WWE SmackDown 06 30 2016

WWE SmackDown
Location: Miami, FL
Date: June 30, 2016

Results courtesy of Wrestleview.com

“WWE: Then. Now. Forever.”

Commentary starts off by hyping a big match for later tonight: a Fatal Four-Way Match to determine the #1 Contender to the United States Championship. We get short promos from each of the men in the match, each promising they will take both matches tonight. With that, we get the normal Smackdown intro bringing us into a packed crowd in Miami before Cesaro makes his way out to the ring for the opening match of the night! Out next is Alberto Del Rio, followed by Apollo Crews as we see what happened between him and Sheamus last Thursday. Back at ringside, Apollo is set for this match as Sheamus makes his way out last. We go back to Monday night when the team of ADR and Sheamus broke down during their match with Apollo Crews and Cesaro. With that backdrop, our opening contest is underway!

Fatal Four Way for #1 Contendership to the US Championship
Cesaro vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Apollo Crews vs. Sheamus

Things break down early with Crews and Sheamus leaving the ring, leaving ADR with Cesaro who hits a big tilt-a-whirl on ADR. Cesaro follows with a big cannonball onto ADR on the outside before being attacked by ADR, who throws Cesaro into the barricade and the steel post before talking with Sheamus. The former League of Nations members work together to beat down Cesaro until Crews comes in for the save. He gets taken out by Cesaro, who gets dropped off the apron by Sheamus and ADR. ADR hits a Backstabber on Sheamus, who rolls out of the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, ADR is still in control as he goes to work on Crews trapped in the tree of woe. ADR going for a double stomp, but Crews pulls him off the corner. ADR gets back up, right into a crossbody by Cesaro who gets a nearfall. Cesaro looks for a Cesaro swing, but Sheamus gets him into an Irish Curse backbreaker for a nearfall. Sheamus locking in the Cloverleaf now, but ADR catches him with a superkick to the face! ADR goes for the cover on Cesaro for a nearfall, before going to work on Sheamus. ADR locks in the cross armbreaker, but Crews stops it with a standing moonsault on ADR for a nearfall! Cesaro with a big kick to Crews, and the Swiss Superman gears up for an Uppercut Party on all three opponents! He then catches Crews with a clothesline, before Sheamus hits a tilt-a-whirl for a nearfall. Crews is up now, and he and Sheamus square off until both men end up out of the ring. ADR gets Cesaro down with a step-up enziguri for a nearfall, and gets blocked before Cesaro hits a Cesaro Swing. He follows by locking ADR in the Sharpshooter, and the former World Heavyweight Champion has no choice but to tap out!

Winner via submission: Cesaro

Commentary hypes the United States Championship match set for later tonight, as new #1 contender Cesaro looks to take the title from Rusev. We get highlights from the match including the finish, as Cesaro celebrates in the ring. Cesaro leaves the ring, only to be attacked by an angry ADR, who sets Cesaro up on the apron before hitting a double stomp that sends Cesaro crashing into the floor! Suddenly, Rusev’s music hits as the United States Champion makes his way to the ring. He gets a mic from ringside before speaking, congratulating Cesaro on getting the highest achievement! I don’t feel like waiting for this match, and if you’re truly the Swiss Superman you’ll accept my challenge and face me right now! Officials check on Cesaro as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Cesaro has made it back to his feet and starts to walk away as Rusev calls him a coward. Cesaro gets a smirk on his face, loosening his shoulder as he gets in the ring for his shot at the United States Championship!

