WWE SmackDown 06 04 2015

WWE SmackDown
Location: Houston, TX
Date: June 4, 2015
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Jerry Lawler

We begin with a look at what happened during the main event of the Elimination Chamber when lunacy was almost the word to describe the WWE Champion, but due to a disqualification, the architect is still your WWE Champion. However, the champion does not have his title belt because Dean took it with him.

We are in Houston, Texas and your announcers are Jerry Lawler, Byron Saxton, and Tom Phillips.

Seth Rollins’ music plays and he makes his way to the ring. In addition to not having his title belt, he is without Joey Mercury, Jamie Noble, and Kane.

Seth takes a chair and he says nearly a year ago to the day, he took a chair, not unlike this one, and I single handedly dismantled the Shield.

Seth sits down on the chair and says since that day, the question he has gotten from you than any other question. Why? Why did you take that chair and send a message to Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose? Why did you destroy what you created? Seth says from Day One, his goal was to be the very best in the history of this industry. Not ‘one of’, but ‘THE’ best. Seth says he was sick and tired of sharing the spotlight with two chumps who were beneath him.

Seth says he was the only one with guts to pull the trigger. Seth says he joined the Authority and he was anointed the Undisputed Future of the WWE. Seth says he validated that endorsement when he won the Money in the Bank contract ALL . . . BY . . . MYSELF.

Seth says the best part is that he was only getting started. Shortly after the Royal Rumble, he had a vision. Seth says he had a vision to make history, to make the impossible, to beat Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar at the same time.

It is one thing to come up with a plan like that, but to execute it flawlessly took guts and courage. It took the heart of a champion. At Wrestlemania, he ripped Roman Reigns’ dream right from his hands and he slayed the beast at the same time. Now that beast is off licking his wounds somewhere while Roman Reigns is in his shadow trying to recreate what happened before.

Seth tells Roman the sequel is never better than the original. Seth says he is the greatest WWE Champion of all time and he has no championship around his waist.

This brings him to Dean Ambrose. Dean wants so desperately for you to believe that stealing a championship will make him a champion. Ambrose knows that is true. All of you know who the rightful champion is. That is fine Dean, play your games. Seth says he does not need a championship belt or anything to validate who he is.

Seth says he appreciates what the Authority has done for him. He does not need J&J Security. He does not need Kane. He does not need Big Show. He does not need Stephanie McMahon. He does not need Triple H to destroy Dean Ambrose. His title will be hanging above the ring and he will climb the ladder to get what he has earned.

Dean interrupts on the TitanTron and he says he couldn’t help but hear Seth’s story about doing things by himself. He wants to know if Seth is a liar or has a bad memory. Dean reminds Seth that he always needed help. He couldn’t get through an airport without asking for help because he had more baggage than a rich girl with daddy issues. He always knew Seth was a liar. He is not as much a scumbag as Seth. He cannot stand the lie that Seth calls himself the WWE Champion after he beat Seth in the ring.

Dean says the Authority will do everything in their power to save their precious investment. They will send monsters, demons, giants, the cavalry, J&J. Everything to make sure that the title never slips through their fingers ever ever again. That helps you sleep at night and that has made you soft and weak.

You want to talk about doing things by yourself? Dean says he has been surviving with eyes in the back of his head. Every time he walks in the ring, he is on the endangered species list. He is getting stronger every day. Then he reached the top of the mountain at the Elimination Chamber. To get to the top, you cannot be afraid to fall. They are going to do this one more time, in a ladder match. If you want to get it, you have to climb the ladder and take it.

Dean says that he is the real, rightful WWE Champion. He is walking into Money in the Bank with it and he is walking out of Money in the Bank with it, or he will die trying.

Match Number One: Darren Young and Titus O’Neil vs. Kalisto and Sin Cara vs. Konnor and Viktor in a triple threat #1 contender match

Cara and Young start things off but Cara with a waist lock and front face lock. Young with a wrist lock but Cara gets a near fall after leg sweep. Young with a leg sweep and near fall. They lock up and Cara with a hammer lock and he tags in Kalisto. Cara with a snap mare and double kick. Cara drops Kalisto onto Young with a back senton and he gets a near fall. Kalisto with a kick but Young with a clothesline and seated splash for a near fall.

Viktor tags in and he hits a fist drop and he tags in Konnor. Konnor with a kick and we see the New Day watching in the back.

