WWE SmackDown 06 18 2015

WWE SmackDown
Location: Buffalo, NY
Date: June 18, 2015
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Jerry Lawler

Sheamus comes out and talks about how he’s feeling great, like a million bucks, but he’s worth even more than that. He says if he has a problem he takes care of it, just like he took care of Randy Orton, and no one is stopping his rise back to the top. Dean Ambrose cuts him off and says Sheamus stole that briefcase, so Sheamus says Ambrose is the thief and he should try and take this from him. Sheamus says Ambrose doesn’t have the stones to face him, but Ambrose hops on the apron as Kane makes his way out. Kane says no one is stealing anything, and he figured Ambrose out, so Ambrose’s disrespect just got him a two-on-one handicap match, and that arse-kicking starts right now.

Kane and Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose in a “2-on-1” handicap match

Ambrose chases Sheamus and kicks him outside, and then he blocks a chokeslam and sends Kane outside. He knocks Sheamus back down and tackles Kane, then snaps Sheamus’ head on the ropes before Kane uppercuts him from the turnbuckles. Sheamus and Kane stomp Ambrose in the corner, then Roman Reigns runs out and attacks Kane for the disqualification. He knocks Sheamus outside and clotheslines Kane, and then Ambrose dropkicks Kane on the floor.

Winners: Kane and Sheamus by disqualification

Paige vs. Brie Bella 

Brie hits Paige in the corner a few times and hits a facebuster off the ropes for two. We get back from a break to see Brie send Paige outside, then Paige tackles her and whips Brie back inside. Brie feigns an injury as Paige heads up top, and the ref stops to check on her. Alicia Fox runs out and slams Paige on the mat, and then Brie uses the distraction to hit a Bella Buster for the win.

Winner: Brie Bella 

Kevin Owens asked Renee Young if she’s a Machine Gun Kelly fan, then says he already apologized. He says MGK got hurt because he put his hands on him [Owens] first, and it should have been John Cena. Owens says Cena would’ve been powerbombed if he showed up, and he wants another match against Cena. Owens says he already beat Cena once and earned it, then reminds Renee there won’t be a NXT Open Challenge tonight. Cesaro walks over and mocks Owens’ apology attempt, then implies he wants to fight and pushes Owens, saying that’s him putting his hands on Owens first.

Bo Dallas vs. Dolph Ziggler (w/ Lana)

Bo cuts a promo about Lana making a bad choice with Dolph, and breaking Rusev’s heart. Bo attacks Dolph and hits him in the corner, but Dolph comes back with some strikes and kicks and a Zig Zag for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler 

Xavier Woods vs. Neville

Woods repeatedly stomps Neville and splashes him for two, then Neville comes back with a somersault dive to the floor. Neville attacks as the Prime Time Players run out to even things up, but Woods crotches Neville on the ropes. Kofi and E fight with Titus and Young on the floor, and Neville uses the distraction to hit Red Arrow for the win.

Winner: Neville 

Seth Rollins comes out and says they don’t understand what it’s like to be him, and he is constantly scrutinized. He says he was shocked to see Brock Lesnar Monday, because it’s the last person he thought The Authority would recruit. Rollins says his shock turned to understanding, and he knows beating Lesnar will cement his legacy as WWE Champion. He says Lesnar didn’t touch him because he remembers Wrestlemania, and he knows he [Rollins] would have knocked him out and ruin Lesnar’s reputation. Rollins says he’s a diamond that will shine bright at Battleground, and he can’t wait for the match.

Cesaro vs. WWE NXT champion Kevin Owens in a non-title match

Cesaro hits Owens a few times and tackles him on the floor, then connects with a rolling uppercut and throws him inside. Owens blocks a suplex on the apron and hits a forearm shot, but Cesaro comes back with a clothesline. Owens whips Cesaro into the ringpost as we go to a break, then we get back to see Cesaro slam Owens down. Owens comes back with some strikes and a cannonball in the corner, then he heads up top but Cesaro knocks him of the ropes. Cesaro tries to slam him down, but Owens shoves him into the ropes and hits a pop-up powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Kevin Owens 

Miz presents “Miz at the Movies” and promotes the new WWE Studios film Vendetta, while he rips on Big Show. He talks about how he could’ve been in the movie, and it’s good despite Big Show being in it. He says the Intercontinental Championship will look good on him and goes on a rant about being a headliner, and says goodnight.

Source: http://www.wrestlezone.com