WWE SmackDown 06 21 2013

WWE SmackDown
Location: Toledo, OH
Date: June 21, 2013
Commentators: Josh Mathews, Michael Cole, and JBL

Welcome to this week’s SmackDown! The show begins with a highlight from Payback, showing all the victories.

Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring. Bryan speaks of Raw, saying in his 13 years as a wrestler, he has never had a match stopped due to injury. When asked if he could continue, he said yes. However, officials didn’t agree. They claimed they were concerned for his health, but they think he is not tough enough and is the weak link. Bryan says that is not even the worst part. Bryan says Randy Orton decided to pick him up, and pat him on the head, like a dog. Orton said it was okay, but Bryan said he only saw pity in his eyes. Bryan doesn’t care about anybody, and will prove the weak link. Bryan says he will beat Randy Orton, and starts a yes chant. Randy Orton interrupts.

Orton says Bryan has it wall wrong. Orton says the match was stopped because they were concerned, but he kept fighting because he had too. Orton says he got a lot of respect for him, and picked him up with the same respect. Bryan asks not to be patronized, and can see the pity. Bryan says he will prove his strength once again, take his respect, and shove it down Orton’s throat. Orton agrees to a match, but promises that he will be carried out. Orton tells him to respect that, as he walks away.

Sheamus makes his way to the ring.


Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring, with Damien Sandow.

Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes w/ Damien Sandow

Rhodes throws kicks, bringing Sheamus to the corner. Rhodes is sent into the corner himself, as he is hit with a Suplex. Pin, but a kick out. Sheamus gets the arm of Rhodes, but is kicked into the corner. Sheamus reverses a whip from Cody, picking him up. Rhodes gets to the top rope, as Sheamus does a Snapmare. Rhodes is sent to the floor. Sheamus follows, but is tripped by Rhodes. Cody slams Sheamus into the ring post and barricade, before getting back into the ring. Sheamus rolls back int the ring, as Rhodes continues the attack. Rhodes ties the arm of Sheamus in the ropes. In the corner, Sheamus fighting out with fists. Cody catches the arm, bringing it down with an Arm Breaker. Rhodes follows with a Shining Wizard. Pin, but a kick out. Rhodes locks the shoulder, as Sheamus stands out. Cody is sent into the corner. Sheamus charges, but Rhodes rolls him up. Kick out by Sheamus. Rhodes has Sheamus on the apron, as he is almost hit with a Battering Ram. Rhodes reverses it into a deep Arm Bar. Sheamus stands out, but is thrown into the ropes. Sheamus gets fired up, taking out Rhodes with a shoulder. Sheamus goes for a knee, but Cody dodges. White Noise almost follows, but is put into a Rolling Senton. Sheamus kicks Sandow from the apron, following with a Battering Ram. A Knee Lift follows, as Sheamus goes for White Noise. Rhodes reverses it into a Roll Up. Sheamus gets out, locking in the Cloverleaf for the win.

Winner: Sheamus via submission

After the match, Sandow attacks Sheamus from behind. Sandow assaults Sheamus, quickly getting out of the ring.

A Wyatt Family vignette is shown.

Curtis Axel makes his way to the ring, with Paul Heyman.


Wade Barrett is in the ring.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Curtis Axel (c) w/ Paul Heyman vs. Wade Barrett

The two lock up, as Curtis Axel was backed into the corner. Axel pushes him away, as they lock up again. Barret backs Axel into the corner, this time throwing kicks. Barrett connects with a Snapmare, following with an Elbow Drop. Pin, but a kick out. Barrett runs the ropes, but is greeted with a Dropkick. Axel throws elbows to the back of Barrett. Axel continues the flurry of elbows, with one off the second rope. Pin, but a kick out. Axel stomps in Barrett, and charges at Wade. Barrett does a Drop Toe Hold, sending Axel face first into the turn buckle. Barrett gets the upperhand with a Suplex. Pin, but a kick out. Wade chokes Axel in the ropes with a knee. Barrett sits Axel in the ropes, throwing knees to the face. A running Big Boot follows. Barrett follows Axel to the floor, sending his back into the apron. Barrett throws Axel back in the ring, following. Axel whips Wade, but gets it reversed. Axel goes for a Perfect-Plex, but Barrett gets out. Wade follows with another Big Boot. Pin, but a kick out. Wade attempts an Elbow Drop, but Axel moves. Curtis connects with a Front Flipping Neckbreaker, following with a Single-Armed Swinging Neckbreaker.

Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel via pinfall

Miz gets in the ring, locking eyes with Axel. Heyman backs him out of the ring, as he and Curtis leave.


Mark Henry’s retirement speech is shown, which ended with Henry giving Cena the World’s Strongest Slam. Also, an interview of Mark Henry challenging John Cena is shown.

AJ Lee makes his way to the ring, with Big E Langston.


Natalya is already in the ring.

WWE Diva’s Champion AJ Lee vs. Natalya

Natalya pushes AJ multiple times. AJ is hit with a Dropkick, following a Snapmare. Natalya goes for the Sharp Shooter, but instead locks in a Reverse Figure Four. AJ grabs the rope, breaking the hold. Natalya is put in the corner, as AJ locks in a Sleeper Hold. Natalya backs her into the corner, but is kicked. Pin, but a kick out.


Natalya connects with a Suplex. AJ is whipped, but kicks Natalya. Lee is then hit with a Discus Lariat. Pin, but a kick out. Natalya picks up AJ, but is locked in the Black Widow.

Winner: AJ Lee via submission

Backstage, Kaitlyn attacks Aksana after calling her trash. Natalya then dumps garbage all over Aksana.

Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring. Alberto Del Rio makes his way to the ring.

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Chris Jericho

The two lock up, as Alberto locks in a Side Headlock. Jericho pushes him against the ropes, but is taken out with a shoulder. Jericho connecters with a Dropkick. Jericho takes Del Rio to the corner, with kicks. Del Rio is choked against the ropes. Jericho follows with a knee to the back of the head of Alberto. pin, but a kick out. Jericho chops Alberto in the corner. Jericho runs to Del Rio, but is taken out with a kick. Alberto runs the ropes, connecting with a kick to the shoulder. Jericho is kicked in the chest, as he falls against the ropes. Del Rio goes for a Dropkick, but falls through the ropes. Jericho connects with a Springboard Triangle Dropkick. Jericho then Dropkicks Del Rio with a Baseball Slide. Jericho pushes Del Rio in the barricade. Del Rio is rolled back into the ring, as Jericho follows. Chris is greeted with a Superkick to the side of the head.


Jericho whips Del Rio into the corner, as he dives towards him. Del Rio moves, as Jericho is sent to the floor. Alberto then throws Jericho into barricade. Kicks follow. Del Rio throws Jericho back into the ring, pinning him. Kick out. Del Rio shoulders Jericho in the corner, charging after him. Jericho moves, as Del Rio meets the ring post. Jericho connects with shoulder tackles. Jericho goes top rope, connecting with a Double Axe Handle. Jericho goes for the Walls, but Del Rio reverses. Alberto connects with a kick to the head of Jericho. Pin, but a kick out. Del Rio goes for an Enziguri, but Jericho moves. Alberto is hit with a Diving Crossbody. Pin, but a kick out. Jericho connects with a Bulldog. Jericho connects with the Lionsault. Pin, but a kick out. Del Rio kicks Jericho in the gut, then going for a Cross Armbreaker. Jericho goes for the Walls, but Del Rio locks in the Cross Armbreaker. Jericho gets out, locking in the Walls. Rodriguez gets on the apron, as Jericho throws him the ring. Jericho locks in a Liontamer to Ricardo, as he taps. Dolph Ziggler gets in the ring, attacking Alberto.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio via disqualification

Alberto and Ricardo run into the crowd, as Jericho delivers a Codebreaker to Ziggler. Jericho walks away, as Alberto and Ricardo get back in the ring. Ricardo grabs Ziggler, as Del Rio connects with a Superkick to the head of Ziggler.