Kalisto with a handspring round kick that sends Konnor to the floor. Viktor tries to interfere but Kalisto ducks and Viktor goes to the floor. Kalisto and Sin Cara with stereo dives onto Konnor and Viktor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Konnor puts Kalisto on the turnbuckles but Kalisto kicks Konnor away. Kalisto kicks Viktor off the apron but Konnor gets Kalisto on his shoulders and hits a front driver for a near fall. Viktor tags in and he punches Kalisto while Konnor has Kalisto in the air. Viktor gets a near fall. Konnor tags in and Viktor with a single leg crab while Konnor hits a leg drop and gets a near fall.

We see the New Day one more time. Viktor tags back in and he kicks Kalisto. Viktor with a chop and forearm in the corner. Viktor sends Kalisto into the corner but Kalisto with a boot followed by a head scissors. Konnor knocks Cara off the apron to prevent the tag. Konnor and Viktor with an elevated double hip toss slam but Young breaks up the cover. Konnor hits Young to send him to the floor.

Konnor with a set up for a delayed vertical suplex but Kalisto with knees and he escapes. Titus tags in and he clotheslines Konnor and Viktor. Titus knocks Konnor off the apron and then he connects with a boot to Viktor. Titus with a splash and power slam to Viktor for a near fall but Cara with a Fallen Star to break up the cover. Young with a Gutcheck to Cara but Konnor sends Young to the floor.

Titus with a boot to Konnor. Kalisto goes for a springboard move but Titus catches him and throws him at Konnor and both go over the top rope. Viktor with a rollup for a near fall. Titus with a kick followed by a pump handle power slam for the three count.

Winners: Titus O’Neil and Darren Young

We go to the New Day in the back and Renee asks them how knowing their opponents at Money in the Bank will change their plans. Xavier says their future at Money in the Bank is as bright as the morning sun rising on . . . A New Day. Step One (grunt): Dispose of the Prime Time Players and their greed driven morally corrupt ways. Big E says they are only in it for the money.

Kofi says Step Two (grunt): Standing in the middle of the ring with their hands raised high because they will hear the crowd with their glorious chanting and clapping while they say ‘New Day Rocks’.

Woods says Step Three (grunt): Our brother Kofi Kingston will walk into the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and through the Power of Positivity, he will walk out with that coveted contract.

Kane enters and he says he doesn’t want to interrupt their lively conversation, but there is a new game plan for this evening. Kofi will be wrestling a fellow Money in the Bank Match participant, Neville. He wishes them a pleasant day.

We go to commercial.

We are back with photos from the Intercontinental Title Match at The Elimination Chamber that was won by Ryback.

We take a look at some of the new Sonic ‘Superstar Auditions’ with the Prime Time Players, Miz, and Big Show.

Match Number Two: WWE Intercontinental champion Ryback vs. Stardust in a non-title match

They lock up and Ryback backs Stardust into the corner but Stardust gets away. They lock up again and Stardust gets away from Ryback. Ryback with an arm drag and back elbow. Ryback with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot. Ryback catches Stardust off the turnbuckles and he tries for a slam but Stardust gets to his feet and he hits a reverse DDT.

Stardust kicks Ryback and then he uses the ropes for more leverage on his kicks. Stardust gets a near fall. Stardust with a cravate into a front face lock. Ryback runs into an elbow and Stardust comes off the turnbuckles but Ryback catches him and hits a spinebuster. Ryback with the clothesline and marching muscle buster for the three count.

Winner: Ryback

We see Paige walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and we see Dwight Howard in the front row.

We take a look back at Raw when Paige was outsmarted by Twin Magic to allow Nikki Bella to retain her Divas Title.

Renee Young is on the stage and she brings out Paige.

Renee brings up the match from Raw and she asks how Paige is feeling. Paige asks if Renee wants to hear her honest opinions. Paige says it feels like it is never going to change. The Bellas have been pulling off Twin Magic for years and she is sick of it. The Bellas come out and smile for the cameras, talking about giving Divas a chance. They are holding everyone back. They have been doing it for years.

The Bellas think the spotlight shines on them. Paige says their whole life is consumed with being on magazine covers and walking the red carpet. Paige says her life is based on what happens in the ring. Paige says that she has never fallen for the idea of if you can’t beat them . . . join them. She says that if you don’t like the world you live in, you have the power to change it.

Paige says that she is going to have to change it.

