WWE SmackDown 02 12 2015

WWE SmackDown
Location: Dayton, OH
Date: February 12, 2015
Commentators: Michael Cole, Tom Phillips, and JBL

Kane and Big Show meet with the various tag teams backstage, announcing the tag team turmoil match. They hype them all up by saying that beating Reigns and Bryan can make them huge stars and get some of them into the tag team title scene. Miz and Sandow, Slater Gator, The Usos, The Ascension, and Los Matadores are in attendance. Show and Kane are proud of themselves for stirring the pot.

Bray Wyatt vs. R-Truth: Wyatt charges at Truth and slams him to the corner. He yells at a cloud and then Truth fires back with rights. A boot follows for Wyatt, off the rapes and Wyatt cuts him off with an uppercut. He then chokes out Truth in the ropes, and lays in some knee strikes to the back of Truth. Off the ropes, Truth holds on and dances. He then low bridges Wyatt, sending him to the floor. To the apron, they trade shots and then Wyatt slams him down by the arm onto the apron. Wyatt then sets Truth by the post and punches him in the head. Banzai drop by Wyatt follows, and then applies the nerve pinch. Truth works to his feet, elbows follow and then rights. To the ropes, sunset flip by Truth, Wyatt tries to jump down onto him but Truth rolls out of the way. Truth connects with the leg lariat, and then the spinning forearm follows and Truth covers for 2. Truth misses the axe kick, runs into a clothesline and then the sister Abigail connects and that is all.

WINNER: Bray Wyatt @ 4:20 via pin

* We get highlights of Paige’s recent issues with the Bellas.

* The Bellas are on commentary for this match.

Paige vs. Summer Rae: Lock up to begin, Paige with a takedown and into a cover for 1. Summer with a roll up, Paige rolls through and kicks her in the face. Head butts follow and then Paige slams Summer to the corner. Back elbows follow for Paige; she yells and stares down the Bellas as she delivers knees to Summer. Summer then connects with a kick and some punches as Paige was distracted. She locks in a leg lock, Paige looks to escape but Summer also adds the foot to the throat to add in more punishment. Paige escapes and gets a roll up for 2. Summer battles back and yells at Paige, off the rope sand eats a boot from Paige. The clotheslines follow, and then hits a dropkick. Superkick by Paige connects and she then locks in the scorpion cross lock and Summer had to tap.

WINNER: Paige @ 3:04 via submission

* Post match the Bellas stare down with Paige from the floor.

* Highlights of the Rusev/Cena angle from Raw.

* We get the Sheamus return video.

* We get the Rikishi Hall of Fame announcement video.

* Video of Rose beating up the Rosebuds last week when they dropped him on the trust fall. Rose refuses to do the trust fall this week.

Fandango w/Rosa vs. Adam Rose: Rose yells at the Rosebuds, Fandango tries to attack but fails. Rose slams him to the corner, and yells at the Rosebuds some more. A clothesline follows, uppercuts and then Rose lays in the boots to Fandango. Suplex by Rose follows and the cover gets 2. Body scissors by Rose follows, he then transitions into a side headlock. Fandango works to his feet, connects with the back suplex and escapes. Jabs by Fandango, and then a clothesline connect. Off the ropes, boot by Rose but he then runs into a powerslam. Fandango heads up top, leg drop connects, and that is all.

WINNER: Fandango @ 2:45 via pin

* We get highlights of Triple H calling out Sting on Raw.

* We get highlights of the issues between Bryan and Reigns on Raw.

Tag Team Turmoil: Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs…: Miz and Sandow are up first. Bryan and Miz to begin. Lockup, snap mare by Bryan and then kicks to the back of Miz. Reigns is not impressed so Bryan tags him in. Reigns works over Miz in the corner and argues with Bryan. He tags Bryan back in. Sandow tags in, lock up and Bryan works the arm. Off the ropes, knee by Bryan follows. Sandow back with the neck breaker combo and he kips up. Miz then tags himself in, misses his corner clothesline and eats a dropkick. Reigns tags himself in and Superman punches Miz. Bryan tags back in, Reigns smiles and Bryan hits the knee plus and Miz is pinned.

WINNER: Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan @ 2:22 via pin

The Usos are in next. Bryan and Jey to begin. Lock up to begin. Chain wrestling by Bryan, roll up and that gets 2. Lock up again, Jey works the arm and Bryan rolls out and gets a takedown and works the arm of Jey. Bryan stomps away at the arm, and Jey rolls away to a corner. Go behind by Jey, Bryan again works the arm to escape, off the ropes and a blind tag by Jimmy and they double-team Bryan and Jimmy covers for 2. Reigns isn’t impressed, and wants to tag in. Bryan tags him in and we get a lock up. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Reigns takes Jimmy down. Tag to Jey, he gets a side headlock, but Reigns escapes and takes Jey down. Reigns jaws with Bryan a bit, and then locks up with Jey. Off the ropes and Jimmy blind tags in, flies in with a shoulder block on Reigns and then they take him to the floor.

Bryan smiled as that happened and then wants to tag in. Bryan tags in, lock up and then takes Jimmy down and works an Indian Deathlock variation. Rights to Jimmy follow, and then he stomps on the leg to break. They trade chops, but then Bryan lights up Jimmy with kicks. He works the leg and then connects with a dropkick to the leg to take Jimmy down. They trade strikes again, but then Jimmy rushes him to the corner, tags in Jey and they double-team Bryan in the corner, and a cover gets 2. The Usos continues to work over Bryan in the corner, quick tags follow and they work the arm of Bryan. Bryan then escapes to the floor, and Reigns now gives him some shit. Reigns is in with Jimmy now, suplex by Reigns and Jimmy is down in the corner and Bryan tags himself in. Bryan with the boots to Jimmy, uppercuts follow and Jimmy is down. Snap suplex by Bryan and the cover gets 2. More uppercuts by Bryan, and kicks follow in the corner. Jimmy manages to rush Bryan to his corner, tags in Jey who beats down Bryan in the corner and then hits the Samoan clambake and covers for 2. Jey works the arm to ground Bryan, and to slow the pace. Bryan rolls out, but then runs into an uppercut from Jey. Tag to Jimmy, diving head butt connects and he covers for 2.

