WWE SmackDown 12 31 2015


WWE SmackDown
Location: Washington, DC
Date: December 31, 2015

We go back to Monday Night RAW, where Vince McMahon confronted Roman Reigns after being Superman Punched right off the apron two weeks prior. “You don’t get it, I own this ring, I own that (the WWE title)…and you’re just one generation away from a bone in your nose!” Roman shoves Vince, leading to Steph trying to get security to arrest Roman…but things backfire on the McMahons when Vince gets angry at security, leading to HIS arrest instead! Meanwhile, John Cena‘s return to RAW is ruined by the League of Nations during his match against Alberto Del Rio, before Roman makes the save. Vince returns from the slammer to announce that next week, Roman Reigns defends the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Sheamus…and Vince is the special guest referee! With this, the SmackDown intro (featuring New Year’s fireworks) bring us to the last SmackDown of 2015 featuring a big tag match as Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose take on Sheamus and Kevin Owens!


The New Day make their way out to the ring with an updated TitanTron, as we go back to Monday Night RAW where Big E injured Sin Cara during their match. Back in the ring, Xavier says that New Year’s is their favorite time of year. Every day is a New Day, but New Year’s Day is a special New Day. Big E says New Year’s Eve is a time of reflection, for celebration, and for resolution, and our very first resolution of 2016 is…NOBODY! (Meaning nothing) Xavier says our resolution is nothing because we’re perfect! We’re the WWE Tag Team Champions! It’s not us who need a resolution or to change, it’s the WWE Universe that needs to change. Kofi says in 2015, the New Day was greatness personified from the tip of our unicorn heads to the bottom of our winged feet, but we did not win the Slammy for Tag Team of the Year! We realized that in 2016, nothing will change unless you, the WWE Universe, learns to appreciate greatness! Big E says to prevent a catastrophe like the Slammys; we have compiled a list of resolutions for you people! Resolution number 1…Kofi says everyone in the WWE Universe will need to wear glasses and hearing aids so they can see and hear greatness! Xavier says resolution 2 is that the WWE Universe will need to keep a New Day journal, simply because we give you a smorgasbord of greatness each and every night, and in order to not forget anything you’ll need to write it down. Big E says resolution 3 is each and every morning, you should have a spring in your booty and a song in your heart…and that song is “New…Day Rocks! New Day Rocks!” They’re interrupted by the Lucha Dragons, as Kalisto begins to speak: the WWE Universe knows what they’re doing. You three deserve each other, and the Slammys are for the people! Sin Cara cuts a promo in Spanish (something about their heart, I think) before challenging the New Day to a match here tonight! The New Day laugh at this, pointing out Sin Cara’s injury before Kalisto says they have friends of their own. Since this is New Year’s, let’s get this party started! The Dudley Boyz come out with a table that says “Happy New Year” on it, much to the chagrin of New Day as we go to a special New Year’s greeting from Ryback, who wishes us a happy New Year and says his resolution is to help those who aren’t as fortunate and to give to local charities. With this we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, the match is underway!

WWE tag team champions The New Day vs. The Dudley Boyz and Kalisto

D’Von and Xavier start things off by locking up, and D’Von gets Xavier in a headlock before taking him down for a near fall. Xavier retreats to the corner before looking for the right hand, but D’Von responds with one of his own before taking Xavier down with a shoulder block and a body slam before an elbow drop for the near fall. Bubba tags in and he and D’Von drop Xavier before Bubba goes to work on him. Xavier escapes, tagging in Big E who brings Bubba down and again with a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. He tags in Kofi, who hits a kick to the gut before taking Bubba to the corner. Bubba gets out, hitting a big bionic elbow on Kofi as New Day come in break things up. Bubba takes out the rest of New Day, and with D’Von assisting Bubba; Kalisto hits the headbutt to the groin of Kofi thus reliving the Attitude Era to the delight of the crowd. Kalisto comes after Kofi on the apron, but Big E grabs him by the arm driving the shoulder to the apron. Kofi brings Kalisto back into the ring and New Day do the carousel tag as they stomp away at Kalisto! At ringside, Xavier grabs the trombone as Kofi hits a dropkick on Kalisto in the corner. Kofi goes for a cover and gets a near fall, as he puts a sleeper hold on Kalisto. Kalisto gets out, knocking down the New Day but Big E gets the tag and Kofi whips Kalisto right into a huge clothesline by Big E! New Day celebrating in the corner as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Xavier kicks Kalisto down for a near fall before getting a sleeper in on Kalisto, who powers out until Xavier drops him face first for a near fall. Kalisto is snapmared by Xavier, who tags in Kofi and brings Kalisto down as Kofi hits a leg drop before tagging in Big E, who slams Kalisto with a big splash and a cover…but Kalisto kicks out! Kalisto starts to fight back, evading Big E before tagging in Bubba Ray who goes wild on New Day! Xavier whips Bubba, but D’Von tags in as Bubba kicks Xavier in the gut before the Dudleys hit the 3D on him! D’Von hits Kofi with a clothesline and Xavier with a sidewalk slam. D’Von tags in Bubba, who tags Kalisto, who climbs atop Bubba’s shoulders before dropping Xavier and plants HIM face first! Big E comes into the ring, only to be taken out with a 3D by the Dudleys. Kofi comes in, but Kalisto hits Salida Del Sol for the win!