Luke Harper appears in the bowels of the arena and he says that you rejected us because we don’t look like you. We don’t act like you. We don’t think like you. Erick Rowan says we are family. Luke says that at every single turn you have closed the door on us. The reapers are at your doorsteps. Now it is time to pay for your sins.

We go to commercial.

We are back and NXT Champion Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring.

Kevin says you will notice that he doesn’t need Michael Cole to introduce him this week because after what he did last Sunday, you know exactly who he is. He is the NXT Champion, Kevin Owens. Kevin says he is the guy who beat John Cena in his first match in the WWE. Kevin says he is the guy who is going to do the exact same thing in their rematch at Money in the Bank.

You all know who he is and what he is about, except John Cena. John seems to think that he is someone else. John thinks that he is some kid with a John Cena hat and John Cena t-shirt who hangs on every single word that John says, like his son. Kevin says his son is seven years old and he doesn’t know any better.

Kevin says he heard John go on and on and he says that after hearing John Cena, John is delusional. Kevin says he thought it was an act, but John really believes that nonsense. It does not end there. You want to talk about John Cena being delusional; John said he was not a real man. Kevin says that he cannot have his son admire someone who is so out of touch with reality. Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect and Never Give Up does not work in the real world. What you are feeding the kids is absolute garbage.

Kevin says that someone has to end the corruption of children’s minds by John Cena and he will do that at Money in the Bank. Kevin says he will show the world what a real champion, a real role model, and a real man is. Kevin mentions his NXT Title Open Challenge. If there is anyone in the locker room who has what it takes to beat the man who beat John Cena on his first night and will do the same at Money in the Bank.

Kevin says the NXT Open Challenge starts . . . he looks at his wrist and realizes there is no watch so he says whatever and says if you want some, come get some.

Match Number Three: WWE NXT champion Kevin Owens vs. Zack Ryder for the NXT championship

Owens with forearms but Ryder with a face plant and forearm. Owens goes to the floor and Ryder follows. Owens with a kick and forearm and then he sends Ryder into the ringside barrier. Owens sends Ryder into the corner and he Irish whips Ryder. Ryder gets his knees up and hits the missile drop kick but Ryder runs into a super kick and Owens with the pop up power bomb for the three count.

Winner: Kevin Owens

After the match, Owens gives Ryder a cannonball and hits another pop up power bomb.

Owens picks up his title belt and does the ‘You Can’t See Me’ gesture.

Renee Young is in the interview area with Sheamus. She asks him about his match against Roman Reigns. She says that Reigns is the favorite for the match and Sheamus asks if she saw how he took apart Randy Orton on Raw and he wants to know if she was entertained. He says he will put on a show against Roman Reigns tonight. In two weeks, or less than two weeks, he will climb the ladder, grab the briefcase, and then become the next WWE Champion. Sheamus says Believe That and leaves.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Neville was in the Goldman Box and he says he is the fastest and the most agile. He does not know fear. It is something he does not believe. He will grab the contract and it will be the start of the Altitude Era.

Match Number Four: Kofi Kingston (with Big E and Xavier Woods) vs. Neville

They lock up and Kofi with a European uppercut. Kofi with an Irish whip but Neville floats over and flips across the ring and hits a cross body. Neville with a head scissors. Neville with a side head lock and Kofi trips Neville and pulls him out of the ring and into the announce table. Big E with a running body block when the referee was distracted. Woods sends Neville back into the ring and Kofi gets a near fall. Neville is sent to the floor again and he is tormented by a triple team clap.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kofi with a quarter nelson and chin lock. Neville with punches but Kofi with a reverse suplex for a near fall. Kofi with a chop but Neville with a back heel kick and more kicks followed by a running kick to the temple. Neville sends Kofi into the turnbuckles. Neville with a chop and he goes to the turnbuckles and hits a missile drop kick.

Neville with a standing shooting star press for a near fall. Kofi backs into the corner and Kofi sends Neville into the turnbuckles. Kofi with running knees into the corner but Neville catches him and sends him to the mat. Neville with a tornado DDT and then he pulls Kofi into position but Big E pulls Kofi to the floor.

Neville with a moonsault onto Kofi and Big E on the floor. Neville sends Kofi back into the ring and Neville avoids Woods. Neville with a rollup but Kofi kicks out. Neville knocks Woods off the apron. Kofi goes for a rollup but Neville counters and gets the three count.