Jimmy back to the arm work, but Bryan with rights to escape. Jey with chops to fire back, to the corner, Bryan back flips out and then hits a clothesline. Bryan works the arm, and a friendly tag to Reigns follows. Running boot by Reigns and the cover gets 2. Side headlock by Reigns now, grounding Jimmy for a bit. Jimmy slowly works to his feet, works to escape with rights and then a boot. Reigns with a clothesline and then pulls him to the corner and Bryan tags in. To the corner, but Bryan misses with the dropkick. Tag to Jey, corner charge misses and Jey to the post. Baseball slide dropkick to Jey and he follows to the floor and lays in vicious kicks and Reigns then pulls him off and says “he’s hurt, get him in the ring and win it that way”. Bryan said that this is how he wins. They argue some more.

Bryan now works the arm and locks in a cross arm breaker. Bryan breaks, Jey then hits a Samoan drop and Bryan is down. Jey looks for the tag, Jimmy is in now and hits several clotheslines on Bryan. Full nelson bomb follows and Bryan escapes the corner charge, Jey blind tags in and hits the high cross on Bryan, but Reigns makes the save. Reigns and Jimmy argue, and then they brawl. Enziguri by Jimmy to Reigns, misses the corner charge and then dropkicks from Bryan and reigns. Uso dive onto Reigns on the floor, and then Bryan hits a suicide dive on Jey. Jimmy is left in the ring, and looks for a dive, but Reigns is back in and hits a Superman punch. Jey in and superkicks Reigns, Bryan up top and leaps into a superkick. Jey up top, splash eats knees and Bryan gets the YES lock and that is all. Reigns then broke it up as Bryan held on for a while.

WINNER: Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan @ 22:27 via submission

After a commercial they continue to argue, and Los Matadores are next. Bryan and a Matadore to begin. Snap mare by the Matadore, and Bryan is frustrated. Lock up, Bryan works the arm, off the ropes and a head scissors by the Matadore. Chops follow, and then the Matadore lays in the kicks in the corner. Off the ropes, reversal and a running knee by Bryan. Reigns wants the tag, Bryan doesn’t give a fuck and locks in the surfboard on the Matadore. He transitions and adds in the dragon sleeper and bends the Matadore in half. He does escape, and Bryan with uppercuts. Drop toehold by the Matadore follows and then heads up top. Bryan cuts him off, follows him up and hits a super butterfly suplex. YES lock applied and the Matadore taps.

WINNER: Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan @ 2:33 via submission

Up next is Slater Gator. Reigns tags himself in and takes down Slater right away. Big clothesline follows, and then knocks Titus to the floor. Flapjack to Slater, Superman punch to Titus. Spear to Slater and that is all. Roman Reigns gives no fucks.

WINNER: Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan @ 1:00 via pin

Up next is The Ascension. Bryan and Viktor to begin. Lock up to begin, clubbing shots by Viktor follow. He takes Bryan to his corner, Bryan fights out and lays in kicks to Viktor. Off the ropes and Konnor pulls down the ropes and Bryan falls to the floor. Everyone brawls on the floor now, and the Ascension beats down Reigns and tosses him over the announce table. They turn their attention to Bryan and work him over on the floor and then post him. They then send Reigns to the post and toss Bryan back in the ring. They hit the fall of man on Bryan, but the referee has disqualified them. They toss Reigns into the ring and more referees are out to make the save.

WINNER: Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan @ 2:45 via DQ

Finally the last team is Show and Kane. Reigns and Kane to begin and Kane just beats him down and gets a cover for 2. Shoulder block by Kane, and another cover for 2. Kane tries to chain wrestle, back elbows by Reigns and then he connects with a clothesline. Reigns tags in Bryan who lays in the kicks to Kane. Kane ducks the big head kick and lands a big boot. Tag to Show, he pulls Bryan to the floor and posts him. Show then press slams Bryan into the ring and steps on his hand. Body slam by Show follows and then a kick to the ribs. Tag back to Kane, he lays the boots to Bryan in the corner, to the corner and a clothesline by Kane. The side slam follows and Kane covers for 2. Bryan tries to fight out of the enemy corner, and Kane accidentally shoves Bryan into Show.

Kane and Show argue a bit, they go to double team Bryan and connect with the double team elbow. Show mocks Bryan who needs a tag, and then tries the chokeslam, but Bryan escapes with kicks and a DDT. Show manages to cut off Bryan before he can get the tag and kicks him a bit. Show chokes out Bryan and Show says he’s having fun. He and Kane argue more, and Kane then tags himself in. They argue again, and Show calls Kane rude. Bryan manages to get the YES lock on Kane, but Show makes the save. Show pulls Kane to the corner and tags himself in. They argue again, and Show then delivers head butts to Bryan and knocks Reigns to the floor. He looks for the chokeslam, but Bryan turns it into the YES lock. Kane then makes the save. More arguing and Show lands the KO shot to Kane. Reigns in with a spear to Show, Bryan hits the knee plus and covers for the win.

WINNER: Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan @ 9:25 via pin

* Reigns and Bryan celebrate and stare down the WrestleMania sign. They then nod at each other approvingly.

Source: http://411mania.com