WWE SmackDown 07 16 2015

WWE SmackDown
Location: Birmingham, AL
Date: July 16, 2015
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Jerry Lawler, and Jimmy Uso

We are in Birmingham, Alabama and your announcers are Tom Phillips, Jerry Lawler, and Jimmy Uso.

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring and he has something to say.

Roman says this all started when Bray Wyatt screwed him at Money in the Bank. Since then he has interfered in every one of his matches and tried to get in his head to play mind games. He is not in his head, he has not gotten him off his game, and he has not gotten him off focus. If he could, I don’t think I would have whooped him like I did all over Atlanta. He tells Bray to stay out of his business tonight because he has a good one for Birmingham. He is teaming with Dean Ambrose and they are bringing the big fight to Sheamus and Big Show.

Bray Wyatt appears on the TitanTron and he applauds Roman and he says that he is impressed. The prophecy is true. You are the perfect combination of brutality and brains. What did you do to deserve those gifts? What gave you the right to make him look like a clown? He did not have to turn around on Monday night. He could sense his presence. For a moment, he understood why the people believe in you.

You are the unattainable. You are the stone monument that represents everything that is good in this world. His hand is the hammer and at Battleground, the hammer destroys the monument and leaves it crumbling on the ground.

Roman tells Bray to bring his hammer with him to the ring, or is he going to stay on the TV all night. Roman tells Bray that Birmingham wants him to bring the hammer to the ring right now.

Bray tells Roman he holds no power over him. Bray says he is what true power is about. You can stand out there with those insignificant people who cheer for you and chant your name. Collect your roses, gladiator, because at the end of the day, none of them are real. While you are gallivanting around, he is with everyone who Roman cares about. What makes you think that you can protect them from me? We have only just begun.

Roman says the only thing that is real is that the whole world saw the face of fear run from Roman Reigns live on Raw.

Bray says there is the fire he has been looking for. When he corners that vicious dog, he expects it to bite him. HE is the master and when he raises his hand, that vicious dog will sit and obey. He tells Roman to go home and surround yourself with the people you love the most. He wants you to tell them that you love them and that you are sorry. After Battleground, you cannot promise that you are coming home.

Anyone but you Roman.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Titus O’Neil and Darren Young are at the announce table to watch the next match.

Match Number One: Kalisto and Sin Cara vs. Kofi Kingston and Big E (with Xavier Woods)

Kofi and Cara start things off and they lock up. Kofi with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Kofi leaps over Cara and he celebrates. Kofi claps for Cara. They lock up and Cara with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Cara with a springboard crossbody and he does the Lucha gesture. Kofi with a back heel kick and forearm before he tags in Big E.

Big E with a punch to the midsection. Big E with a wrist lock and Kofi tags in. Cara with a kick to Kofi and then Big E. Cara walks the ropes and hits a head scissors on Kofi while he gives Big E an arm drag. Kalisto tags in and he is dropped on Kofi with a back senton helped by Cara and Kalisto gets a near fall.

Kalisto with a wrist lock and he tags in Cara. Cara with a shot to the arm off the turnbuckles. Big E makes the tag and Cara goes for a cross body but Big E and Kofi catch Cara and throw him to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Kofi kicks Cara in the corner. Big E tags in and kicks Cara. Kofi tags back in and Kofi with a drop kick out of an Irish whip by Big E. Kofi with a running knee to the head and he gets a near fall. Kofi with a quarter nelson and chin lock. Cara gets to his feet and Kofi trips Cara as he goes to the floor. Kofi goes to the turnbuckles and hits a rana but Cara holds on and rolls through for a near fall.

Kofi knocks Kalisto off the apron and then he tags in Big E. Big E kicks Cara. Big E with an abdominal stretch. Cara with a knee but Big E with a back elbow for a near fall. Big E runs into a boot from Cara and Cara goes to the turnbuckles and he flips over Big E and he tags in Kalisto who this a springboard crossbody. Big E catches Kalisto on a springboard corkscrew cross body. Kalisto a handspring round kick and a rollup followed by a Listo Kick. Kalisto with an enzuigiri to Kofi and then Cara with a suicide dive onto Kofi.

