introduces the only thing that matches his intellect, a super computer; Deep Blue. The computer thanks Sandow, as he yells at it to be silent. Sandow says he hopes everyone will learn. Sandow says he was a chess champion at age 8. The computer says it was an excellent move, as he yells that he knows it was. Sheamus interrupts.

Sandow says he is pre-occupied. Sheamus says this is the most impressive challenge yet. Sandow is just moves away from beating the computer. Sheamus says he felt it just, to bring his own challenge. Sheamus says he bets he can beat the computer in one move. Sandow says he is on television, and asks him not to embarrass himself. Sandow allows it. Sheamus says Sandow is so quick witted, as he is making comments during the game. Sheamus Brogue Kicks the computer, as Damien tends to the broken monitor. Sandow attacks Sheamus, throwing Sheamus into the table that is set up. Sandow says “You’re Welcome” as he walks away.

Backstage, Orton and Bryan speak about Kane being attack by Ryback. Orton says all problems need to be set aside, so they beat the Shield. Bryan tells Orton to stay out of his way, but Orton reminds him that he doesn’t like him.


Another Wyatt Family vignette is shown.

Fandango makes his way to the ring. Zack Ryder makes his way to the ring.

Fandango w/ Summer Rae vs. Zack Ryder

Fandango throws punches to Ryder, whipping him. Fandango connects with a Spinning Wheel Kick. Fandango follows with knees to the head. Ryder kicks Fandango, following with a Facebuster. Ryder knees an oncoming Fandango from the corner, following with a Missile Dropkick. Ryder connects with the Broski Boot. Pin, but a kick out. Ryder goes for the Rough Ryder, but is hit with a Powerbomb. Fandango connects with a Diving Leg Drop for the win.

Winner: Fandango via pinfall


A video package highlighting Ryback is shown.

Natalya is backstage, as she talks with Kaitlyn. They speak of meeting Kaitlyn’s secret admirer on Raw, next week. Natalya says the guy could be a total creep, as Natalya said if that was true, he would be texting Natalya.

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns make their way to the ring.


Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring. Randy Orton makes his way to the ring.

WWE Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton

Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan start off, as Daniel locks in a Side Headlock. Rollins is thrown into the ropes, as he is taken out with kicks. Daniel locks in a Romero Stretch, smashing the knees to the mat. A kick to the chest of Rollins follows. Daniel smashes a twist arm on his shoulder. Daniel throws knees to Rollin’s ribs. Daniel pins Rollins, but a kick out. Seth elbows Daniel in the face, but is taken out with a Dropkick. Daniel is backed into the corner, as Roman is tagged. Reigns connects with punches in the corner. Reigns takes down Bryan with a headbutt and tags Rollins. Seth connects with stomps, tagging Reigns again. Roman whips Rollins into Daniel, as he elbows Bryan in the face. Seth throws Bryan into Roman, as he connects with a Flying Forearm. Pin, but a kick out. Roman locks in a Headlock. Roman takes out Daniel in the corner. Daniel connects with a Drop toe Hold to Roman, as he goes into the turnbuckles. Orton and Rollins are tagged, as Randy connects with a Scoop Slam. Orton sends Rollins to the apron, connecting with a Rope Hung DDT. Roman drags Rollins out of the ring.


Roman chokes Randy against the ropes. Rollins throws in a cheap shot. Pin by Roman, but a kick out. Reigns locks in a Rear Chinlock. Orton stands out, throwing elbows. Orton connects with a Back Suplex. Rollins is tagged, as he stomps away on Orton. Roman is tagged, as he continues the attack. Rollins is tagged, as he is whipped into Orton. Randy kicks Seth, and dodges Reigns attack. Roman is sent into the ring post, as Seth is planted. Daniel Bryan connects with a Double Missile Dropkick. Bryan throws kicks to both Roman and Seth. Pin to Rollins, but a kick out. Daniel continues the kicks in the corner. Daniel does a backflip out of the corner, following with a German Suplex to Seth. Rollins rolls to the floor, as Daniel connects with a Suicide Dive. Daniel throws Seth back in, hitting him with the Flying Goat. Pin, but a kick out. Orton connects with an RKO to Roman, who is in the ring. Seth takes Orton to the corner, as Daniel goes to Dropkick him. Rollins moves, as Orton is kicked in the face. Daniel is rolled up, but reverses into the No Lock. Dean Ambrose interferes.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton via disqualification

After the match, Daniel takes out the members of the Shield. Daniel goes to start a yes chant, but is taken out with an RKO. Orton stands over Bryan to end the show.

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