WWE SmackDown 07 18 2017

WWE SmackDown
July 18, 2017
Birmingham, Alabama
Commentary: Tom Phillips, JBL and Byron Saxton
Results by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

We go live inside the Legacy Arena in Birmingham. The Singh Brothers are on stage and introduce your WWE Champion and the Modern Day Maharaja, Jinder Mahal.

Jinder Mahal brings the Punjabi Prison to Smackdown

Mahal and The Singh Brothers enter the Punjabi Prison. The second part of the structure lowers around the first part of the prison. Mahal tells everyone to behold the Punjabi Prison. He says this “colossal structure” will be the final resting place of Randy Orton’s legacy. Loud “USA” chant starts up. The Singh Brothers review the rules of the Punjabi Prison. Mahal says the prison has no rules and “no escape” for Orton. He says this Sunday two men will walk in the prison, but only one Modern Day Maharaja will walk out the WWE Champion. Mahal raises his title and begins speaking to his people in his language.

Here comes Randy Orton. Orton says Mahal is either the bravest “SOB I’ve ever met” or he just isn’t that bright. He wonders why Mahal is choosing to be locked in that prison with him. “You are making a conscious decision to be caged up like an animal with me.” Orton climbs up on the structure and says Mahal took his title and tried to leave him for dead. “I have nothing to lose, but you have everything to lose.” Orton continues climbing up the structure. He points out that Mahal is the 50th WWE Champion of all time and how he has the pressure of 1.3 billion souls on his back representing India. Orton continues climbing. “What are you gonna do, Jinder Mahal, when those 1.3 billion souls consider you a disgrace?” He sits up top and says this will be the view Mahal sees this Sunday.

John Cena will address his Flag match against Rusev tonight.

Jimmy Uso vs. Kofi Kingston is up next.

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Jimmy Uso vs. Kofi Kingston

Lock up and Jimmy pushes Kofi to the corner. Kofi with kicks dropping Jimmy down. Kofi dumps Jimmy over the top rope pulling it down. Kofi teases diving over, hangs on, Big E and Xavier Woods distract Jimmy and then Kofi flips out taking out Jimmy.

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Back live, Jimmy has Kofi in a headlock keeping Kofi grounded. Jimmy catches Kofi with a big kick to the head. Kofi catches Jimmy with a jumping stomp in mid-air. Kofi catches Jimmy with repeated chops, a dropkick, more chops and the Boom Drop. Jimmy gets Kofi up on his shoulders and drops him neck first into the corner. Kofi catches Jimmy with a kick to the face in the corner. Kofi knocks Jimmy off the corner. Jey Uso jumps up on the ring apron. The New Day chases him away. Kofi with a shot to Jimmy and catches him with a cross body off the top rope. Jimmy rolls through and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Jimmy Uso

Backstage, Charlotte informs Shane McMahon she wants to face Lana tonight. Natalya wants a match with Lana. Becky Lynch proposes a match with Lana as well. Tamina says no one is fighting Lana tonight. Natalya suggests Charlotte vs. Becky. Charlotte says Shane wants a competitive match so that won’t be happening. Becky isn’t happy with that comment. Shane books the match for tonight.

Chad Gable will give us his response to his tag team partner Jason Jordan being revealed as Kurt Angle’s “son” last night on RAW.

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A video package from last night’s RAW where Kurt Angle made his major announcement revealing Jason Jordan as his long lost son is shown.

Chad Gable addresses Jason Jordan

Renee Young is with Chad Gable backstage for a sitdown interview. Young talks about what we all saw on RAW last night involving his tag team partner Jason Jordan and Kurt Angle. He said Jason never gave him a heads up about this and it would have been nice. Gable says Jordan called him after RAW, but that when you are a tag team you do everything together. He said he knew something was wrong. Renee asks him what is next now that Jason has moved on to RAW. Gable says they accomplished a lot as a tag team and he plans to support Jason. “What’s next for Chad Gable? I’ve got some ideas.” He said this is a great chance for everyone to see Chad Gable on his own.

Mike and Maria Kanellis head to the ring. Footage of Maria slapping Sami Zayn last week is shown. Mike makes his in-ring debut next.

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Mike Kanellis vs. Sami Zayn

Sami with chops and right hands to Mike in the corner early. Mike rolls out and bails. Sami chases him down and connects with a clothesline to the floor. Back inside, Sami clotheslines Mike over the top rope. Sami tosses Mike into the ringside barricade. Back inside, Mike tackles and throws forearms at Sami. Sami fires back with a clothesline and then connects with an exploder on Mike to the corner. Maria jumps in and gets in front of Mike in the corner. The referee has Sami back up. Maria is yelling at the referee. This allows Mike to step up and hit a big right hand to Sami. Mike with a samoan driver and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Mike Kanellis

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John Cena addresses Rusev

Big reaction for John Cena tonight in Birmingham as he heads to the ring. The Bulgarian and American flags are hanging on posts in each corner. Cena hypes the Battleground card this Sunday, including the return of the Punjabi Prison match.

He turns his attention to his flag match with Rusev. Cena says he’s never liked Rusev and how he runs down the country he loves. He’s aware some people don’t like him, but he thinks tonight we can all agree: “All of us love that right there.”