Winner: Neville

Miz is in the back getting makeup applied and he approves. Miz walks into commercial.

We are back and Miz is in the ring for MizTV. His guest is Lana.

Miz shows us why he invited Lana on his show and we what Lana has done to emasculate Rusev over the last few weeks.

Miz says that Lana knew Rusev before they came to the WWE. We can see that Rusev is in pain, both emotionally and physically. Miz says he thought Rusev’s apology was sincere. How can you abandon Rusev in his time of need?

Lana says Rusev did not respect her so he did not deserve her.

Miz tells Lana she is good and she can blind everyone with her beauty. Miz says he has seen it before. You were using Rusev. After he lost to John Cena and hurt his ankle, you saw he was of new use to you so you cut bait.

Lana says it was not a business decision. She cared for Rusev. His abusive words and his erratic behavior and constant lies led her to do what she did. She says Miz’ questions will leave him with two options. Maybe she will leave or maybe Miz will get slapped.

Miz tells Lana to settle down. He is trying to get her side of the story. With every story, there are two sides. Miz brings out his ‘surprise’ guest, the ‘Bulgarian Brute’ Rusev.

Rusev comes to the ring on crutches.

Rusev tells his dear Lana not to look like this. He is not here to pick a fight or start trouble. Rusev says he is here as a broken man. He knows that he has told her so many bad things. He has no excuse other than he was raised differently. He thought he did not know he needed her. Rusev says this country is embracing you and America is all about second chances. Rusev says that is all he is asking. He is asking for a second chance.

Rusev says he cannot walk or stand without his crutches. He begs her for one more chance. He says he leans on Lana and he asks Lana to be his crutch.

Lana takes the crutches and she says she will show Rusev where to put his crutch.

Rusev calls Lana a stupid woman cow. Rusev yells in Bulgarian and he calls her pathetic and stupid.

Dolph Ziggler’s music plays and he takes his time to get to the ring to defend his woman. Dolph leaves the ring with Lana.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Five: Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns

They lock up and Roman with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Sheamus kicks Roman in the ribs but Roman with punches Sheamus with a knee to the ribs and Roman rolls to the floor. Sheamus follows after Roman and Roman with a clothesline. Sheamus sends Reigns into the apron and then drops him on the announce table and then Roman is sent over the announce table.

Sheamus pulls off the hood of the announce table as we go to commercial.

We are back and Sheamus with knees to the ribs and he gets a near fall. Sheamus with a reverse chin lock. Reigns punches Sheamus but Sheamus with an Irish whip. Sheamus runs into a boot and Sheamus follows with a Finlay Slam for a near fall. Sheamus with a knee to the midsection and then he sends Roman to the apron. Sheamus kicks Roman in the ribs.

Sheamus sets for the forearms but Reigns tries to fight Sheamus off. Sheamus with punches to the ribs but Reigns with elbows and forearm. Reigns punches Sheamus and has him hanging over the bottom rope. Sheamus moves when Reigns tries for the Juggernaut Broad Jump Drop Kick.

Sheamus sends Reigns into the turnbuckles and connects with a shoulder to the midsection. Sheamus goes for a second shoulder and Reigns moves. Sheamus hits the ring post shoulder first. Sheamus tries to crotch Reigns on the ring post but Reigns pulls Sheamus into the ring post.

Sheamus gets back into the ring and Reigns with clotheslines. Reigns with a flying clothesline and then he hits a running clothesline into the corner followed by more clotheslines. Sheamus with a boot to the head and then Reigns tries for a Samoan Drop but Sheamus escapes the hold. Sheamus sends Reigns to the floor. Reigns pulls Sheamus off the apron and then Sheamus hits the Juggernaut Broad Jump Drop Kick.

They return to the ring and Reigns with a Samoan Drop. Reigns sets for the Superman Punch but Kane’s music plays and he is joined by Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury. Sheamus with a rollup for a near fall. Sheamus with a uranage back breaker for a near fall. Sheamus misses a Brogue Kick but Reigns hits a Superman Punch. Reigns sets for the spear but Kane gets in the ring and he connects with a boot to Reigns. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Roman Reigns by DQ

Kane tries for a choke slam but Reigns with an elbow to get free. Sheamus with a Brogue Kick. Kane choke slams Sheamus.

Kane takes the mic and he announces that there will be a seventh and final participant in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match . . . and it is him.

Kane with a choke slam to Reigns.

We go to credits.

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