WWE United States Championship
Rusev (c) vs. Cesaro

Rusev charges at Cesaro, who dodges and hits repeated uppercuts on the champ. Rusev turns things around with some heavy knee strikes and working the injured ribcage. Rusev goes for a suplex, but it is reversed by Cesaro who gets a nearfall. Rusev gets Cesaro into the corner, charging right into the midsection. Cesaro goes for some momentum, but gets trapped into a big bearhug by the champ! Cesaro drives his elbow into the Bulgarian Brute, finally getting out of the hold before hitting a European uppercut. Rusev retreats to the apron, where Cesaro looks to hit a suplex but Rusev blocks it. Rusev climbs up top, but Cesaro catches him with a dropkick that sends the champ over to the outside. He then hits a cannonball that drops Rusev, before going back into the ring. Cesaro up top going for a crossbody, but Rusev catches him midair and drops him to the canvas before hitting a somersault senton for a nearfall! Rusev goes for a kick, but Cesaro hits two uppercuts and a clothesline for a nearfall of his own. Cesaro favoring his arm now as he looks for the Neutralizer, but Rusev blocks it and hits a hard kick before looking for the Accolade…but Cesaro rolls out of it, trying to lock in the Sharpshooter. Rusev gets out, locking in another Accolade…Cesaro rolls out again, getting Rusev on his shoulders for a nearfall! Rusev finally locks the Accolade in completely, forcing the Swiss Superman to tap out!

Winner via submission and STILL WWE United States Champion: Rusev

We get replays of the match as Rusev stands tall with his title up high as commentary hypes a special edition of MizTV later tonight, as Intercontinental Champion The Miz hosts the WWE Champion, Dean Ambrose!


Back from commercial, we see Rusev and Lana walking before Renee Young catches up with them. Renee brings up the Fourth of July being important for America, being Independence Day and all that…Rusev says they should rename it Rusev Day, and while America celebrates him he will take his lovely fiance Lana to an island far away from the WWE Universe. Renee says what she is trying to inform Rusev of is that on a special Fourth of July Monday Night Raw, Rusev will defend his United States Championship again…this time, against Titus O’Neil. Rusev just stares Renee down, but Lana stops him and says “Rusev…CRUSH!” Rusev just walks away, and Lana smiles at Renee before walking away as well. With that, commentary hypes the recent visit by Special Olympics to the WWE Performance Center and we get a nice little video package with highlights from the occasion. WWE is proud to partner with Special Olympics for Play Unified! Backstage, we find Dana Brooke on her way to the ring as we go to commercial.


Back from the commercial, Billie Kay is already in the ring as Dana Brooke makes her way down for this next match. We go back to last week on Smackdown, as things broke down between Becky Lynch and Natalya before Sasha Banks made her return! Charlotte clears out of the ring as Sasha drops Dana before locking in the Bank Statement to make a point to the Women’s Champion. Back in the ring, this women’s division match is underway!

Dana Brooke vs. Billie Kay

Dana shoves Billie down hard, telling her “This is MY ring” and that playtime is over…to which Kay responds with an impressive arm drag! We see Sasha Banks watching from the back as Dana turns things back in her favor, mocking Kay as she throws her into the corner. Dana drives a boot into the throat of Kay, following with some unique moves before hitting a lariat that drives Kay down hard for Dana to get a nearfall. Kay is fighting back, hitting a forearm and a headscissors takedown on Dana! Kay gets a head of steam with another forearm and a big boot for a nearfall. Dana looks to be in trouble, before finally dropping Kay with a Samoan Driver for the win!

Winner via pinfall: Dana Brooke

Sasha is still backstage watching as Renee catches up with her, asking for her thoughts on what happened. Sasha reminds us that she made Dana tap on Monday, and she is not afraid to step up to Charlotte for her shot at the Women’s Championship. Summer Rae walks in, interrupting to say Sasha is all flash and no funk. Hopefully when the draft happens in a couple weeks, we’ll be in different brands. Sasha says Smackdown is live in two weeks, but I’d be happy to show you TONIGHT what happens when you diss the Boss! Banks walks away as commentary hypes MizTV with special guest Dean Ambrose, up next!


Back from commercial, Miz and Maryse are in the ring for MizTV!