Big E with a waist lock on Kalisto but Kalisto with Salida Del Sol. Woods gets on the apron and Cara with an enzuigiri. Cara is pulled to the floor by Kofi. Kalisto goes for a springboard moonsault and Big E catches him. Kofi tags in and they hit the spike Big Ending for the three count.

Winners: Kofi Kingston and Big E

After the match, Xavier Woods says that is what the Power of Positivity is all about. Kofi says that you thought you could keep them down but you failed to realize that when they riding on that train of positivity there is nothing in this world that can ever derail them. Big E tells everyone to put their hands together and clap because at Battleground, they take what is rightfully theirs and Prime Time is our time. Those return to us and they become the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Xavier says everyone will sing with them New Tag Champs. NEW TAG CHAMPS.

Titus and Darren get up from the announce table and go into the ring and the New Day goes to the floor.

Roman Reigns is in the locker room and Dean Ambrose enters. Dean wants to make sure that Roman is good. Roman says that he cannot wait to get to Sunday when he can punch Bray Wyatt in the face time after time. Dean says that he is sick of Bray and he is lucky they didn’t do more to him. Dean reminds Roman to look out for Bray. Roman says that if Bray shows up, he won’t make it to Battleground.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Wade Barrett vs. Jack Swagger

They lock up and Swagger with a waist lock take down and turns it into a front face lock and he gets a near fall. Barrett gets to the ropes and Swagger with a clean break. Swagger goes for the ankle and he takes Barrett to the mat. Swagger with a waist lock take down. Barrett with an elbow and kick followed by punches. Barrett with an Irish whip but he misses a splash into the corner.

Swagger with a clothesline and he pounds on his chest. Swagger prepares for the We The People Swagger Bomb but Barrett goes to the floor. Swagger follows and he punches Barrett and sends him into the apron before they return to the ring. Barrett with a back heel kick as Swagger returns to the ring. Barrett sends Swagger into the turnbuckles and Barrett with forearms to the back while Swagger is on the turnbuckles.

Barrett misses a knee in the corner and Swagger drops Barrett on the top rope. Barrett with the Bullhammer for the three count.

Winner: Wade Barrett

After the match, R Truth comes out in his royal garb. He says in the Kingdom of Birmingham…

Wade Barrett stops him and he tells Truth that he has had enough and this has gone on way too long. Wade says that he is the King of the Ring because he won an eight man tournament and beat three superstars in less than 24 hours. Truth, you were not good enough to win so you discredit it by making a mockery of it. This is one of the most prestigious accolades in WWE history. Some of the greatest of all time held this distinction. You come out week after week to make a mockery of this. The jokes and the laughter stop on Sunday. He will beat you up so much that you will be on your knees bowing down to the one true king.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see what is left of the Cadillac that was owned by Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble.

We take a look back at the issues between Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar, going back to Wrestlemania.

Cesaro is walking in the back and he stops by Kevin Owens. Owens wishes Cesaro luck and walks the other way.

Match Number Three: Rusev (with Summer Rae) vs. Cesaro

They lock up and they try to gain an advantage but they are even until Rusev backs Cesaro into the corner. Rusev misses a punch on the break and Cesaro gets out of the corner. Cesaro with a waist lock take down and he rolls Rusev up for a near fall. Cesaro holds on to the waist lock but Rusev holds on to the ropes. Rusev with a punch and kick followed by more punches. Rusev with a kick to the chest but Cesaro with a clothesline.

Rusev blocks a suplex attempt and he connects with forearms to the back. Rusev tries to get Cesaro up for a suplex but Cesaro blocks it and Cesaro with a suplex of his own and he gets a near fall. Cesaro with a European uppercut but Rusev sends Cesaro to the apron. Cesaro avoids being sent into the turnbuckles and he sends Rusev into the turnbuckles. Rusev with a knee followed by a swinging belly-to-back suplex.

Rusev kicks Cesaro and chokes him in the ropes. Rusev with a hard Irish whip and Cesaro is having trouble breathing. Rusev with knees to the chest and then he punches Cesaro. Rusev stomps on the ankles. Cesaro blocks a punch and he punches Rusev a few times.

Cesaro with body shots and Cesaro with a German suplex and he holds on and rolls through but Rusev with elbows and a body block. Rusev with a fallaway slam for a near fall.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Rusev with shoulders to the kidneys. Rusev with a reverse chin lock. We take a look at footage from the commercial break when Rusev caught Cesaro off the turnbuckles and hit a uranage for a near fall. Cesaro with a springboard European uppercut as we go back to live action. Cesaro with a running European uppercut into the corner followed by a series of European uppercuts. Cesaro with a delayed back drop for a near fall. Cesaro with a drop kick but he is met with a forearm when Cesaro goes for a suicide dive. Rusev with a running heel kick and he gets a near fall.

Rusev stomps on the back and he tries for the Accolade but Cesaro rolls over and he tries for the Sharpshooter. Rusev fights out of the hold but Cesaro with a double stomp. Cesaro tries for the Gotch Style Neutralizer and Rusev with a back drop. Cesaro lands on his feet and Rusev with a jumping thrust kick.

Rusev announces that it is time to CRUSH and he stomps on the back and he tries to put Cesaro in the Accolade but Cesaro gets to the ropes. Rusev kicks Cesaro. Rusev charges at Cesaro but Cesaro ducks down and Rusev goes over the top rope to the floor. Cesaro with a baseball slide to Rusev. Cesaro charges at Rusev for a running European uppercut, but Rusev with a super kick.

Rusev sends Cesaro back into the ring Rusev thinks about his next move. Rusev goes up top but as he comes off, Cesaro catches him with a European uppercut. Cesaro with the Gotch Style Neutralizer for the three count.

Winner: Cesaro

After the match, Cesaro runs around the ring and celebrates in the crowd.

Sheamus is in the locker room and he is asked by Rich Brennan about his matches tonight and on Sunday. Sheamus says these may seem like big challenges to a little man like you, but when you are one Brogue Kick away from the WWE Championship, it is another day at the office. He does not cower from challenges, he embraces them. He is teaming with a giant to face Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. He has a smile on his face when he thinks of the carnage that will take place in the ring.

He will have a message for Randy Orton that he is entertaining. He invites Randy to see what he is going to do to Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. It will be nothing compared to the beating he will give to Randy on Sunday. Tonight is a competition while Sunday is personal. Sheamus tells Rich he will be entertained.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at what happened on Monday night between Stardust and Neville.

Match Number Four: Neville vs. Stardust

Neville blocks a kick and Neville with a side head lock and drop kick. Neville with a back heel kick but Stardust with a running forearm. Stardust kicks Neville in the corner and the referee warns him. Stardust kicks Neville’s leg. Stardust with a snap mare and a running knee to the head. Stardust gets a near fall. Stardust stomps on the hand and applies a reverse chin lock.

Neville gets back to his feet and he sends Stardust to the mat. Stardust with an elbow but Neville with a leap frog and Stardust goes to the floor. Neville with an Asai Moonsault and he sends Stardust back into the ring. Neville with a slingshot sunset flip but Stardust drops down and tries to use the ropes for extra leverage.

Stardust argues with the referee and Neville with a victory roll for the three count.

Winner: Neville

We go to commercial.

We are back and Neville is asked about his victory. He says he was happy to get some retribution. He has the same strategy every night. He waits for the right time to hit the Red Arrow.

Stardust attacks Neville and mocks the Altitude Era. Stardust tells Neville to be his hero.