Drew McIntyre is in the ring, with 3MB. Christian makes his way to the ring.

Christian vs. Drew McIntyre w/ Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal

Christian locks in a Waist Lock, throwing Drew to the floor. Drew is hit with a Dropkick through the ropes. Christian throws McIntyre back into the ring. A Drop Toe Hold follows, as Christian connects with a slap from the floor. Christian gets in the ring with a Crossbody, but is caught by Drew. McIntyre connects with a Spinning Side Slam. Pin, but a kick out. Christian is taken in the corner, as he connects with a Spinning European Uppercut. Christian quickly goes to the floor, taking out Slater on the apron. Drew goes for a Back Suplex, as he is distracted by Jinder. Christian gets out, connecting with a Killswitch.

Winner: Christian via pinfall

Christian says after 10 months, it has been a damn good feeling being on Smackdown again. Christian says in front of his peeps he is looking for one more match. The Shield interrupts, attacking Christian. They finish the assault with a Triple Powerbomb.


A CM Punk video package is shown. It ends showing the return of Brock Lesnar, as he attacked CM Punk with an F5.

Backstage, Renee Young speaks with Paul Heyman. Young asks about Brock Lesnar’s attack on CM Punk. Heyman begins asking about her family. Heyman then says that Punk said he was still his best friend. Rather than continue, Heyman puts over Curtis Axel still Intercontinental Champion.

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring.


Daniel Bryan is already in the ring.

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

Daniel connects with a running high knee, taking Orton to the corner. Bryan connects with a flurry of kicks. Orton reverses, taking Daniel into the corner with fists. A European Uppercut follows. Orton stomps on Daniel’s leg. Orton then takes Daniel to the corner with headbutts. Bryan fights back with fists of his own. Daniel goes for a Suplex, but Orton reverses into one. Daniel has his head stomped on. Orton goes for a Knee Drop, but is kicked in the leg. Bryan locks in a Leg Bar, as Orton transitions it into a Side Headlock. Daniel grabs Orton, hitting him with a Knee Breaker. Daniel goes for the No Lock, but Orton reverses into a Sidewalk Slam. Orton throws Daniel, gut first, into the ropes. Orton goes to the floor, and then the apron. Orton goes for a Suplex, but Bryan fights out. Orton snaps the neck of Bryan into the ropes. Orton then connects with a Suplex from the apron.


Bryan is taken out with a Dropkick. Pin, but a kick out. Orton sits Daniel on the top rope, connecting with a headbutt. Orton follows him up, as he goes for a Superplex. Daniel gets out with a headbutt of his own. Daniel then connects with a Missile Dropkick. Both are down. Bryan kips up, connecting with a Dropkick to a cornered Orton. Multiple kicks to the chest of Orton follow. Daniel connects with another Missile Dropkick. Pin, but a kick out. Daniel is whipped into the corner, as he backflips out. Daniel is then hit with a Scoop Slam. Pin, but a kick out. Daniel connects with a Backslide, as Orton kicks out. Daniel throws many kicks to the chest of Orton, following with a Roundhouse to the head. Pin, but a kick out. Daniel goes top rope, but is tripped up. Orton follows him up, connecting with a Superplex. Pin, but a kick out. Daniel is thrown to the apron,as Orton connects with a Rope Hung DDT. Orton goes for an RKO, but Daniel rolls to the floor. Orton connects with a Back Suplex to Daniel on the barricade. Orton goes for a DDT from the apron, but Daniel backs him into the barricade. Daniel follows with a knee to the head of Orton. Daniel gets back in the ring, but gets out with a Suicide Dive. Daniel gets back in the ring first, as Orton is counted out.

Winner: Daniel Bryan via count out

Bryan is outraged, saying he will not take a count out victory. Bryan and the ref begin exchanging yes and no chants as the show ends.

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