MizTV with guest Dean Ambrose

Maryse tells the crowd to stand up for the Smackdown return of the star of The Marine 5: Battleground, the sexiest man alive, my husband, and your Intercontinental Champion, The Miz! Miz welcomes them to the most must-see talk show in WWE history, MizTV! With the WWE Draft coming up on Smackdown Live in two weeks, this could be the last MizTV on Smackdown (to which the crowd cheers)…or MizTV could be the signature show of Smackdown (to which the crowd boos)! My guest at this time is the WWE Cham—the music of Dean Ambrose interrupts him as Ambrose makes his way to the ring. Mic in hand, Ambrose apologizes for being late. Miz says he’s actually early, before asking what he is doing with a sandwich. Ambrose says he hasn’t even had time to eat, with his busy schedule, I mean I know you’ve been running around filming Maroon 5: Battleground…Miz corrects him, before asking who brings a sandwich to a talk show? Ambrose says it’s a Cuban, and that they’re in beautiful Miami before offering him a bite of the sandwich. Miz and Maryse both refuse, before Ambrose talks about cashing in Money in the Bank on Seth Rollins to become the new WWE Champion. Ambrose talks about the fancy carpet and chairs in the ring, before Miz mocks the Ambrose Asylum having just a stupid plant. Ambrose says to never disrespect Mitch like that again. Miz mocks Ambrose some more, saying through trial and tribulation he has defended the Intercontinental Championship. Ambrose says nowadays, he is THE champion around here and it’s gonna stay that way. Miz says Ambrose is a joke; Miz looks the part of a champion, and you’re in jeans! Everything about you is an affront to what I stand for as champion, you’re not even on my level. Ambrose says he can see where this is going, as Miz takes his jacket off to fight the WWE Champion…who grabs Miz’s white jacket and uses it to wipe his face off! Maryse grabs the jacket in horror, yelling about it before tossing it on Ambrose’s face as Miz kicks the WWE Championship down! Miz and Maryse leave the ring, walking up the ramp arm in arm as Ambrose grabs his title and his sandwich fro the chair. Commentary hypes the WWE Draft for July 19 on Smackdown Live, as well as Sasha Banks taking on Summer Rae later tonight!


Back from commercial, commentary hypes John Cena hosting the ESPYs on July 13. Back at ringside, the Wyatt Family makes their way to the ring. Already in the ring are two local talent as a tag match is quickly underway!

Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman vs. Aaron Hale and Mike Duwatti

Rowan charges one of the opponents quickly, bringing him down hard before tagging in Strowman, who brings the other man in and decimates him before slamming him onto the man’s tag partner for an emphatic cover and the win!

Winners via pinfall: Rowan and Strowman

Bray gets a mic from ringside as we see pretty much the entire match in replay form. Bray is in the ring sitting over the fallen opponents, but is interrupted by a New Day parody of the usual Wyatt interruption. Kofi takes off a black sheep mask with a unicorn horn, saying that fear is what weak people use to manipulate others. Often times, those who wield fear are the most fearful themselves. So then, what do YOU fear? Big E and Woods appear, Woods notably looking distant as Big E chimes in…soap? The ghost from The Conjuring 2? Women with big ol’ booties? That ain’t for you, that’s for us. Expose yourself, Bray! Kofi says he shouldn’t say that, because it sounds like he’s saying Bray should show his deal and I don’t want any of that. Big E tells Bray to make sure his sheep is in the barn, and he and Kofi have a laugh about that as Woods continues to look unenthused for once. Bray laughs, saying he loves how everything is a joke to them…but why aren’t you laughing, Woods? Why don’t you tell your friends what you already know, that the devil is after you. All that’s left for you is to pray…and run! With that, commentary hypes a big Champion vs Champion match between Dean Ambrose and The Miz later tonight, and a HUGE women’s division match as Sasha Banks takes on Summer Rae up next!


Back from commercial, Summer Rae is in the ring as Sasha arrives for this match. Commentary puts over Sasha’s appearance in Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine! Sasha gets ready, and this match is underway!

Summer Rae vs. Sasha Banks

Summer gets the early offense on the Boss, who quickly turns things around with a hard chop and an arm drag off the turnbuckle. Sasha continues the attack, throwing around Summer before Rae throws her out of the ring. Sasha quickly back in with some ground and pound on Summer, who gets out of the way. Both women on the apron as Summer goes for a suplex, but settles for a big boot that sends Sasha to the floor as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Summer is still in control as she hits a snap suplex on Sasha. Summer is still hard at work on the Boss, who reverses a suplex into a small package for a nearfall followed by a rollup for the same, and a backslide for good measure. Summer going for a kick is blocked into a Banks chop. Summer dodges a charge in the corner for a rollup and a nearfall, getting another right off the back of it. Sasha sets Summer up in the turnbuckle, but Summer gets out and hits a DDT for a nearfall. Summer looks frustrated as she taunts Sasha, who drives Summer into the corner before Sasha sets her up in the corner for a double knee drop! Sasha follows with a Bank Statement that forces Summer Rae to tap out!

Winner via submission: Sasha Banks

We get highlights as Sasha celebrates, and commentary hypes the Battleground main event as new WWE Champion Dean Ambrose is set to defend against his former Shield allies Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, who had a platform to talk about the situation with Reigns on Monday Night RAW. This turns into a sticky situation for everyone involved, as Seth Rollins is forced to face John Cena and AJ taking on Ambrose, with a chance for Cena and Styles to be added to the main event at Battleground on the line. The Club costs Cena a chance to be in that main event, but Cena sets things straight during the Ambrose/Styles match. Chaos breaks out on RAW, ending in Rollins, Styles, and The Club standing tall. Commentary hypes the Triple Threat Match at Battleground as Dean Ambrose defends his WWE Championship against Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Speaking of Ambrose, he makes his way to the ring for a big Champion vs Champion main event up next!


Back from commercial, The Miz makes his way to the ring for what is sure to be a big main event for Smackdown tonight. Miz gets ready, and this match is underway!

Main Event – Champion vs. Champion
WWE Champion Dean Ambrose vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz

Ambrose starts off early with a heavy offense against Miz, driving him down hard with a clothesline and punches in the corner. A hard elbow to the body of Miz, followed by a suplex and an elbow drop for a nearfall. Miz now turning things in his favor, but Ambrose responds with a flurry of offense before sending Miz out of the ring. Ambrose looks for a dive, but Maryse saves Miz from certain doom. Ambrose chases Miz back into the ring, hitting a hip toss and a body slam on the Intercontinental Champion. Miz blocks a double axe handle, but Ambrose stops a Skull Crushing Finale before heading out of the ring. Both champs brawl outside, before Miz sends Ambrose into the barricade as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, Miz is still in control as he works the leg of Ambrose. He drives the leg into the canvas and then the steel post, hitting a right hand to the head of the WWE Champion. Miz continues putting in work on the leg with an ankle lock now, but Ambrose is back up and getting a head of steam. Miz going up top, but Ambrose catches him and they fight before Ambrose drops down to the canvas. Ambrose gets up again, only to be knocked down with a double axe handle. Miz follows with a Skull Crushing Finale, but Ambrose gets out with a rollup for a nearfall and then a neckbreaker! Both men are down as Ambrose struggles to get to his feet. He’s up and so is Miz and Ambrose lays into him with some chops and right hands. Miz turns it around, only to get leveled with a clothesline. Ambrose charges into Miz and hits a running bulldog, using a La Magistral cradle for a nearfall. Miz gets Ambrose in the corner, kicking him repeatedly in the bad leg before going for a Figure Four…but Ambrose gets out, only to get locked tight into the submission hold by Miz! Ambrose is struggling now, inching toward the ropes before grabbing one to break the hold. Miz goes for another Figure Four but gets rolled up by Ambrose for a nearfall. Miz is dropped to the outside and Ambrose dives onto him on the outside, landing on his bad leg. Miz back in the ring and Ambrose climbs up top, but Miz evades only for Ambrose to roll him up, and it’s reversed by Miz for a nearfall. Miz hits a Skull Crushing Finale on the WWE Champion, but only gets a nearfall! Miz looking frustrated as he goes for a boot to the face, but Ambrose rolls him up for another nearfall. Miz connects with a kick in the corner, but gets caught in Dirty Deeds by Ambrose who gets the win!

Winner via pinfall: Dean Ambrose

We get highlights from the match, including the finish as Dean celebrates in the ring. Miz regroups on the floor outside as Dean Ambrose barely stands tall to close the show.

Source: http://www.wrestleview.com