Cena points to the American flag. He asks if that flag will fly this Sunday or will that flag fall? Cena said he came out here tonight to let everyone know he is ready. A loud “USA” chant starts up. Cena says they chant that because they believe what he believes. He talks about Pearl Habor, D-Day, the Depression, the Cold War: “…in the end, the flag flew high.” Cena said when the towers fell, the flag again flew high and this Sunday “these colors do not run, they kick ass.” Cena jumps up on the corner and takes down the American flag. “This Sunday, this flag will fly high.” Cena waves the flag around inside the ring.

Rusev hits the ring and attacks Cena. Rusev with a jumping superkick to Cena laying him out. Rusev stomps on the lower back and applies The Accolade. Cena fights to his feet and backs Rusev up to the corner. Rusev hangs on and Cena falls back to his knees. Rusev keeps The Accolade applied in as he pulls back on Cena. Cena again fights to his feet, but the submission is too much for him and Rusev pulls back with force. Cena is starting to pass out as Rusev continues to keep it locked in tight. Cena passes out and Rusev drops him. Rusev grabs the Bulgarian flag and pulls it down holding it high.

Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch is up next.

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Backstage, Shinsuke Nakamura hints at wanting a shot at the WWE United States Championship when talking with AJ Styles backstage.

Natalya is on commentary for the next match.

Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch

Charlotte with a takedown early and gets Becky in a headlock. Becky fights to her feet and gets a headlock applied of her own. Series of counters between the two. Becky with arm drags and a quick dropkick to Charlotte. Becky wants a handshake, but Charlotte shrugs it off, flips backwards a few times and tells Becky to bring it. Charlotte with an interesting pinfall attempt on Becky for a two count. Charlotte bails avoiding an armbar attempt.

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Back live, Becky catches Charlotte with an exploder. More counters. Becky goes for the armbar again. Charlotte rolls her up for a close two count. Charlotte with a big boot and Becky kicks out. Charlotte steps over Becky, goes up top and misses a moonsault attempt. Becky gets the armbar applied. Charlotte is reaching and gets her boot on the bottom rope. Becky pulls Charlotte out and reapplies it. Charlotte counters out, but Becky rolls through and keeps the armbar applied. Charlotte taps out.

Winner: Becky Lynch

After the match, Natalya, Tamina and Lana attack Becky Lynch and Charlotte. Natalya and Tamina start to brawl when Lana gets involved. Tamina levels Natalya and then stares down Lana. Lana stands in the corner and away from Tamina.

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Backstage, Renee Young is with Smackdown Women’s Champion Naomi. Naomi wants to personally congratulate whoever becomes No. 1 Contender this Sunday at Battlegrounds. She wants to make everything “glow” at SummerSlam. Carmella walks up and warns Naomi she may not even be the champion when SummerSlam rolls around.

The Fashion X-Files airs with Breezango.

AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kevin Owens and Baron Corbin is up next.

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Drew Gulak plugs his 2 out of 3 falls match against Mustafa Ali on 205 Live tonight.

WWE United States Champion AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kevin Owens and Baron Corbin

Before the match officially begins, Baron Corbin tries to attack Shinsuke Nakamura again during his entrance. Nakamura with shots to Corbin. Kevin Owens runs out and starts attacking Nakamura with Corbin. AJ Styles jumps out and evens it up.

All four men back off as the referee has Styles and Nakamura enter the ring.

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We return live as Corbin takes out Styles with a right hand. Corbin tags in Owens, slides out and punches Styles in the face as Owens comes in with an attack. Owens with kicks and right hands to Styles. Tag to Nakamura who throws elbows at Owens in the corner. Nakamura with a snapmare and drops a big knee over Owens. More knees from Nakamura. Corbin assists dumping Nakamura over the top rope and then tosses him back inside. This setups a senton splash by Owens over Nakamura for a two count. Tag to Corbin who throws right hands and kicks to Nakamura in the corner. Corbin yells at the referee telling him to shut up because he can count. Tag back to Owens who throws more kicks to Nakamura. Owens with a boot to the face of Nakamura and tags Corbin back in. Nakamura levels Corbin with a jumping kick after Corbin slide out and jumped back in. Corbin knocks Styles off the corner and tosses Nakamura down. Nakamura props Corbin up top, kicks Owens in the corner, Corbin is back down and catches Nakamura with Deep Six. Styles breaks up the pinfall attempt. Nakamura catches Corbin with a big kick to the head. Hot tag to Styles. Owens is also tagged in. Styles tackles Owens and throws rights. Styles with elbows, kicks and a big clothesline. Styles with a flying forearm off the ropes for a two count on Owens. Styles plants Owens face first and still finds a way to kick out. Owens with a big clothesline that levels Styles. Corbin tosses Styles across the ring. Styles trips up Corbin and gets the Calf Crusher applied. Corbin reaches and gets the bottom rope. Owens trips up Styles on the ring apron. Nakamura goes after Owens. Corbin dumps Nakamura into the timekeepers area. Corbin quickly tosses Styles back inside. Styles counters and kicks Corbin in the head. Styles with a Pele Kick. Owens gets the tag as Styles sets up the Styles Clash. Owens with a superkick and Pop Up Powerbomb for the win.

Winners: Kevin Owens and Baron Corbin

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Quick Match Results:

* Jimmy Uso def. Kofi Kingston
* Mike Kanellis def. Sami Zayn
* Becky Lynch def. Charlotte
* Kevin Owens and Baron Corbin def. AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura