WWE SmackDown 07 30 2015

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WWE SmackDown
Location: Tulsa, OK
Date: July 30, 2015
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Jimmy Uso

Seth Rollins kicks off the show, walking out solo. I hope that phasing out J&J and Kane is a permanent move. We see a recap of Seth breaking the nose of Cena on Raw. The crowd chants “you tapped out”

Seth: So what?! Those are two words I’ve been hearing day in and day out from each and every one of you fools! I single-handedly forced John Cena to put the Authority back in power. What do you all say? So what?! I became the first man ever to cash in at the main event of Wrestlemania, and what do I hear? So what. At Battleground I stood toe to toe with the Beast Brock Lesnar, did exactly what I said I would do, walked out as champion and all I hear is “so what?” A man can only take so much and this past Monday on Raw, I reached my breaking point. The unfortunate victim of my rage was John Cena. I sent him to the emergency room with a broken nose. I pummeled him until his nose was across his face! In case you forget watch! *we see footage from Raw* What I did to Cena was gruesome, but at the same time kind of beautiful in a way. I turned Cena’s face into a Picasso painting….

Cesaro‘s music hits and he walks out with a mic.

Seth: Hey I wasn’t finished!

Cesaro: I know, I know you were just going to go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about how great you think you are, like you do every week. But see, by talking about your match, you left out the best part, when Cena made you tap out.

Seth: Nah nah nah nah, you got that all wrong, Cena didn’t make me tap out. That was a strategic move, I have better things to worry about than John Cena’s little United States title.

Cesaro: You didn’t tap out? You keep telling yourself that, champ. And since you and I have a rematch, I’ll see you later tonight.

Seth: Go on, get! This is my ring, get out of here!

Cesaro: Unless, you know since you’re here, and I’m here. How about I make you tap out right now!

Cesaro vs. WWE world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins in a non-title match

Seth goes for a kick right away but Cesaro catches it and drags Rollins. Cesaro tries to go for the sharpshooter but can’t quite lock it in. Rollins rolls out of the ring. On the ramp we see Kevin Owens making his way to the ring. We head to break.

We return from break and Cesaro and Rollins are trading submission holds. Rollins goes for a crossbody and gets caught midair by Cesaro! Cesaro spins Rollins into a backbreaker. While Rollins is on the ground Cesaro jumps on his chest with both feet! Pin but a kick out at 1. Cesaro hits an uppercut that knocks Rollins out of the ring. Cesaro chases him, when Rollins slides back into the ring he is able to kick Cesaro before he can re-enter through the ropes. Cesaro manages to hit a somersault flip over Rollins into a sharpshooter, but Rollins fights free. Rollins hits an elbow and jumps at Cesaro from the second rope but Cesaro catches him and turns it into a suplex. Upper cut by Cesaro. Cesaro slams Seth face first into the corner and follows up with 3 uppercuts. Seth manages to flip Cesaro face first into the second turnbuckle and follows it with a dropkick in the corner.

Rollins hits an uppercut on Cesaro, but Cesaro fires back with his own. Cesaro whips Rollins into the ropes but Rollins reverses with a kick to the chest. Rollins locks in a headlock but Cesaro lifts up and slams Rollins. Cesaro goes for the running uppercut, but Rollins moves and knees Cesaro out of the ring. Cesaro back in hits a big uppercut and puts Rollins in the corner. Once in the corner Cesaro hits multiple uppercuts. Cesaro sets up for the Big Swing, but Owens runs in and attacks Cesaro.

Winner by DQ: Cesaro

After the match is officially over Rollins and Owens attack Cesaro together. Rollins grabs his title and walks away.

Los Matadores and the Lucha Dragons vs. New Day and the Ascension in an 8-man tag team match

New Day: Lucha Dragons, your winners! Los Matadores, your winners, too? Could any of you be your new #1 contenders?? Yes! If we beat you, then could WE become the #1 contenders? Yes! And the 2 time Tag Team Champions!! And who do you really want as champion? Los Matadores? *laughs* Lucha Dragons? *laughs* Or the World’s Best Dad, Kofi Kingston! Big Bull, the minster of mass, Big E! And the delicious, dynamic, delectable, daring, divine…what else starts with D? Let’s go with Doctor of defenestration! Xavier Woods! And you wanna know why? Because New Day Rocks!

Victor and Diego start things off Victor whips Diego against the ropes but Diego stops him and whips him into the second rope. Diego follows up by jumping onto Victor and through the ropes, tagging Fernando in the process. Fernando makes his way in with a flip over the ropes onto Victor lying below. Fernando tags Sin Cara. Sin Cara takes Victor down with an armbar. Victor tags Connor, who hammers away at Cara in the corner. Sin Cara tries to fight out but gets stopped quickly. Connor tags Victor and the go for a double team but Sin Cara hits a springboard moonsault and takes them both out. Sin Cara goes to the top rope but the ref isn’t looking and Xavier Woods pushes Cara off the top. We head to break.

As we return Big E is stomping away at Sin Cara. Big E tags Victor, who throws a headlock on Sin Cara. Cara tries to fight out be eats an elbow. Big E gets the tag and stomps Sin Cara and tags Kofi. Kofi runs against the ropes and knees Cara in the face. Kofi locks in an armbar on Cara. Cara almost fights out but has his head slammed down to the mat. Connor tags in and stomps at Cara, he is tagged by Victor. Victor whips Cara into Connor’s clothesline. Victor goes for a pin but 2. Victor hits a jumping elbow. Big E tags in and proceeds to stomp away at Sin Cara in the corner. Kofi tags in and Big E whips Kofi into a dropkick on Sin Cara. Victor tags in and throws a headlock on Sin Cara. Cara fights out but gets thrown into a corner. Cara goes for the tag but gets caught and thrown into the corner. Sin Cara dodges a splash from Victor and makes his way to his side. Hot tag made to Kalisto who uses his speed to take out Big E and Connor. Tornado DDT on Big E from Kalisto. Woods on the outside tries for a distraction but El Torito takes him out. Connor picks up El Torito but Los Matadores hits a double suicide dive on Connor. In the ring Kalisto takes down Big E and sends Kofi Kingston through the ropes to the outside. When Kalisto turns around he turns into a blast from Big E. Big E tags Victor but they start bickering with each other. Victor gets in the ring but Kalisto gets a roll up on him for the win!

Winners: Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores

Backstage Kevin Owens is walking and an interviewer tries to catch up with him, Owens doesn’t feel like talking to him until he is told he has a match. He and Seth Rollins face Cesaro and a partner of his choosing.

Kevin Owens: Who made that match?
Interviewer: The Authority just made it, I’m sorry.
Kevin: Yeah you are sorry. Not as sorry as whoever decides to be Cesaro’s partner. Trust me.

We get a special look at Becky Lynch and her character.

Luke Harper: There used to be a man who thought he had nothing, but Bray Wyatt saved me. He showed me the truth, and now I have everything I ever needed. I have a purpose. My life, for him.
Bray Wyatt: Roman, there is no doubt in my mind that going into battle with Luke, that he would give his life for the cause. Are you sure that Ambrose would do the same for you? I’ve warned both of you before, to be careful about inviting the Devil into your backyard, because he might like it there. We’re here to fix a mistake Roman…anyone but you. Anyone but you.

Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

Rusev: Before we start this match, I want to talk about this unprofessional behavior, what Lana did on Raw. She came and she disrespected all the hotness of Summer. This is unacceptable. I know Lana is jealous because Lana wants to be with me. Lana I know you’re watching, I want to tell you this. *speaks in Bulgarian* I wanna say how ashamed I am for falling for your backstabbing ways. You cow, want to be woman, Lana! Summer, after tonight I crush my opponent, I take you and our puppy Dog Ziggler for a walk, but nowhere near the state of Oklahoma, who knows maybe we’ll lay down a blanket and stare into each other’s eyes. *Rusev leans in for a kiss but Jack Swagger’s music hits*

The match starts and Rusev goes for a clothesline but Swagger hits two hip tosses and Rusev rolls out of the ring. Rusev gets back in the ring and tries to land a kick but Swagger catches it and gets behind Rusev, then picks him up and slams him down. Rusev gets up and gets Swagger in the corner and hammers away at him then stomps him repeatedly. Swagger gets moved out of the corner and then gets hammered away more. Rusev hits a suplex. Rusev kicks the back of Swagger repeatedly. Rusev goes for another suplex but Swagger blocks it and hits a suplex of his own. Both men get to their feet and Rusev hits a forearm to the face of Swagger. In the corner Rusev kicks the legs of Swagger. Jack is whipped into the opposite corner but Swagger dodges the splash and goes for the Ankle Lock, but Rusev fights out. Jack hits a splash on Rusev, then another! Swagger gets flipped onto the ring apron, and tries to get back in the ring but Rusev hits a splash as Swagger is against the ropes. Swagger falls to the outside as we head to break.

As we return Rusev is stomping away at Swagger. Swagger tries to fight off Rusev but gets a kick to the gut. Swagger ducks a clothesline and nails Rusev. Swagger hits a powerful clothesline of his own. Swagger goes for the Swaggerbomb but Rusev gets his knees up. Swagger hits a belly to bell but Rusev kicks out at 2. Swagger goes for the Ankle Lock but Rusev breaks out of it. Rusev hits the spinning heel kick and gets 2 out of 3. Rusev goes for the Superkick but Swagger rolls him up for 2. Swagger hits the Swaggerbomb! Only manages to get a 2 out pin though. Rusev rolls out and Swagger goes after him. Rusev shoves Swagger into the steel post and rolls him in. Rusev hits the Superkick and locks in the Accolade. Swagger starts to fight out, manages to get on one leg, but falls back down and taps out.

Winner: Rusev

After the match Rusev looks to attack Swagger, going for a splash in the corner, but Swagger moves! Jack Swagger manages to get Rusev in the Ankle Lock and Rusev panics. Rusev manages to get himself out of the ring as Swagger stands tall.

Backstage Cesaro is getting ready for his match. Rich Brennan (I finally learned his name!) walks in and asks Cesaro about his match tonight. Has he found a partner yet?

Cesaro: As of right now, I haven’t found a partner yet. I’m the one with an issue with Seth Rollins and Owens. It’s my fight and if no one wants to join me I can’t blame them. You see everything I’ve achieved in my career I’ve done through my own hard work. I know what I’m getting myself into tonight, I’ll be fine.

R-Truth vs. Stardust

Truth locks in a headlock and then hits a shoulder tackle, then blasts Stardust twice. Truth goes for a splash but Stardust moves. Stardust hits a clothesline from behind on Truth for a 2 count. Stardust locks in a armlock but Truth fights out. Truth with 2 clotheslines then a heel kick to the face. Truth goes for suplex but Stardust reverses and hits the Queen’s Crossbow for the win.

Winner: Stardust

Stardust: They say the truth shall set you free. In outer space all are guilty, R-Truth…you have FAILED THIS CITY! Come on Neville where are you?! Be. My. Hero.

Neville runs out and makes the save for Truth. Neville fights Stardust, but Stardust manages to get away.

Backstage JoJo asks Sheamus what triggered him to take down Randy Orton on Raw.

