WWE SmackDown 07 26 2013

WWE SmackDown
Location: Corpus Christi, TX
Date: July 26, 2013
Commentators: Josh Mathews, Michael Cole, and JBL

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. Damien Sandow makes his way to the ring. Damien Sandow introduces himself as the uncrowned World Heavyweight Champion. Sandow declares himself the Intellectual Savior of Money in the Bank.

Mr. Money in the Bank Randy Orton vs. Mr. Money in the Bank Damien Sandow

They lock up, as Sandow applies a Side Headlock in. Orton backs Sandow into the ropes, as he runs them. Sandow is taken out with a Back Elbow from Orton. They lock up again, as Sandow does a Side Headlock Takeover. Orton reverses into a Headscissors. Sandow gets out, and puts in another Side Headlock. Orton is backed into the corner, as he is attacked by Sandow. Orton throws Sandow into the corner, hitting as Clothesline. Orton hypes the crowd, and does it once more. Orton connects with a Suplex. Pin, but a kick out. Orton stomps away at Sandow, then going for a Knee Drop. Sandow moves away, as Sandow takes the attack to Orton. Fists are thrown, as Sandow is whipped. Orton sends Sandow over the ropes with his momentum. Orton rolls out of the ring, grabbing Sandow. A European Uppercut is hit to Sandow. A Back Suplex on the barricade follows. Both men reenter the ring, as Sandow is covered. Kick out. Orton is backed into the corner, having his gut hit with shoulders. Sandow takes his foot to Orton’s throat after some stomps. Orton punches Sandow into the corner, connecting with a European Uppercut. Sandow rolls to the apron, but snaps Orton’s neck on the ropes. Sandow pins, but a kick out.


Orton is in the corner, throwing fists to Sandow. Another Uppercut follows. Sandow reverses Orton’s whip, driving his knee into Orton’s gut. Sandow throws Orton onto the ropes, stomach first. Pin, but a kick out. Sandow takes the attack to Orton’s midsection with knees and stomps. Pin, but a kick out. Sandow locks in a Body Scissors to Orton. Orton goes to fight out, but is pinned. Kick out. Orton has multiple knees driven into his gut. A Russian Legsweep follows. Sandow connects with the Elbow of Distain, and pins. A kick-out. Sandow pins again, but another kick out. Sandow locks in another Body Scissors to Orton. Sandow is hit with fists, after Orton reverses the hold. Orton and Sandow trade fists in the middle of the ring. Orton is thrown into the corner, but comes out with a Clothesline. Sandow is whipped, as Orton connects with a Scoop Slam. Pin, but a kick out. Sandow is hit with an Uppercut, as he rolls to the apron. Orton goes for a Rope Hung DDT, but Sandow reverses it. Orton is sent to the floor. Cody Rhodes comes to the ring, taking Sandow’s briefcase. This distracts Sandow, as he is hit with an RKO.

Winner: Randy Orton via pinfall

Rhodes walks away, taking the Money in the Bank with him.

CM Punk is shown walking backstage.


CM Punk makes his way to the ring. Punk says the he has gotten what he wants, as he has his match at SummerSlam. Punk says he is told that he fell into a trap, but knows Paul Heyman well enough. Punk says for years, Heyman taught him and mentored him to be the dirtiest player in the game. Punk will take what he learned, and target Lesnar’s weakness. Punk says that he has the same weakness. Heyman himself. Punk says Brock will fall because of him. Heyman’s biggest problem was his ego. Punk says he was helped, but not for Punk’s sake, but for Heyman’s sake. Punk says he was merely a horse in the race, like Lesnar. Punk says he will take everything from Heyman. At SummerSlam, Punk will beat Brock with everything he has…

Fandango interrupts, dancing to the ring with Summer Rae. Punk attacks Fandango upon entering the ring, and takes a GTS before rolling to the floor. Punk leaves the ring, scooting Fandango out of the way with his foot.


The Primetime Players and Wade Barrett are in the ring. Mark Henry makes his way to the ring. The Usos make their way to the ring.

Mark Henry and The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) vs. Wade Barrett and The Primetime Players (Darren Young and Titus O’Neil)

Jey and Darren lock up, as Darren locks in an Arm Bar. A Side Headlock follows, as Jey pushes him away. Darren is taken out with Double Chops. Jimmy is tagged, as he slaps Young in the face. Darren is thrown into the corner, and hit some more. Jimmy goes for some corner punches, but Titus kicks him in the head. Wade is tagged, as he connects with a Lariat. Wade lays Jimmy in the corner, connecting with a knee to the gut. Pin, but a kick out. Titus is tagged, as he connects with an Elbow Drop. Titus locks in a Headlock. Jimmy gets out, but is caught from Titus. Jimmy is hit with a Fallaway Slam. Jimmy gets up, going for a kick. Titus catches, but Jimmy connects with a Swinging Enziguri. Henry is tagged, as he takes out the opponents. Barrett and Young eat Superkicks from the Usos, while Titus gets the World’s Strongest Slam.

Winners: Mark Henry and The Usos


Backstage, Vickie Guerrero is talking on the phone. Alberto Del Rio walks in, congratulating her on her position. Del Rio says Guerrero owes him the opportunity to pick his opponent for SummerSlam. RVD enters, saying the answer is obvious. Alberto says it doesn’t work that way, and must prove himself. RVD says that is a great idea, and will beat him tonight.

Sandow is backstage, looking for Cody Rhodes. Sandow comes across Sin Cara, but to no help.

RVD makes his way to the ring.


Alberto Del Rio makes his way to the ring.

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam

RVD takes Alberto to the corner with fists. Del Rio is whipped, as he grabs the ropes. RVD runs after him, but Del Rio rolls to the floor. Del Rio gets on the apron, as RVD runs to him. Del Rio backs away once again. This happens once again, but Del Rio runs back when RVD is turned. RVD ducks a Clothesline, as he is hit with a Spinning Wheel Kick. Del Rio is backed in the corner, as he starts begging to the ref. Del Rio says that he is injured, as RVD comes after him. The ref pushes RVD back, as Del Rio connects with a Superkick. Del Rio covers and wins.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio via pinfall

Sandow continues to look for Cody backstage. Sandow interrupts Booker T and Mark Henry speaking. Booker asks if he is kidding. Henry says he hasn’t seen Rhodes. Sandow says Booker is the General Manager, or used to be. Booker gets furious, as Sandow leaves.

AJ and Big E make their way to the ring.


AJ says she is out to clear the air. AJ says everyone thinks she is a nudge away from a breakdown. AJ says she had her heart ripped out and stomped on by Dolph Ziggler. AJ says she is fine, because she is the Diva’s Champion. AJ she will never leave the title. AJ says she will prove she is fine. AJ holds her keys, saying she has one to Dolph’s home. Instead of burning it to the ground, she says she will let go with them. Dolph interrupts.

Ziggler says the locks have been changed a couple time since her. AJ says he has not been the smart one in the relationship. AJ has Ziggler’s bag of luggage. Ziggler says everything in the ring is totally replaceable. AJ cuts up his driver’s license and passport, but he says that is replaceable. AJ rips up his money and credit cards. Lee goes through his bag, throwing his gear. AJ grabs one of her own shirts, as she becomes quiet. AJ losses it, hitting Big E and running out of the ring. Ziggler tells AJ to look out, as she take a Spear from Kaitlyn. Big E goes to help her up, but takes a Fameasser on the floor.


Tons of Funk is in the ring. The Wyatt Family makes their way to the ring.

Wyatt Family (Luke Harper and Erick Rowan) w/ Bray Wyatt vs. Tons of Funk (Brodus Clay and Tensai) w/ The Funkadactyls

Harper attacks Tensai in the corner. Tensai fights back with a Lariat. Pin, but Rowan attacks Tensai. Clay gets in the ring, but is attacked by Rowan. Erick drags Tensai to the corner, as Harper connects with a Lariat in the corner. Rowan tags, as Harper connects with another Lariat. Rowan finishes with a Splash for the win.

Winners: Wyatt Family via pinfall

Wyatt enters the ring, connecting with a Sister Abigail to Tensai. Wyatt says he has always been waiting for Kane. Wyatt says he isn’t a hard man to follow. Wyatt says follow the buzzards.


Backstage, Sandow asks Guerrero if she has seen him. Guerrero says he should give it time, but Sandow says he doesn’t have time.

Christian makes his way to the ring. Jack Swagger makes his way to the ring. Colter asks if he is in Texas or Northern Mexico. Colter says everyone should stop crossing our border. Colter also says he feels Christian has over stayed his welcome.

Christian vs. Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter

They lock up, as Christian is taken down with a Slam. Swagger does pushups on Christian. Swagger takes Christian to the corner and pushes him, but eats a slap. Christian is picked up as he gets out with a Sunset Flip. Swagger throws him to the corner. Christian catches Swagger running the ropes, and guides him over the ropes. Christian dives on him with a Slingshot Plancha. Both men reenter the ring.


Swagger runs to a cornered Christian, but is hit with a Pendulum Kick. Christian goes top rope, and connects with a Missile Dropkick. Christian runs the ropes, taking Swagger into the ropes. Christian jumps to the floor, slapping Swagger. Christian misses with a Crossbody, as Swagger grabs him. Christian goes for a Killswitch, but does a Reverses DDT instead. Christian calls for a Spear, but Swagger runs to him. Christian moves, as he connects with a Diving European Uppercut. Christian goes for the Killswitch, but Swagger reverses it into a mat slam. Swagger goes for a Swagger Bomb, but Christian gets his knees up. Christian then connects with a Sunset Flip. Pin, but a kick out. Swagger connects with a Patriot Lock. Christian gets out, connecting with a Killswitch.

Winner: Christian via pinfall

Damien Sandow makes his way to the ring, grabbing a mic. Sandow says when the authorities arrive, he will issue a warrant. Sandow also wants Guerrero to fire him. Rhodes appears on the Titantron. Rhodes says he isn’t in the arena; he is standing in front of the Gulf of Mexico. Rhodes says he will wait for Sandow to come get it. Sandow runs out of the ring. Sandow is shown running backstage.


Sandow makes his way out of the arena. Sandow runs across the street to Rhodes. Sandow tells him to wait and not do anything stupid. Sandow says they were best friends, and was carried by Rhodes when they were a team. Sandow says Rhodes is smarter and has better facial hair. Sandow says Rhodes is more handsome than him. Rhodes says he has earned it, as he throws it in the water. Sandow calls for help, saying he can’t swim. Sandow dives in the water, but floats to the surface. Sandow crawls to the shore, spitting up water. Sandow starts crying and coughing, as the show ends.

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