Winners via pinfall: The Dudley Boyz and Kalisto

They celebrate in the ring before Bubba brings the table into the ring. The crowd is chanting for the table as D’Von hoists Xavier onto Bubba, who delivers the powerbomb through the table to the delight of the crowd! Lucha Dragons and the Dudleys celebrate again as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Goldust is in the ring as Tyler Breeze makes his way for this match!

Goldust vs. Tyler Breeze

The match starts with Goldust taking Breeze to the corner, but Breeze quickly turns things around before Goldust intimidates him. Back in the corner, Goldust gives a hard chop and takes him to the other corner, but Tyler catches him off-guard before dropping his arm on the middle rope. Breeze hard at work on the arm now, dropping a leg on it for the cover and a near fall as the crowd chants for Goldust. Breeze gets caught with a spinebuster by Goldust, who drops Breeze with a couple clotheslines before Breeze counters a slap to the face but Goldust gets a near fall all the same. Goldust hitting away at Breeze in the corner, hitting an inverted atomic drop before Breeze retreats to the outside for a breather. He grabs the arm of Goldust, slamming it on the steel post. Back in the ring, Goldust hits a right hand but is driven headfirst into the steel post as Breeze gets the cover. He gets his feet up on the ropes for a three count and the win!

Winner via pinfall: Tyler Breeze

After the match, Summer comes into the ring with a mic and a big announcement. In a year that had big announcements, this is bigger and a shocker. Tyler says to celebrate the New Year, Summer Rae and myself have decided to go our separate ways. We’re not that cruel, we’re gonna leave you with one last gorgeous selfie! They take said selfie as commentary hypes up The Usos vs. Braun Strowman and Luke Harper, up next!


Back from commercial, commentary hypes up the announcement that The Rock is going to be at Wrestlemania 32! Backstage, Bo Dallas is walking around wearing a party hat when he finds Curtis Axel. You’ve had a terrible year, but you can turn it all around! You just need to write a New Year’s Re-BO-lution! Curtis says he was never eliminated from the 2015 Royal Rumble, and when I’m not eliminated from it again in 2016, I’ll be in it two years straight! And then I’m gonna go to Wrestlemania and wrestle for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship! I’m making history every day, son! Bo Dallas says that’s nice, but how about you wear deodorant every day for 2016? Start low and you’ll be amazed how high you’ll soar if you just BOlieve! Bo walks down the hallway, where he sees a woman and says he already knows her Re-BO-lution, and gives her his autograph on her hand telling her to BOlieve before he walks down the hall some more. Dolph calls out to Bo, saying he’s got a Re-BO-lution for Bo…maybe stop dressing like the New Year’s baby. Bo says as usual, Dolph is trying to make a joke but isn’t saying anything funny. That’s okay, that’s a Re-BO-lution we can work on together! He rests a hand on Dolph, who pushes it off and lets Bo know to be ready for his match against Dolph. Remember, all you have to do…he walks away, and fakes doing a superkick…is BOlieve! Dolph walks away as we go back to ringside, where The Usos are making their entrance. Next out are the Wyatt Family as we go to commercial.


The Usos vs. Braun Strowman and Luke Harper

Back from commercial, Luke Harper starts things off against attacking Jimmy Uso before he gets the tag to Jey. Jey is distracted by Braun and falls into a slam by Harper for a near fall. Tag to Jimmy, and Braun tags in and begins wrecking Jimmy something fierce, hitting one hard body slam after another and tagging in Harper, who drives Jimmy right into the middle rope and gets a near fall. He goes to work on the legs, keeping Jimmy trapped as he tags in Braun. Braun drives a knee into the throat, and as both men are in the corner Jimmy fights back but is driven into the mat with a belly to belly slam. Braun puts the pressure on Jimmy’s shoulder, but Jimmy grabs Braun’s beard to get up. Braun responds with another hard hit before tagging in Harper, who goes to work on Jimmy before the Uso hits a hard kick on Harper! Tag to Strowman now, but Jimmy gets out of the way and gets the hot tag to Jey! Jey unleashes some offense on Harper, finishing with a Samoan drop on the former Intercontinental Champion! Harper is in the corner as Jey sets up for a running hip attack for a near fall. Braun tags in as Harper is brought out of the ring, with Jimmy coming in with a superkick on Strowman. He hits one on Rowan too, but a second superkick on Strowman is blocked as Braun locks in his submission hold for the win!