We take a look at what happened with the Divas on Raw.

We go to the back where JoJo is with Sasha Banks, Tamina Snuka, and Naomi. She asks for their thoughts on the way the Divas Division was shaken up in one night. Naomi says the odds are now even. Now they have the NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks with them. Sasha says the Boss is in the WWE and it is their time to take over and run the Divas Division. The Bella and Fox? Paige and her friends Becky and Charlotte? They will take care of their own business.

Naomi says they are BAD, the Best At Dominating. Why? You have the most athletic, most dangerous, and baddest divas together. They did not come here to make friends or play nice. Playtime is over.

Sasha says you can bank on that.

Match Number Five: Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus and Big Show

Ambrose and Sheamus start things off and they lock up. Sheamus backs Ambrose into the corner and the referee has to pull them apart. They lock up again and Ambrose with a waist lock and take down. Sheamus backs Ambrose into the ropes and Sheamus with a punch and European uppercuts. Ambrose with an elbow and punches followed by running his forearm across the bridge of the nose. Sheamus with a snap mare and kick to the back. Sheamus stomps on the hand and he punches Ambrose in the ribs. Ambrose with a running forearm followed by a forearm into the corner. Sheamus with a forearm but Ambrose bounces off the ropes and hits a clothesline and Sheamus goes to the floor.

Show checks on Sheamus while Reigns tags in and he hits the Juggernaut Broad Jump Drop Kick. Ambrose tags in and he hits an elbow off the top onto both men. We go to commercial.

We are back and Show is in the ring and Reigns tags himself in. Show with a kick and he sends Reigns into the turnbuckles. Reigns with punches to Show followed by a kick and punches. Ambrose tags in and he hits a running forearm into the corner followed by punches and chops. Ambrose is taken down with a shoulder tackle from Show. Sheamus tags in and he picks up Ambrose for a suplex throw. Sheamus taunts Ambrose and Ambrose with punches.

Ambrose with a drop kick to Sheamus against the ropes. Ambrose with another drop kick to Sheamus. Show grabs Ambrose as he comes off the ropes and pulls Dean to the mat. Sheamus with an uranage back breaker for a near fall. Show tags in and he punches Ambrose in the ribs. Show punches Ambrose in the ribs again and then he slams Dean.

Show walks across Ambrose’s chest. Show has Dean up for a reverse DDT and turns it into an elbow drop. Show chops Dean in the corner and he tags in Sheamus. Sheamus with a punch and he sends Dean into the corner and connects with a shoulder and then he hits a knee lift and running double sledge. Sheamus fixes his Mohawk and he tags Big Show back in.

Sheamus stomps on the abdomen and then he slams Ambrose. Show misses an elbow drop when Ambrose moves. Reigns and Sheamus tag in and Reigns with clotheslines and a flying clothesline. Reigns with the Never-ending Story in the corner and then he connects with an uppercut followed by a Samoan drop.

Reigns sets for the Superman punch but he goes after Show and Show blocks it. Sheamus with White Noise for a near fall. Ambrose knocks Show off the apron and then he goes for a suicide dive but Show catches Ambrose and then Show goes for a choke slam, but Ambrose counters and he DDTs Show through the table.

Back in the ring, where the wrestlers are capable of movement, Reigns and Sheamus are both down as well. Sheamus and Reigns get to their knees and they exchange punches. They get back to their feet and they continue to exchange punches and forearms and European uppercuts. Sheamus sends Reigns into the corner and Reigns back drops Sheamus to the apron. Sheamus drops Reigns on the top rope.

Sheamus leaps over Reigns but Reigns with a Superman punch. Reigns sets for the spear and Bray Wyatt attacks him.

Winners: Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns (by disqualification)

After the match, Wyatt sets for Sister Abigail but Reigns escapes and he hits a Superman punch on Wyatt. Reigns with a spear to Sheamus as we go to credits.

Source: www.PWInsider.com