Sheamus: Triggered? There was no trigger, Randy thought he showed me up at Battleground. This isn’t over, not by a long shot. I’m tired of all the underdogs, trying to win over the WWE Universe. They’re plucky, I get it. Randy Orton may fancy himself a real man, but when fantasy meets reality and my Brogue Kicks his face there will be only one real man left standing. Now before you think I’m the bad guy in all this, Randy Orton was the one that said he’d be waiting for me to cash in my Money in the Bank contract and become the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. That’s why I keep attacking, why I will continue taking him down. Until I have nothing to worry about. Think about it, WWE without Randy Orton. That’s like a rose without a thorn, a blue sky without a cloud, like Oklahoma without Tulsa. It’s a dream come true, and I am entertained.

Kevin Owens and WWE world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro and Dean Ambrose

The ref asks Cesaro if he has a partner and he says he doesn’t. Cesaro prepares to fight 2 on 1 when Dean Ambrose’s music hits and Dean makes his way to the ring. Dean runs in and he and Cesaro go to work on Owens and Rollins. Ambrose goes after Rollins and Cesaro goes after Owens. They clear the ring and then Rollins and Owens come back in and switch dance partners, but get cleared out of the ring again.

As we come back to action Ambrose and Cesaro are double teaming Seth Rollins. Cesaro picks up Seth and throws him into the corner and follows with an uppercut. Owens comes to attack on the side of the ring but Cesaro knocks him down. Rollins uses the distraction to knock down Cesaro and follow it with an elbow drop. Rollins tags Owens and stops Cesaro from making a tag. Owens goes for a pin but 2 count. Cesaro hammers away at Cesaro and then locks in a headlock. Cesaro fights out and picks up Owens and drops him back on his neck. Owens still stops Cesaro from making a tag. Owens goes for a shoulder tackle in the corner but Cesaro sends him shoulder first into the steel post. Rollins tags himself in and tries to stop Cesaro, but gets flipped over the top rope. Rollins runs to the top turnbuckle and goes for a knee but misses as Cesaro makes the tag! Dean runs in and tackles Seth Rollins and hammers away.

Dean puts Seth in the corner and stomps away and then follows it up with a running clothesline. Dean goes to the ring apron and Owens runs at him, but Dean hits a dropkick to the knee of Owens to take him out. Rollins runs at Dean on the outside but Dean flips Rollins over him to the outside. Dean hits the suicide dive to follow up. On the outside Dean chops away at Seth then rolls him back in. Dean goes to the top turnbuckle but Owens grabs his leg. Dean jumps over Seth before Owens can do any damage but before Dean can get to his feet Rollins goes for a kick to the head, but Ambrose catches it and tries to set up Dirty Deeds. Rollins fights out but Ambrose rolls him up for a 2 count. Dean hits a reverse facedrop. Dean puts Rollins on the top turnbuckle. Dean sets up for the superplex but Rollins reverses it into a corner powerbomb. 2 count! Rollins to the top and hits the flying knee, and follows it up with a kick to the jaw of Ambrose. Owens tags in and he takes out Cesaro on the side. Owens to the top rope but Ambrose hits the ropes to take down Owens! Ambrose goes for the superplex but Owens fight him off. Ambrose goes for it again, but Owens reverses it into a suplex off the top!

Owens goes for a pin but Cesaro breaks it up! Owens goes for the senton but Ambrose rolls out of the way and makes a tag to Cesaro! Cesaro runs in and hits a running uppercut and then a half dozen more in the corner. Cesaro picks up Owens in what looks like a reverse torture rack and the slams Owens back down! 2 count. Cesaro locks in the crossface! Rollins runs in but gets caught in the big swing!! Cesaro locks in the sharpshooter, but he breaks it to clothesline Owens out of the ring. Seth Rollins goes to the top rope, but Dean Ambrose runs up and finally gets his superplex! Ambrose clotheslines Rollins out of the ring, but turns around into a superkick from Owens! Owens throws Ambrose into the Pop-up Powerbomb but Cesaro pushes Owens out of position as Ambrose is midair! Ambrose lands safely and Cesaro rolls up Owens into a 3 count!!

Winners: Cesaro and Ambrose

Source: http://www.wrestlingnewsworld.com