Winners via submission: Braun Strowman and Luke Harper

We get a replay of the finish as the Wyatts stand over the Usos. Commentary hypes up the return of John Cena to SmackDown next week before hyping up the big tag match later tonight as Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose take on Sheamus and Kevin Owens as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we get a countdown of the 8 WWE Superstars and Divas you love to hate, from 8 to 5 with the top 4 to be revealed on RAW this Monday. Back at ringside, Bo Dallas is already in the ring as Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring.

Alicia Fox and Brie Bella defeated Naomi and Tamina

At the end of a year that gave rise to the Divas Revolution, Team Bella’s Brie blasted Naomi with the Bella Buster to help her and Alicia Fox triumph over two-thirds of Team B.A.D.

Bo Dallas vs. Dolph Ziggler

The match starts with both men locking up and Ziggler getting some good holds on Bo before getting a near fall. He follows with another one, and now Bo Dallas has Ziggler in a headlock. He takes the Showoff down and leaves the ring to make his victory lap around the ring. He gets back in the ring and eats a dropkick by Ziggler, who hits a neckbreaker for a near fall. With Ziggler still down, Bo gets a near fall of his own before locking Ziggler in a sleeper hold, but Ziggler powers out only to meet face first with Bo’s shoulder for a near fall. Bo is all smiles as he drives an elbow to Ziggler’s face, and another one before missing the third as Dolph gets a near fall. Bo is back up and knocks Ziggler down before dropping him with a back suplex for a near fall. Bo with another headlock on Ziggler, who is driven to the mat with a clothesline by the lead BOliever who takes a victory lap in the ring. He charges at Ziggler, who dodges and hits Bo with the superkick for the win!

Winner via pinfall: Dolph Ziggler

We get a replay of the finish as Dolph celebrates with the crowd. Commentary hypes up the main event as Roman Reigns teams with Dean Ambrose to take on Sheamus and Kevin Owens, and that match is up next!


Back from commercial, John Cena’s appearance on the January edition of Muscle and Fitness magazine is highlighted before we get a New Year’s greeting from New Day: our New Year’s resolution is to make sure the Patriarch Pops becomes the WWE World Heavyweight Champion! We get a recap of what happened on RAW this past Monday, from the arrest of Vince McMahon to Vince’s announcement that Roman defends his title next week against Sheamus, with Vince as the special guest referee! Commentary hypes up the title match set for this Monday night before we go back to ringside where Roman Reigns is making his way through the crowd to the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, commentary hypes up John Cena’s return to SmackDown as Roman is in the ring before Dean Ambrose makes his way down. We go back to Monday, where Kevin Owens drives Dean Ambrose through the announce table with a powerbomb. Speaking of Kevin Owens, the former Intercontinental Champion makes his way to the ring next, followed by the Celtic Warrior himself, Sheamus.

Main Event: WWE world heavyweight champion Roman Reigns and WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus and Kevin Owens

Match starts with Roman and Sheamus, who lock up before Reigns gets control, but Sheamus quickly turns it around before Reigns responds with an elbow. Sheamus gets out of a Samoan Drop, but Roman catches him with a neckbreaker instead. He brings Sheamus out of the ring and tags in Ambrose, who dives through the ropes onto Sheamus before bringing him into the ring. Sheamus kicks him and tags in Owens, who gets some right hands in on Ambrose until Dean catches him with a bulldog! Dean goes for a Dirty Deeds but Owens rolls out of the ring, which just drives Ambrose to follow him for a further beatdown. Owens brings him down and kicks him hard as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Owens is still in control as he locks in a sleeper hold on Ambrose, who powers out until Owens kicks him in the gut as he tags in Sheamus. The former WWE Champion goes to work on Ambrose, hitting a suplex on Ambrose before slamming himself down hard and locking in the chinlock on Ambrose, who powers out again and runs right into a knee to the gut for his troubles. Sheamus has Ambrose on the ropes, beating him down hard on his chest and his back, before going for a White Noise but Ambrose counters into a rollup for a near fall. Sheamus drives Ambrose as Owens tags himself in, and Owens whips Ambrose to the ropes only for Ambrose to hit the whirlybird lariat! Ambrose tags in Roman as Sheamus tags in, and Roman goes off on Sheamus with some heavy hits finished off with a Samoan Drop. Owens distracts Roman in the corner, allowing Sheamus to roll him up for a near fall. Roman gets Sheamus with a Superman Punch, but Owens prevents him going for a spear by dragging him right into the steel post as the ref calls for the bell!

Winners via disqualification: Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

Sheamus and Owens continue the attack as Sheamus throws Reigns into the steel steps and over the announce table, before Ambrose runs to the rescue punching Sheamus until Owens drops him with a superkick. Sheamus assists Owens in going for a powerbomb on the announce table, but Reigns stops him with a Superman Punch. Ambrose throws Sheamus into the steel post, and Roman hits him with a spear! Things have finally settled down as Roman’s music hits, and we see Sheamus and Owens trying got get up after what just happened. Roman and Ambrose stand tall on the announce table with their respective titles as we get a replay of the aftermath of the main event. We get a shot of the former Shield with their titles one more time as the show comes to a close.

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